Thursday, January 24, 2008

EON concerns

After receiving my debit card from Union Bank, I did not add my card from my paypal account right away. I actually forgot all about it because my mind was so occupied with so many things for the little angel's birthday party. My friend, told me that she was getting this error from paypal. My office mate was able to add his card online, so I asked him to assist me. Unfortunately, I missed one number from my first attempt to enter the card number and so it gave me an error. That I cannot add the card and I need to contact the bank. I tried again and on my second attempt and I made sure that the numbers this time were right. Unfortunately, it just gave me the same error. My office mate said that I need to call the Customer Service. He said, that he had the same error before and all he did was call the 24/7 Customer Service. I hope I could get this straighten out.


Posted by Lizzz @ 10:19 AM

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I was informed that your account needs to have at least Php150 credit before Paypal accepts it. This will enable you to enroll in their Expanded Use Program. Haven't tried it though, wala pang time to go the bank eh. :D

Posted by Blogger aMbUsH101 @ 11:30 AM #

yeah sabi nga sis kelangan may laman. Hindi ko rin alam kung kelan ako madadaan dun eh. Hirap naman hehehe.

Posted by Blogger + Liz + @ 1:49 AM #
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