Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Another lonely and ordinary day...

Another lonely and ordinary day at the office... This is also the day I created my "own" blog. Would you believe? My own blog? I'm the type of person who doesn't express my thoughts and feelings... I only like to read. But yesterday, I finished this book by Inette Miller, titled "Burning Bridges". It is the journal of the middle-age author regarding her affair with another man. I think the journal lasted a year. The journal has everything, from her fantasies to her lover, undying love to her husband/kids and lover, pain, guilt etc. She used her writing skills and kept a journal to track her physical, emotional depression (or something like that). After reading that book... I thought... What the heck! If I cannot write a journal, I could try blog. Sooo here I am... And I'm not sure if I will publish this... Maybe someday I will...

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