Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Internet is a MUST!

We just moved to the new house already and we're been very very VERY busy fixing/settling down. But it still feels like there's nothing to do when there's no Internet connection in the house.We all feel isolate and far from the world. My sister and I agreed to get a new ISP, since they disconnected the previous account. First we wanted Sky cable. I called Sky but the lady said, they haven't installed a line yet in our area, thus leading us to options--pldt or bayantel. I already scarped out SmartBro from our list due to my bad experience with them for the past 2 years. Their 'wireless lan' connection to the nearest cell site tends to experience congestion due to numerous users, especially during peaks hours. Adding up was the cell site maintenance etc. Anyway, my sister called pldt to get the 999 plan. Unfortunately, it's only for clients with existing pldt phone lines, which means we have to get the 1299 plans instead, which includes DSL + Landline.To bad for them, we don't need land line haha. So we were down to bayantel. We already had 2 previous accounts with bayantel (from our previous addresses) and so far, connection was okay. My sister's latest experience with bayantel is when it rains, DSL disconnects, so she needs to call me for support. Since we're living together now, tech support is here hahaha. My conclusion was their wireless router on that issue btw. I'm expecting a call from bayantel later today for the installation since I registered online yesterday afternoon. I'm all out excited on setting up the wireless connection at home because this is going to be permanent. Internet connection is a MUST for us. Even the kiddo complains when youtube is not acccessible LOL.

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Posted by Lizzz @ 12:45 AM

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