Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I have continuous headaches for 4 days in a row. It seems that sleep is not the cure for it. I don't want to take advil all the time so I often drink coffee or just don't think about it. Anyway, the pain on my lower right ab is now consistent and it's already alarming. I was suppose to go to the doctor this morning but I had to buy groceries first, because our fridge is already empty. Then I went I got home, I was too damn tired to go out again. So I'm planning to go tomorrow (yes, really).
Hubby stayed at home and slept all day. He went to Baguio with his SOS club members for te yearly charity ride. He asked me if we (and he kiddo) can go with him next year. So let's see if our schedules will permit us.
I gave the kiddo her favortie cereal this morning and she was thrilled to see a free CD inside. But unfortunately, the hubby warned us not to use the TV upstairs because he said, the picture tube was already unstable and it might give in any moment, and for that, it's taking too much electricity. So propose that we buy a new TV instead for the house. Zero interest of course. I'll finish paying the iTouch in 2-3 months time and I plan to get the flat screen, probably just the 24" or lesser or something. I don't want it that big because our bedroom is not that big. So what brand... Sony? TCL? Samsung? Probably I'd pick which gives us the best deal.
Kiddo's Christmas vacation will officially start on Friday and we're excited next week. MIL and BILL will arrive on the 21st and my sister and her fiance on the 22th. Watta Christmas this will be!
Anyway, back to work for the mean time and will go to the clinic in a few because the pain is getting worse.

Posted by Lizzz @ 12:38 AM

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