Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fast 6 experience

Watched Fast 6 at Shang last night c/o Nuffnang and Kettle Korn. They served snacks on the side while guests were waiting (fruit tart, muffin, sandwiches and soda). We had our photo booth souvenir which is cool. Unfortunately, everybody had to leave the give-away kettle korn popcorn outside the cinema which was a  hassle and delayed the movie. Clearly there was a misunderstanding between the event organizers and the cinema admin. Good thing everybody coorparative. We got seats a little bit close to the screen which made us a little uncomfortable. Have to remember not to get seats from letter C to the front.

The movie was totally awesome. We really wanted to see it again! Though I'm a little bit disappointed because they had to kill two characters that I like (spoiler alert). 

It was again an awesome movie experience. Thank you Nuffnang. 

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Posted by Lizzz @ 10:31 PM

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