Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Happy 1 month and 2 weeks

Bago ko makalimutan....

~ Happy 1 month and 2 weeks sa Baby Lanna Jessie!!! ~

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Wacky pose!

*** Wacky pose sana kami pero hindi pa marunong mag make-face ang baby ko eh... Sa ngayon, ganyan muna....

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Binyag ni Lanna - February 19, 2006

Sa wakas nabinyagan na si Lanna. Okay naman lahat... Food, drinks etc. As usual, late yung ibang ninong and ninang... at yung iba naman hindi naka-punta. So eto na yung mga ibang pictures namin...

~ Lanna with proud Parents ~

~ Lanna with Parents and Grand Parents ~

~ Lanna with Ninongs and Ninangs ~

~ Wow! Ang daming gifts ng baby ko!!! ~

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Friday, February 24, 2006

What Kind of Drunk Are You?

Tinopak lang akong sagutan to kahit hindi nako gaano umiinom ngayon...

You're a Wild Drunk

You can get enough drink. Seriously, you'll just go puke and start pounding them back again!
What Kind of Drunk Are You?

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Binyag na bukas

Binyag na bukas ng baby ko. Okay na lahat ng preparations. Food, tables and chairs... may lona narin yung backyard namin. Na-text ko na rin mga fifol and fwends ko for tomorrow. Sana pumunta sila kase miss ko na sila. Matagal-tagal ko rin sila hindi nakita at gusto kong makipag chikahan naman... Lagi nalang kami ni baby magkasama at wala namang kaming mapagusapan, kase haller baby pa yon... Tulog ngayon si baby... cute cute talaga nya. Masarap lagi ang tulog nya kapag nakahiga sya sa pillow ko... whhaaa! wala nakong pillow! Nung buntis kase ako, gusto ko maraming akong pillow... kaya siguro gusto rin ng anak ko ng pillow. Basta pag tulog sya ng ganyan dapat walang storbo...

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

My passion for Music

This time I want to write about something else… my passion for music. Our family loves music and making music. I think it runs in the family… My great-great grand father was the first Filipino who played Cello in the Philippines. My grand mother played piano when she was alive. My dad’s brother and sister played piano as well and his other brother played the violin. Since my dad was the youngest… na uso na nun ang combo, so he played the bass guitar in a band with his brother playing the lead guitar for the said group.

When we were young, pinag-paino lessons kaming lahat ng sisters ko. So we were taking lessons every summer nung elementary days namin.

Time passed at nahilig narin ako sa band… not knowing that my dad was in a band before. Nung highschool, I learned to play the guitar by myself. Then eventually wanted to form a band. Frustrated drummer ako nun. Unfortunately, hindi ubra kase payat pako nun at hindi ko daw kaya. Ang sabi sakin, mag-bass nalang daw ako… madali lang daw kase 4-strings lang etc. I had no idea na mahihiligan ko sya hangang ngayon. I was grateful kase very supportive ang dad ko. He bought instruments pa for me. Swerte ko…

Then naging active ako sa band nun to the point na tumutugtog na kami sa mga bar and composing songs of our own. We even had a manager na nilalakad kami for recording. Unfortunately, hindi naman nag work out dahil narin sa isang ka-banda naming (looong story). That was in high school hangang college. I got involved with so many bands back then. Band namin ng dad ko, in which I played the drums. Band namin ng mga sister ko (na active parin ngayon), which I played the bass and lead vocals. Then nag session rin ako sa isang band na tumutugtog sa hotel. But it didn’t last long kase I had to work on my thesis na… graduating nako nun. But I had fun kase ako pinaka bata… as in puro matatanda na sila. Pero masaya silang kasama. After that, hindi nako naging active kase I had to work na. Pero kahit sa work, nakakatugtog parin ako. Like on my first job, I accompanied our department with my guitar kase kakanta sila etc. Then on my present job, nakarun ng Battle of the Bands… At first, parang ayaw kong sumali kase nahihiya ako at wala akong kakilala dun. So parang sasali ako sa band na ngayon ko lang makikilala. Isip ko, bahala na… pero hindi naman ako nag sisi kase I really enjoyed it. Nagkarun ako ng tropa sa office at nakilala pa kami. Sobrang saya.

Ngayon may baby nako, sama mamana ni Lanna ang pagiging music lover naming family. Ngayon palang ang lakas na umiyak ni baby, nakakabingi… singer ata to pag laki eh… heheheh sana nga…

Since hindi nako masyadong active ngayon sa band, dinala ko dito yung bass guitar at bass amp ko para once in awhile makapag-praktis naman ako. A vintage Fender Precession bass guitar and Carvin bass amp is what I have… Binigay sakin ni papa… Sobrang swerte ko… back then, everyday akong nag pa-praktis. Katabi ko na ngang matulog yung bass ko (no joke). Everybody is telling am good etc… pero what I really think is that it’s not enough. Ngayong tumigil pako, lalo akong kinalawang…

There are so many things I want to do in my life… making music is one. Even though minsan wala akong time, I always find a way to at least sit down with my amp and bass guitar. My passion for music will definitely be passed-on to my daughter. Malay mo, someday, si Lanna na ka-jamming ko…

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February 14--- 12:00am... Ginising ako ni Jp. Kahit anong antok ko eh na nagising parin ako kase binigyan nya ako ng chocolates!!! at malamig sya kase nilagay nya sa mukha ko... hindi naman kaya sya galit nun db? Anyway, yearly talaga may flowers ako from him, pero sinabi nya na this time wala daw munang flowers... sabi ok lang naman eh. May chocolate pa rin pala ako... Guilty naman ako kase wala akong gift sa kanya... eh pano hindi kase ako makalabas ng bahay eh... and guess kung sino ka-date ko buong araw kahapon??? Tama! sino pa, e di si baby Lanna!!! Kamuka ko db???

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Friday, February 3, 2006

First Month Wedding Anniversary

+ February 2, 2006

Today is our first month wedding anniversary. I didn’t know it until my sister greeted us through text at 10:00 in the evening. I wasn’t aware of the wedding-anniversary-thingy, mainly because I am more focused on the baby right now. Being a mother totally changed not only my figure, but my lifestyle as well. I didn’t expect it come right away. I wasn’t prepared physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. But as soon as you realize that you’re going to have a baby soon, everything will fall into places… Magagawan mo rin ng paraan lahat. Sobrang exciting! My sisters helped me feel comfortable. My ate gave me resourced by lending me her books about pregnancy etc. Other women say they are not ready to have a baby yet. Masakit daw manganak… well, it’s true. It’s the pain of giving birth that seems to scare them. But the feeling of seeing your baby for the first time is unexplainable. It’s a fulfilling experience. But for now............................…
Happy First Month Wedding Anniversary to us!

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Thursday, February 2, 2006

Lanna's first pictures

This was taken minutes after giving birth. She came out 7:48am... These photos were taken 7:56am using my celfone... Check out the umbilical cord... Cool huh?!

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Name: Lanna Jessie Ortiz Delos Santos
Born: January 17, 2006 - The Medical City
Time: 7:48am
Weight: 6.12 lbs
Height: 19 inches

***Hay! Ang hirap manganak... pero nawala lahat ng sakit nung nakita ko baby ko... cutie-cute! More pictures to come...

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New Year ~&~ My Wedding Day

~...New Year...~

+ January 1, 2006

Woke up early in the morning so we can go to church. Mom was packing things already. Check-in at the hotel is 1:00pm. Once we got in our room, mom started to fix things and doubled checked everything. Thank God for my mom. She's very reliable when it comes to occasions like this. She also started to curl our hair. My dad and sister went out to get us some food. Grabeh, we were so hungry. After eating, we discussed the time-table for tomorrow. We everything was set, my dad and sisters went home.

+ 10:33PM
Tomorrow is my wedding day. I didn't feel excited or nervous the whole day. Everything is well-prepared with the help of my sisters. They are very supportive, especially my mom. Little details would not be possible if it weren't for her. My ate provided advise as well as financial support. Jacqx helped me with the invitations, souvenirs, misalettes and gown designs. Sarah constructed and assisted with the program flow, time-table charts, check list and tasks. And Misiaoh and Gelai helped with the details and tasks on the day itself. I am very lucky to have a very supportive family.

Tomorrow is gonna be a special day for me. It will change my life. As I sit here in the hotel room, staring at my wedding gown, properly worn by the mannequin... Cant help but think... What will happen tomorrow? I pray to God that everything will turn out fine.

Mixed emotions is starting to come now... I wonder how it feels to walk down the aisle.. Tomorrow I'll know...
~...My Wedding day...~
+ January 2, 2006

I was supposed to wake up at 6:00am, but my body seems to have a mind of its own, because I woke up around 5:00am. Mom started to get up when she saw me went to the bath room. When I got out, I saw her fixing and arranging the accessories on the bed for picture taking later on. We had our breakfast around 6:30am at the hotel's cafe. I took a bath at 7:00am and waited for the hairdresser to arrive. I called me sisters and they were on their way to pick-up the flowers. I asked them to buy take-out breakfast at McDonalds for the hairdresser and for our snacks, in case we get hungry later on (especially me). The hairdresser arrived around 8:00am and started my make-up... then my hair. I was quite satisfied with m y hair because it looks the same with the picture I showed him. My sisters arrived around 9:30am and started fixing their make-up and hair as well. My two sisters left because they were going to drop the souvenirs and other accessories at the reception place. Finally the photographers arrived around 11:00am. We started taking pictures with my gown and all that… then its time---dress up! I was praying that my gown will fit… and it did. We just need a safety pin for the attached ribbon at the back. The shoes was perfect… the color, the strap and the heels (not to high, of course). My bouquet was given to me by my husband’s cousin. It was especially made to cover up my tummy. It was simple but yet elegant... My sister-in-law lends me her tiara she used on her wedding. I was so grateful because it matches my jewelry. And my necklace and earrings was given by my mom. Everything was set. Final picture taking was done at the hotel room and lobby, and then we were off. Right on schedule, 12:30pm.

Ten minutes later, our bridal car was parked outside the church door waiting for the ot
hers to arrive. The clock was ticking… 1:00pm. I can see them already falling in line… then I heard the music--- Canon in D. By pair and one by one, they started to march down the aisle. My parents were the last couple I saw, and then they closed the door. I quickly foxed myself and got out of the car. My tita helped me with my gown, tail and veil… then I heard a voice from the other side of the door—asking if I was ready. I took one final glance at my gown and said yes I was. I heard the wedding march and saw the door starting to open. I took a deep breathe and whispered, “This is it”. I always cry when I see the bride walking down the aisle, and now I am the bride, I was thinking I might cry but I didn’t--- I was happy. I slowly walked the aisle with a big bright smile on the face. Everyone was smiling back at me. I was overwhelmed. This is the walk, I will definitely remember.

When Jp and I got to the altar, I was shaking. He asked my why, and then I said I was nervous. He told me I had to reason to be nervous, and then he held my hand. I felt relaxed. This is what I liked about him... he always makes me feel safe. The ceremony went well. It was peaceful and solemn. Picture taking took place right after the contract signing. It was over---I’m married. And now the fun part…

At the reception, we waited at the lobby because we were going to be introduced together with the rest of the entourage. My sisters did a great job with the program because everybody was entertained. One song number
from Alvin (my sister’s friend) while eating. And two songs from Tony. We received good feedbacks about Tony. I had to admit, he really sings well. Then on with the traditional program—cake cutting, dove release, wine toasting and the prosperity dance. For the bouquet-throwing and garter-catching part (we did the same as my sister’s wedding) wherein they were going to pass around the bouquet and garter around, then when the music stops, whoever gets it—is out. Kind of like the game trip to Jerusalem—but the catch is, the chosen one is on the third round. We also asked questions from the crowd and whoever answers correctly, wins a prize (How well do you know couple game).

Last part of the program was speeches given by our parents and siblings. We also had the chance to thank everyone for coming and for their love and support. More picture taking while others said their goodbyes. I was surprised because some where still seated happily talking and enjoying each other’s company. When everybody finally said goodbye and our stuff were all loaded in the car, I said to myself, “Hay, natapos na rin”. We went straight to bulacan with my parents and sisters. We had dinner and sang videoke with some friends. They went home around 9:30pm. Jp’s friends were still drinking and singing. I decided to hit the sack around 10:30pm. I was so tired, I quickly fell asleep. I woke up when I felt Jp started to climb up the bed. It was 3:30am… the party was over. I closed my eyes again and fell asleep beside my husband.

Planning and preparing for the wedding was difficult and stressful, especially with my condition (Bawal ma-stress). But with the help of my dear family, everything turned out to be one memorable day for us…

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