Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cleaning up time!

Woke up 5:25am and helped the kiddo prepare to go to school. Had a heavy breakfast and started sorting the stocked papers on the upper shelves, and worked my way down. There's so much paper to throw and sort, plus dust along the way. My mom and house-help joined me when it was time to clean the windows and other shelves.  I made sure all are well-dusted and clean. I sorted the books in the wall shelf and made sure current books and school supplies are within reach. The house-help applied floor wax, while me and my mom finished the TV rack. We were literally covered in dust. I insisted we take a break (lunch) and resumed after. We put up new curtains and sheets. I was so relieved to see the room so clean. I took a bath and turned on the AC. My foot was so sore and my back hurts from all the walking. Had a power nap for an hour or so and I felt energized. My foot was not sore anymore. I had a couple of minutes just lying down and doing nothing---enjoying the silence. I imagine myself with a little girl on the bed. I really can't wait.

I had a couple of minutes of facetime with the hubby and mother-in-law. Then at 5pm, the kiddo arrived from school. My mom insist that we go to the mall again. I bought extra pillow, so my hubby will have pillows to use when he arrives next year and a bed sheet for the kiddo's double deck bed.

I had a really productive rest day this week. Next week I plan to sort my make-up drawer and kiddo's study table. Then maybe start sorting and throwing the expired ingredients I left in my baking supply container. I really miss baking and hopefully I can resume baking soon.

Happy TGIF tomorrow.

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Posted by Lizzz @ 9:21 PM

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