Sunday, January 6, 2008

Big THANK YOU part 2

Okay, so here's the Big Thank You Part 2 from my previous post. This time, I took a picture of the gifts that the little angel got this Christmas. I was expecting a lot of clothes since my MIL from the US loves to her buy new clothes. I guess the little angel's new wardrobe includes up to this coming summer. It has cute OshKosh shorts and tops, George dresses, 2 bags, sun glasses, 2 swim suits too and many more. Since the little angel has so many clothes already, the FIL bought a pair of Barbie rubber shoes to match it. Luck me, I didn't have to buy her anything new last Christmas. So again, big THANK YOU to my parents, sisters, SIL, FIL and MIL for these goodies below.

My sisters bought the little angel her own Vtech laptop. It's a cool gadget! It has 30 different activities to enhance creativity and intellect. Even I enjoyed playing games with it. Oh my. I forgot to take a picture of the music player my other sister got for her. But I kept it because it's for 5+ years old. The other shots are most of the gifts she got from both sides of the family. Clothes, diapers, shoes etc. Lucky girl.

Ms. Fluffy the rabbit was given by her Ninang (God mother) and Ninong (God father) last Christmas. I think you can dress this toy up (according to the website) and you can also take this to the store for more pampering and cleaning. It comes with a lifetime warranty and a Birth Certificate too. Just like owning a real pet. Good thing it's a doll because I never liked pets. The hubby got a red bubble bag and the ball from my sisters. Yeah, he's been nagging me about this red bubble bag for the longest time and I think he can shut up now haha! Thank you! Thank you! Oh yeah, I got the hubby a Transformer t-shirt from Dakki. A cheap gift but he really loves it! Well, he should.

I guess this will be the last Christmas post. I very much enjoyed our Christmas! Especially with the little angel in tow. This last Christmas post will not be complete without the Chocolate Santa Claus and Mr. Snowman I got from my bakasyonistang sister S.

~ Milk Chocolate Santa and Mr. Snowman ~

Next Project: The Little Angel's 2nd Birthday Party.


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