Saturday, October 22, 2011


I've been using Smartbro for more than 3 years already and I haven't had any serious problems until now. I had this problem before the typhoon Pedring and I troubleshot my gadgets, isolated that it's the connection that's the problem. I opened up a ticket with Smartbro last week, Thursday. They advised me to "monitor" the connection because the base station is down. Next day, same problem. Opened another ticket and I was promised a tech dispatch anytime soon. I waited for a WEEK. So the week that I was waiting, the connection was very VERY VERY slow. Worst than dial-up. Imagine that. Gmail sign-in page would come up but once I log-in, it'll take some time and then display a "Try re-loading again". Is that what I paid for? Then came the Php999 bill. Do you think I would have the mood to pay for it?

I called Smartbro tech line again yesterday because AGAIN, the connection is DOWN. I would get a valid IP address from the bass station but the page would just not load. They gave me a ticket again promising that they'd forward this to the technical team for a possible dispatch. WTF. So meaning, I was promised a dispatch last week but the agent did not actually endorsed it. Worst part is that line kept on DISCONNECTING. I had to call them again three times.

On my third call, I've disconnected the router and went straight to the modem from the laptop. Same shit. Valid IP but no Internet. We assigned a static IP and rebooted the laptop. Guess what? Same shit. NO INTERNET CONNECTION. Guess what they'd told me.... "Monitor the connection while we endorse this to the technical department." Wow. What a script. So I would 'monitor' until I get a connection? That's bullshit. How will I monitor the connection when they assign an static IP on my computer when their connection is running on DHCP. Now I have 4 tickets opened and 2 pending dispatch. Nice.

Before this shit happened, I called SUN two days ago and inquired about the pocket-wifi. They got back to me that same day and told me that my application for the SUN broadband was approved. I just need to pass some xerox copy docs and the unit will be delivered to my doorstep on Monday. No cash out. Bills will be reflect on the next statement.

Difference with the SUN pocket wifi is that I can't use my router anymore, but I can connect 5 users to it, PLUS I can bring it anywhere. I don't think I have 5 laptops with me so it seems fair. PLUS PLUS, it's cheaper. Php649 a month. I can't wait til Monday so I can have a decent connection. Hope this new service will do me good.

Worst part is almost over. Later I will go to Smart Wireless Center and have the Smart bro disconnected permanently. They might have me pay for the remaining bill that I did NOT use. I hope they don't, or else.... I would probably burst my frustration to the sales rep and make a scene. Of course, I don't want that to happen. Wah poise eh.

Epic fail for Smartbro.


Posted by Lizzz @ 2:25 AM

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