Saturday, December 31, 2011


I hurried to Trinoma yesterday afternoon to purchase a nice swim suit and pay our phone bills but I was only able to get the swim suits and not pay the bills because the mall is jam-packed with people. Plus, I hurt my foot on the way to Landmark. I was trying to over take some people who were busy looking at their cellphones while walking then I accidentally stepped on the missing tile beside the escalator and twisted my ankle! I fell half way and it was really embarrassing. I pretended that it didn't hurt but after that 2-minute walk to Landmark, my left foot was already aching a lot. I sat down for a minute and massaged my foot. Hoping to ease the pain. It did, but only for awhile. I hurried and bought the swim that I liked and met with mom and dad for dinner, then coffee break @ The Coffee bean. Mom and dad dropped me off to work @ 8pm.

@ 2AM. I was expecting the pain would go away by now but somehow it gotten worse. It hurts when I touch it and even painful when I walk. I usually twist my ankle once a year and all of them seems to have bad results like this. But I wasn't expecting it now though. What a perfect way to end the year huh.

I called TonTon Thai foot massage and reflex earlier and probably visit them before my shift starts later. Hopefully the pain would be gone by then because I cannot afford to be injured right now. We got a 3-day stay @ ThunderBird Resort in La Union (Jan2-4), followed by my sister's wedding the next day (Jan.5). High heels man! Get the picture.

Goodluck to me. Anyway, have a safe NEW YEAR to all!

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