Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Chasing the *little angel*

I've been very active blogging for last 2 days. Since it was my rest day, I had a chance to bond with the little angel. We went to SM Marilao after lunch and we had fun with some kiddie rides. After playing we ate fries and nuggets at McDonald's. And of course, Ice cream for desert. I admit that I need the hubby if ever I plan to go somewhere like the mall with the little angel. Why? Here's why... the little angel doesn't want to hold hand with me while we walk. Most of the time she does but at times she doesn't want to. If I convince her to walk and hold hands with me, she would lie on her stomach on the floor. And if I take my hands off her, she would instantly stand up and run without looking back! Yeah, she does that all the time. I think that's play time with her in the mall. But goodness, I cannot run anymore, even with my comfy sandals or rubber shoes on. Does most kids do this? I know it's plain normal for toddlers to be active but sometimes I wonder if other toddlers are the same with mine.

At times, hubby and I will take turns on chasing the little angel around. So if you see a mother running after her daughter in the mall---yeah that's us!


Posted by Lizzz @ 12:31 PM

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naku si dwyn din ganyan! si dwyn nga saglit lang hahawak sa kamay ko tapos tatakbo na sya. as in naghahabulan kami niyan sa mall! ganun yata talaga eh.

Posted by Blogger ann k @ 9:53 PM #

Hay, ganyan talaga. Just make sure you keep an eye on your LJ since we are really concerned about the safety. Or, before you go, you can probably tell her how to behave, otherwise, uwi kayo. Remind her that when she starts to behave like that and mean it. She will remember that. I hope.

Posted by Anonymous julie @ 9:06 PM #

@ Ann ~ sus akala ko naman si *Lj* lang yung ganon eh. nako! ingat lagi ah.

@ Julie ~ Thanks sa advise. Nako we need to be more extra careful nga. Thanks!

Posted by Blogger + Liz + @ 11:44 PM #
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