Saturday, November 12, 2011


It's 5 weeks count down til MIL and BIL's arrival and the kiddo is very excited. I'm prepping her up for their vacation. I told her to eat and sleep more so when she see her lola, she'll be healthier and taller. I'm thinking about our pasalubong =) Chocolates! And what I'm looking forward to is the Victoria Secret lingerie. I know I'm just using inexpensive lingerie for everyday use, but it'll be really swell if I have more to add up my collection of lingerie. Anyway, I haven't got word from my vacation leaves from work, but if I need to get off from work, I'll probably will even if they don't let me because MIL and BIL comes and visit us once in every five years so I can't miss for the world.


Posted by Lizzz @ 10:28 AM

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