Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ace Water Spa

I definitely recommend Ace Water Spa to everybody who really wants to relax. It's our first time to experience Ace Water Spa this afternoon and it's all worth it. Php550 entrance for adults, Php250 for kids below 4feet and Php393 for senior citizens. Maximum of 4 hours use of all the facilities. The locker area was awesome. Everything you need--it's all there! The kids had a very nice time. I super love the sauna bath and the herbal pool. It's very relaxing and took all my body pains away. We're definitely gonna go back. Oh btw, we went to the new branch in Pasig. Thumbs up! Anyway, get ready for an awesome experience at Ace Water Spa and definitely an empty stomach after hahaha. And here's more on the after feeling---sleepy! Everybody is snoring here haha. Goodnight! Zzzzz...

*No, this is not a paid advertisement.


Posted by Lizzz @ 11:40 PM

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