Monday, January 21, 2008

Fed up

I'm starting to feel sick on dealing with IL-issues. They just keep getting worse. I can't blame anybody because these are two very different parties, with very very different perspective about life. Of course, I'm defending my side of the party. Good thing I didn't called anyone when I found out the thing that caused those scenarios. If I did, it might make things worse than before. All I can say is, they think they know everything. And besides, hindi naman kami ang nag tatanim ng sama ng loob.

You maybe wondering what I'm trying to say here. Two words--*toot* *toot*. Sorry. Long story.


Posted by Lizzz @ 10:22 PM

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kakaloka naman yan friend,,,hope makabawi ka ng tulog this week...bawal magkasakit ang mga super mom. sabi ko sau kuha kana SUPERPROXY...he he.yngat

Posted by Anonymous michelllie @ 11:03 AM #
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