Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hooked on book and more...

It finally stopped raining. The night is covered with an eerie silence. Like everything is still... like time stopped and I didn't.

Been hooked with a book these past few days and it felt good to be reading again. I already finished the FALLEN novel and now I'm on my second book--Blue Blood. I'm ready to sacrifice my food money so I can get the Fallen novels---Torment and Passion. I'm really hooked into it. If Blue Blood turn out to be okay, I'll probably buy the rest of the series as Christmas gift for myself or maybe include it in my wish list so someone else can buy it for me haha. Saves money huh.

The word is out. Marry Me AMY'ss front-woman is having a baby. I sense the unofficial break-up. I guess it's really not the time for us...yet. And a friend from work asked me if I could help him publish his songs. One album to be released from an independent record label. I gladly said yes so I could have a project to look forward to next year. Hope things will end well this time.

I'm afraid. I don't know what's in store for me next year but I hope it'll be less tragic than this. Better home, education, food and endless opportunities. May God shower us with blessings.

....I re-read my post for spell checks and I notice something eerie about it. Maybe reading these books affected the way I write my entries. A friend once told me that if want leave a mark in this world, you need to accomplish three things... (1) have a child. Check. (2) Plant a tree. Not yet and not sure if I can coz I'm good with plants. And (3) Write a book. Deep down inside me... I feel the urge to be a writer. Somehow, I want to have a book published with my name on it. I guess that's why i have a blog. Does this count on the number (3) list of things I need to do to leave a mark in this world? Maybe.

Anyway, soo looking forward this Friday. Will let the word out once everything turn out well okay as planned.

More: Was informed that our papers was mailed. I guess, waiting time starts now.


Posted by Lizzz @ 2:23 AM

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