Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sleepy as always

We just got home from my niece's baptism in Las Piñas. I got out from the office at 6 the morning and my dad, sister G and the little angel fetched me and then we went straight to Folks Arts to have a stroll. A lot of kids were jogging with their parents. Other parents took off their kids' shirt so their backs would be exposed from the sun. My dad says it's a good remedy from coughs especially with phlegm, which the little angel has now so I did the same. The little angel and me jogged several laps and then I removed her shirt leaving her with only her diaper with panties and a pair of Barbie rubber shoes on. She didn't complain since they were a lot of kids doing the same too. I must say it was a good exercise for us. Warm sun and fresh air. Then we had a quick breakfast at Mcdo in Macapagal area.

We arrived at my sister's house in Las Piñas around 9:30AM. Me and the little angel took a 2 hour nap. We got dressed around 12nn and went to the reception area which was held in the covered court of the subdivision, walking distance from their house. We were still early because they were still in the church. Good thing they were balloons around for the little angel to play with. Our lunch was catered by Conti's with a very delicious cheesecake and mango cheesecake for desert. I think I has 2 slices of each cake.

My attention was on the violin quartet which played beautiful music. The little angel and I enjoyed just standing nearby and listening and attentively looking at them. Maybe she wants to play too. I know she will, someday.

We left the reception area around 4pm and I was so sleepy because of all that running. I took a nap until 8PM and then my dad dropped us off here in Bulacan. Sleepy as I am now, I still want to post an entry and keep this blog updated as possible. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to share because I forgot to bring my camera in the reception. I'll have to wait for my sister M to upload the pictures taken from her EOS.

On 'little angel'...
I was feeling a little relaxed after our check up from the her pedia last Friday. The doctor said, a lot of kids now are getting the same--fever, coughing etc. It could be the weather. I am constantly monitoring her now and making sure she takes her medicine on time. Hopefully she'll be well these coming days.

My sister will be going back to Dubai this coming Monday night. We're sure going to miss her again! And oh yeah, my niece's baptism was suppose to be on January 6 but since my sister will be leaving soon, they moved it to today. Everything went very well, to think they only had 48 hours to prepare. Galing! They say it's not bonggaticious enough because of the time constraint but everything was well organized. My sister's MIL really knows how to host a party.

My eyes are starting to drop. I really need to hit the sack now. I'm very sleepy, as always.

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