Sunday, October 28, 2012

I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal

I love dressing up! On every occasion, during summer or on rainy days and even at work. I love to mix and match tops and colors, then pairing them with a funky sandals or my kick-ass boots. 10 years ago, I had no problem...and fast forward to this day, it's not the same anymore. My body went to being slim, toned and sexy to a super mom semi-chubby type (Okay, you can remove the semi haha), but I do not have regrets. Every mom had to face this kind of change and it's a matter of embracing the truth and being happy of whatever I have right now, and making the most of it.

~ From my first job : 2000 ~

~ Band Practice : 2004-ish ~ 

~ Christmas : 2005 ~ 

~ Lanna's 1st Birthday : 2007 ~

~ Gig @ Comic-con : 2010 ~

~ My sister's wedding : 2012 ~

Through the years of ups and downs, I learned to accept and work with my body--proper diet, exercise and just feeling good about myself. So how do I really do it? Lingerie! Admit it, we all feel good and sexy when we are in matching lingerie right. I have a couple of Wacoal products to choose from and I've been collecting them since I got my first pair.

~ .... and this is what I've been wanting to get next since I'm into tube and dresses. ~

How can you be body beautiful at any age with Wacoal?

Simple. Our body changes and yet Wacoal understands.
They have exceptional product line that fits perfectly to my constantly changing body and it can happen to you too!

I feel beautiful from inside and out. You should too.

This is me... I live, I laugh, I love!


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