Monday, March 29, 2010

more zitros this week

Zitros was here yesterday. The kids enjoyed their time together. Chabby's seemed to cope up with her sister and cousin. She's growing fast, I can say. We had a nice time together except that I was feeling a groggy most of the time because of lack of sleep. Anyway, mid shift starts today. I'm not comfortable with it. Life after 11pm is not my thing. I have a kid for crying out loud. But I guess I have to deal with it. Life goes on, I know. Anyway.... we're gonna have another dinner out this week. It's my mom's birthday. They suggested pizza, so suggested Bellissimo... so Bellissimo it is. So I expect more zitros this week. I'm excited.

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Posted by Lizzz @ 5:00 AM

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