Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kiddo's Birthday Party @ KFC Congressional Ave

After months of planning, the Kiddo's Birthday party finally became a reality. And all in all, she's pretty satisfied. We picked KFC because based on my survey (haha!) kids (and adults) loves KFC and we're lucky to have a branch near our place. So we invited everybody! From classmates, relatives and friends. I decided no photobooth for now because we wanted it to be as traditional and simple as possible. And yeah, the budget is sakto sakto lang hahaha. 

I'm lucky to have a supportive family who helped me prepare for the party... Sister M for the invites, banner and sticker lay-out. Sister A for the banner print-out. Sister Zj for the loot bags. SIL for the souvenirs. FIL for the kiddo's shoes. MIL for the chocolates, toys and added budget and my mom and dad for the cake.

We bought her dress a day before the party at Trinoma and it's really lovely. Suits her I must say.

~ Happy Birthday Kiddo ~

The host also suggested the 7 dance and the 7 wishes which made the party even more meaningful. Kids enjoyed the games, guests enjoyed the food. Thanks to KFC, it really made our kid's birthday special and less hassle for me too.


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