Thursday, November 17, 2011

Book review: FALLEN and BLUE BLOOD

I've finished BLUE BLOOD! Can you believe it? Just two days and I'm done. I know the book is not that long, compared to the twilight saga but I have to admit Melissa Dela Cruz (the author) really did a great job on this one. It really is a page turner.

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Okay here's my verdict between the the books. Let me start with the first book that I read:

FALLEN. By Lauren Kate. I had to admit I got bored in the first few chapters of the book because of the slow-paced story telling technique and sadly it goes til the end. It other words, paligoy-paligoy pa is her style of writing. If it weren't for the story and my impression of the main character, Daniel, I wouldn't have finished the book. Readers beware: this book will just leave you with more questions than answers! And that made me want to buy the next book (I mean really really reeeeaaallyy wanna buy them) and those are TORMENT and PASSION. But from what I read from the reviews, these next two books are page turners and that's what I'm looking forward to. Another thing, this book has a really really nice cover. All of them actually. This book also is a breath of air from the Twilight saga. Something different, something new (for me) and something to look forward to.


BLUE BLOOD. By Melissa Dela Cruz. I'm surprised that the author is a Filipino. She migrated to the US when she was 12. I think she was also a fashion writer before at Marie Claire and now residing in LA. Sorry. I also have the habit of reading the author's bio just to get some background and know their inspiration. Anyway, this also made me more curious. I like her style. Simple and not too over explained and direct to the point. Fast-paced but not too fast. I hope you get my point. Anyway, the book is a little of everything and I love the story. Like I said, it's page turner and it didn't leave me hanging on the cliff that much compared to other book. It's like craving for more adventure.

I don't want to elaborate more on the story part because that's for you to find out. But all in all, these are good reads. Looking forward on purchasing the next series this weekend.

Tomorrow is my day off from work. I'll take a break and do errands for the mean time.

Good night to all.

Yes, I'm smiling =) That's good right.


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