Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I was living a normal, happy and fun single life when I got pregnant. Age was never an issue because I knew it was time for me settle down but I was afraid of the change that I might encounter and I was right. Every moment of it was a first time for me and I was very lucky to have my family with me. I remembered, I was constantly craving for Goldilocks classic polvoron that time. And the moment I saw my daughter for the first time, changed my life. Yes, this bundle of joy did changed my life. I became more sensitive, unselfish, reponsible and I learned to love unconditionally.

~ Lanna's first Birthday 1/17/07 ~

Like any other parent, we want to give Lanna the best. So we settled in for the princess theme party with her favorite Goldilocks princess cake with cup cakes.

Through the years, I was able to cope with whatever struggle and challenges with the help of my better half. And together we are still learning from our everyday lives and goldilocks never missed to reward us for every achievement we attain.

~ Lanna 4 yrs old (Eco Park) 8/29/10 ~

God gave us a lifetime of blessing and for that He showed us the true meaning of pure happiness and everlasting love. I am truly grateful for this change in my life.

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