Friday, September 14, 2012

Preserving Mankind with Kojie.san Men

I believe in personal hygiene because this is measured on how well you take care of yourself. We always have the impression of men being care-free about themselves. At a modern age today, people tend to rush and chase time away, thus resulting to stress and other emotional difficulties.

My husband wonders why I get so much praise from other people, that I don't look like my age. What is my answer? I told him my secret. I just take care of myself. I MAKE TIME to take care of myself. with no excuses. Now he's pretty much obedient on whatever I tell him to do, regardless, because he's know it's good for him. Yup! he recently switched to Kojie.san deo+spray because our goal is to not only maintain his confident but also to bring back that "boom" effect he had when we were in college. Or probably be like the one in the picture below hihihihihi! *wink*

However, preserving the manliness effect doesn't need to be literally clean and good-looking but also should be good especially from the inside.

We had a wedding about a month ago and we had a lot of foreign visitors. My brother-in-law's family all arrived here in the country together with some (also) foreign friends and close colleague from Dubai. We were all nervous because it was our first time to meet them. I was so surprised how much our families have in-common. From food, places to go, hobbies, and even the humor. Very lucky-go-happy, like our family!  My brother-in-law's brother and dad share a noticeable sense of humor. There's no dull moment when we're all together. Such gentlemen if you ask me.

Now they are back in South Africa and we are all lucky to have new family from the other side of the world. And with no doubt, we were ALL blessed that (wedding) day, when my sister got married in the middle of the typhoon calamity in Manila and the Sun showed up from wedding venue.

~ From L: Budo (friend), Jamie (Groom), Mike (friend), Allen (BIL) and my Dad! ~

I salute Jamie, my new brother-in-law, and his family, because despite the age, nationality, or race...I see in them that our men are well-preserved gentlemen (like the old days), whatever liberal views or cultural influences we have. Cheers!

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