Wednesday, January 2, 2008

See you soon!

We woke up early on a new year's day to attend mass. I thank God for this new year. I packed some things for the little angel then we went straight to my parents house in QC for our ever family tradition--the exchange gift. The family exchange gift started yearsss ago and we are still doing it now. It keeps getting better and better every year I tell yah.

~ Showing off our gifts. ~

After our lunch and exchange gifts, we went again to Bonifacio High Street late afternoon. We had our early dinner at Italianni's. See more pictures *here*. My sister A and I always wear the same blouse pattern. We didn't know. The first time we were here, we were both wearing this orange blouse and now stripes but different brands of course. Old Navy on hers and mine is Liz Claiborne.

~ In front of Italianni's @ Bonifacio High Street ~

Okay okay... so here's the food. Pepperoni pizza has been the family's favorite ever since pizza was introduced to us. The hubby loved the fresh salad. I didn't had the chance to take more pictures because we were already feasting on it haha. The little angel loved the pizza and spag.

~ Pepperoni pizza on the left and fresh green salad on the right. ~

I was trying to get a good shot with the little angel when my sister M did a wacky pose behind us. BTW, my sister M is the official photographer of the family.

~ Pa-cute little angel.. ~

My sister S boarded the plane bound to Dubai last night. This Christmas has been truly a blessing for us. Thank you sister S for all the pasalubong, gifts and lunch/dinner out. Mom and dad are truly proud of you. Go and follow your dreams. We are always here to support you. And oh! Sorry sis, I don't have a decent of picture of you. But don't worry, I still think you look nice :D

~ See you soon! ~


Posted by Lizzz @ 11:29 AM

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hi liz! Yummylicious the pizza!

just want to greet you and your family Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!

Posted by Blogger sheilamarie @ 3:14 AM #

Ang saya-saya naman at nakauwi sis mo. Atlis she got to spend the holidays with her family plus see her new niece =).

Posted by Blogger kRisTiNe @ 4:25 PM #

nakakagutom ang mga pics! hahaha!

Posted by Anonymous jessie @ 8:56 AM #

@ Sheilamarie ~ oo nga eh. Super favorite talaga namin ang pizza.

@ Kristine ~ yeah saya-saya talaga namin. She did a great job in surprising us grabeh. Sinulit nya yung vacay nya dito.

@ jessie ~ oo nga eh. pati ako nagugutom pag nakikita ko.

Posted by Blogger + Liz + @ 9:24 AM #

bloghopping :)
btw, is that jacq ortiz in one of the pictures? I don't know her all that well but she's in my batch and is buds with one of my close friends in HS sa James ;)

Posted by Blogger Angela Tesoro @ 8:25 PM #

@ Angela ~ yeah! sister ko sya! small world? Akala ko ka-batch kita eh hehehe. i'll tell her about you. ;)

Posted by Blogger + Liz + @ 11:10 PM #
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