Sunday, January 6, 2008

Miggy's 2nd Birthday

Yesterday, we attended Miggy's second birthday At Shakey's in Ortigas. Miggy is my SIL's office mate's son haha. Anyway, I was surprised to see Miggy and the little angel grow up so fast. On Miggy's first birthday, we were there too. He's approximately two weeks older than the little angel. They said, this is the "terrible two" stage for the toddlers. But I cant say it's "terrible" hell-oh. I believe this is the stage where they are at their highest peak. They eat more, play more, talk loud and more!

The little angel really enjoys going to kiddie parties. The first thing she does every time we arrive on birthday parties is to get a balloon and play with it. She's not the shy type who'd be at the back. She really enjoys interacting with other kids. Hirap lang pigilan minsan. Okay, so at the party I finally got her to sit on the chair with the other kids. I told her to listen to guy in front and yes she did. I love those pictures I took. She looks like a little princess. Oh! My little angel is growing so fast. See more picture *here*

~ My little Princess ~

I got a pepperoni slice pizza from the giant pizza they had. The little angel was with me when I got the slice. So after I finished that slice, she said to me "One more?" and then I said yes. I did not expect her next move. She took the empty plate on our table and went in front where the party host was serving the pizza. My SIL saw her looking up at the party host whose serving the pizza and waited for her turn. She's so cute. Too bad I don't have a picture of that. And yeah, when she got the slice, she gave it to me. Good girl.

On the little angel's birthday, I plan to have more candies and goodies in the loot bag rather than the low-quality toys their selling in divi. At Miggy's party, we got a minnie mouse tin case with candies inside for a loot bag! I also got a mickey mouse calendar with Miggy's pictures on the cover. Very nice.

~ Calendar and the loot bag ~

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