Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gotta have Faith

I started jogging last week because the weather was good, until yesterday due to my period. I promised myself that I'd loose weight before December and I panicked because it's already October tsk tsk! I know I can do it so please don't rain.

Work was stressful as always. Although I had enough sleep yesterday, I'm still dozing off especially during wee hours.

Thank GOD for the iTouch! The lappy is impossible to use and I feel baf about it. I borrowed Windows 7 already. It's been awhile since I install my last OS. I hope I can do justice with the lappy.

3 days to go! Yeah! Coz I'm on vacation leave on Friday. Happiness I know. We'll be watching Tanduay Rhum Rockfest @ MOA. I'm so looking forward to Hungry Young Poets' performance! It's actually their reunion gig so I wouldn't miss it for the world. Haaayyy.... I miss playing.... I miss my band ;(

I'm still keeping my hopes up. Yes, I have faith.


Posted by Lizzz @ 11:45 AM

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