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Been dreaming about MAGALAWA ISLAND since last year and finally we had our chance last week. Armada resort offers an all-in package of Php1,400 per person. That package includes over night stay in the island with 2-way boat ride, entrance fee, nipa hut good for 6 persons, meals (lunch upon arrival, dinner, breakfast and lunch before departure) and snorkeling. Not bad right?

It's a 4-5 hour drive to Palauig, Zambales and from there, a boat ride going to the island. We choose to park at Palauig because the boat ride from there is shorter.

~ Boat ride to the Island ~

We arrived around 2pm and our lunch was waiting for us. We settled down and checked the place. Our beach front nipa hut was cool. We got into our swim wear and checked the beach.

~ Beach here is way better than Anawangin. ~

Thanks to my sister for lending us her Lumix. We did capture a lot of precious moments hehehe. And good thing my underwater camera is still working.

~ Mr. Crabs ~

Dinner was awesome. They served seafoods, unlimited rice plus soda and dessert. Solb talaga. They sell cold drinks and beer to complete that night of relaxing beside the beach. They do not allow load music and partying at night. In respect to visitors who wants to sleep and relax.

The next day, breakfast were served--hotdogs, embotido and eggs with fried rice and coffee. Sorry I didn't took pictures hehehe. Then we checked the beach again waited for our 8AM snorkeling appointment.

~ Going snorkeling ~

So proud of the kiddo coz she was not afraid. She definitely enjoyed the snorkeling part. Careful with the current though, it's quite strong from time to time. I had a hard time, swimming-while-holding the kiddo-with a camera. So please be careful!

~ Snorkeling.. ~

I didn't spend that much time underwater because I was busy watching the kiddo. But of course I took a glimpse on what's under water and it was amazing.

~ Kiddo was looking for spongebob. ~

Then we head back to the beach where we spend quality fun time. I super love the water and sand. Water was so clear, I can still see my foot even with the water up to my chin.

~ Relax mode ~

Hubby and the kiddo spend time in the shore playing with some star fish and shells. Me, I prefer to be in the water and swam a lot.

~ Star fish ~

We took a bath around 11am and had our lunch. We packed our bags and waited for our boat. And while waiting---picture picture!

~ DLSfam conquered Magalawa Island! ~

It was hot that day and my skin was already burned but still I insist to go to tip of the island for picture taking hehehe. They don't allow guests to swim in this area because the current is stronger here. Notice the color of the water--it's darker just a few meters away which is very deep.

~ Sun burned face! ~

At mawawala ba naman ang aking solo jump shot? Syempre hindi hehehe! Super init nun pero okay lang. Mejo creepy lang sa dulo ng island. Walang alon pero kitang-kita ang current. Katakot db.
~ Malagawa Island ~ trip. Palawan (again).

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