Thursday, September 13, 2012

Choco Chip Cookies

My third attempt to make cookies, I picked the Chocolate chip and walnut cookies from the site of Ms. Casa Veneracion, but I didn't put walnut because I didn't have some today. I find her site very informative and delicious =) 

I know my cookies are not that perfect, compared from her cookies, but after this experience, I really learned a lot.

~ Choco chip Cookies by feLiz ~

..... and yes I took notes again hahaha!

I guess I need to add more choco chips and scoop the batter properly in the cookie sheet haha! But the cookie itself is delish! Crunchy outside and moist on the inside. Loving it. Thanks Ms. Casa =)

Need to post pictures with high resolution right? LOL

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Posted by Lizzz @ 6:51 PM

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