Monday, October 10, 2011

Great... Great weekend.

I can't believe I did it but yes, went to work for 8 days last week. Middle of the week, met with some friends and went to the wake of a friend's dad. I was crushed to see my friend and her family like that. But all I can do is pray. Weekend came like a breeze. Stayed at home whole day last Saturday and finally went home in Bulacan yesterday. We had a small despedida lunch for hubby's cousin because she will go to Australia on Wednesday for work. Lucky I know. Good thing we went hear mass late afternoon, then had a nice family dinner at Mann Hann at SM North. I love weekend rest day. Wish I could have 'em like all year round.

Monday. Sun is shinning outside. Hope everybody's feeling great today. Well, everybody deserves to be. Yes, I talking to you....


Posted by Lizzz @ 10:47 AM

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