Tuesday, July 3, 2012

French Baker

Hubby and I went out to settle the phone bills in the mall yesterday and we thought to eat while we're there. It's been awhile since we have eaten in French Baker and yesterday, we reminisce all the 'dates' we had. I remembered we always hang out there while planning our wedding, after the wedding and when the kiddo was born. I think that branch witnessed our transformation as a couple. From friends to bfs/gfs, and from engaged to a happy family. Anyway, kiddo was not with us because she was still in school. We ordered our favorite--soup in a bowl, club house (suppose to be chicken ala king, but it was not available) and a apple turn over for dessert. Soup in a bowl was a classic.

~ French Baker, SM North ~


Posted by Lizzz @ 8:41 AM

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