Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Routine Life

I always think I'm busy all the time, but this time I'm busier. Not just from work, home chores, mommy duties but also from reading the book. I'm already half done with TORMENT, and the same as the first book, it's slow-paced. If it weren't for the story line, I wouldn't want to finish it. Anyway, I expect to finish the book this weekend and probably watch some series for a change.

I envy those people who feels the presence of Christmas because I personally don't. I haven't even put up our Christmas tree yet and the little kiddo is already asking about it. Sad to say but I think it's just a waste of time. Oh my. What happen to me? Where's my Christmas spirit?

So last week, we pulled a big surprise for mom and dad. My sister J came home for a 9-day visit last Thursday and we surprised our folks at 2AM! Surprise! Surprise! hahaha. It was a success! Anyway, we ate pizza and talked and talked... endless conversations. Anyway, we had to leave because we had work the next day. I hope sister J (with the help of my other sisters) can finish all the wedding plans before she go back. And this Thursday is set reserved for the zitros movie night! We are all gonna attend Edward and Bella's Wedding! In other words, we'll watch Breaking Dawn Part 1 even though sister J doesn't want to. We are all gonna literally tight her up in her seat haha!

When I came home 40 minutes ago, I realized, while I was removing my shoes, my life recently has been a routine. I hate it that way. Wake up-Breakfast-work-home late at night-sleep-wake up-breakfast-work-home late at night... it's just an endless and senseless cycle. I am again and hopefully not forever trapped in this rat race that I got myself into. I want adventure, travel, beach, music, concerts, violin lessons, eat-out, biking and more! More hype and action that keeps the blood pumping. Hopefully next year would a little less boring than this.

Another week before December comes and after that it'll be the start of the count down. Count down until MIL ans BIL arrival... Count down until my sister's arrival... Count down until Christmas.. Count down until New Year.. Count down until FIL's 60th Birthday... Count down until the Kiddo's Birthday... Count down until MIL and BIL's departure... Count down until my sister goes back to D... and Count down to whatever comes our way. Hopefully we'll always counting down to good news.

Anyway, I'm always thinking positive from my routine life. I'm still hopeful.


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