Friday, January 25, 2008

Valentines Day Gift Baskets

Christmas and New year just passed like a breeze. Now Valentine's day is fast approaching. We are now counting the days before Heart's day. A very special day to all married couples, families and love ones. There are so many ways to celebrate the Heart's day. Some choose to stay at home and cook a delicious meal. For my family, we will definitely spend it to a fancy restaurant with the whole family of course. We love to eat. And I can't wait for Valentine's day to arrive because the hubby alway surprises me with lots of things. And every year it's getting better and better. I remembered, he brought a valentines day gift basket especially for me and he made sure it's from an anonymous admirer. He enjoyed looking at my surprised face at the time. Last year, we just spent the day at home. I remembered then when the clock sticked 12 mid night, he woke me up and gave me a bunch of chocolates. How sweet right? Now I'm thinking what he will do next. A valentines day gift baskets again? Maybe. I will definitely be surprised if he'll give another st valentines day gift baskets this coming Heart's day. I can't wait.


Posted by Lizzz @ 9:11 AM

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