Sunday, October 2, 2011

Damn slow!

Damn Internet is so slow at home. I already cleaned up the laptop and it's still crawling. I know for sure it's the connection because I'm getting the same slowness on the iTouch too. I've been thinking on changing our provider to SUN broadband so we can bring it anywhere but the wireless router will be useless.

So here's what I did:
1) Connect the laptop directly to the modem.
--Tried this already but the laptop is not responsive. Yeah, it's so damn slow.
2) Rebooted/Power cycled.
--Tried several times already!
3) Brought the laptop to another wireless network.
--I actually tried the laptop at my sister's workplace (WET CENTRUM) and it's working fine.
--And the iTouch too. Dang! So there...

And here's what I need to:
1) Call the smartbro people and have the connection checked.
--Maybe they need to adjust antenna to a different direction or something.
2) Reload the OS on the laptop.
--The laptop's already what--2 years old? and Vista it's just plain crap.
--A co-worker was so nice to lend me his Windows 7 installer but there's two more borrowers ahead of me. Perfect!
3) Change ISP.
--Switching to another ISP means a bond fee of 12 months with the new service.
--This is the last option (I think).

Did I miss anything?

I know I need to do something right away because sneaking post at work is not healthy. Besides, I can't do my usual Internet browsing and the hubby's complaining big time. Now what?


Posted by Lizzz @ 4:38 AM

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