Sunday, October 16, 2011

MISSING THE GUYS... on a lazy family weekend.

This is what I call the "Family Lazy Weekend" because we're all here at my parent's house doing all the lazy stuff... watching TV, browsing, eating, sleeping...

Woke up with that favorite smell of tuyo, fried rice, tomatoes, spam, cheese dogs and coffee. Mamsie really knows what to cook when we're all here. I love family lazy weekends!

I hurried to do all my work on the web. I even sorted the links, tabs and chat box here, imagine that. Now my site looks presentable again.

Tell me crazy but my finger automatically chose to play Marry Me Amy's draft playlist on the iTouch, then upon hearing them, it sends me back from the time we were arranging them. From the time when we would jam three times a week. Five hours straight non-stop jamming. Then eat snack/dinner before I go to work. Common likes, stories that we shared and laughs that we had. Such great feeling. Now I'm missing the band MORE. I don't why but it's like there's a BIG chunk of my heart that belongs to these guys...

~ Para Para : Marry Me AMY ~

~ Because Of You : Marry Me AMY ~

I'm proud to say that I'm not only a member of this band, but I'm also a fan. Miss these guys, soo bad.

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