Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weekends again

Weekends again and it's MMA's practice jam tomorrow.. err later. I'm so excited! I'll be bringing some of things at my parent's house for the HK trip. And Sunday will be dedicated to my little angel. We might go out. Just me and her -- the whole day. Because I'll be out of the country for 8 days. Yes, that long. I have the guilt feeling already... leaving her behind. But I promised her that I'll buy her a nice pair of boots and she agreed! LOL.


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Dream house

Ever since I read the dream house from Aimz' blog, I can't help but think of my own dream house as well. I wanted a big house with lots of rooms and a huge living. But ever since I started doing chores, I decided that I should settle with a smaller house. Besides, who really needs a huge house right? For now, as long as it's complete it's fine with me. But of course, since it's my dream house already, I'll be adding more luxury. Since we are movie goers, I'll putting up a small cinema room with home theater seating, with popcorn machines. So how's that for a dream house?


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Friday, February 27, 2009


~ HONGKONG: Me & the superfriends will be going here next week. TGIF! ~


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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

~ My little angel, 3 yrs old: Playing drums at the birthday party. ~


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Lately, I've been experimenting and trying new things especially in the world of blogging. In this line of work, I noticed that you have to come up with something unique. Appearance of the site also comes first. Last year, I've opened up a wordpress blog and it was really difficult, coming from where I stand. But the most part for me was choosing the right wordpress themes for my site. There are thousands of templates available, but of course, there should only be one. Now I'm thinking of replacing my template again.


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Monday, February 23, 2009

Lizzz @ 30

~ Lizzz @ 30 ~


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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jam & Party

It's my birthday tomorrow!!! But I celebrated with my closest friends yesterday. To start it off... my sister surprised me with my birthday banner. Me and Edward Cullen! LOL! I love it!

~ Happy Birthday to me!!! ~

Band practice with MARRY ME AMY after lunch. This is actually our first practice for this year and we plan to record our song one of these days.

~ Marry Me Amy makin' music. ~

I discovered my sister's friend can actually make customized party hats so I asked her friend to make some for my birthday. These hats will serve has a souvenir for them after the party. My friends were really impressed with the hats. Even I was surprised with the outcome.

~ Super friends with party hats! ~

~ Of course, super friends with party hats and the my birthday banner! ~

Eating time! My mom and I prepared spag, ordered KFC chicken, cooked ham served with bread and vegetable salad. Superfriends ordered a cake from Red Ribbon. Everything was simple. Just the way I liked it.

~ Meal time with my family and closest friends. ~

Drinking session. It was not the same as my 3 previous birthdays were everyone was dead drunk everywhere hahaha! We had a nice chat with Fundador and Red wine on our table and of course more picture taking!

~ Friends come and go, but only the true friends stay... ~

Everyone enjoyed the night especially me. Till next year...


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Sometimes I feel I'm so burned out at work that I got to the point where I want leave and find another job. But of course, I always have second thoughts on leaving. Because before leaving my present job, I had to consider to many things like the location, position and the salary. And if you're going to ask me, I want my job place to be right next door of my house because God knows how far I've been traveling all my life just to go to work everyday. So I've been doing a little IT job search nowadays and maybe I could grab a higher opportunity somewhere.


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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Almost thirty

I paused a moment, looking at my hands before typing this entry. I noticed wrinkles in my hands now. It's a sign of aging. But I was never bothered nor worried about getting older. It makes me proud be a year older because it reminds me on how many things I've accomplished in my life, lessons I've learned, and the goals I've aiming for. I'll be thirty the day after tomorrow. Thirty. It's a challenging figure because I feel that I must leave my post childhood ways hahaha. But despite the figure, I'm still the same. Same old me who still wants to enjoy life to the fullest.

I'll be celebrating my pre-birthday party today with my band mates and closest friends. So what's in store for today? Just home made spag, chicken, snacks and cheese dip! And of course, jamming with the rest of MARRY ME AMY.


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book worm

I'm a late bloomer when it comes to reading. My mom even got me a tutor just to teach me how to read properly. But when I learned, I can't stop. Me and my sister would convince our mother to buy us pocket books on all sorts. And during vacation, I would finish couple of books I borrowed from a friend. With the high technology nowadays, we can now download book from the Internet but for me, I still prefer getting the real thing. I started collecting classics and put them in a nice covered shelf because I want my daughter to enjoy the wonders of reading. Now I'm staring to looks for more especially Amazon books.


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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Midnight Sun

Guess whose my midnight visitor tonight.... Edward Cullen !!!! LOL!

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Palawan Day 3

I hate it when it's time to go home. Unfortunately, our trip was just two and a half days. We wanted to stay until at least that afternoon but there's no available flight back to Manila so we had no choice.

~ View from the lobby. ~

~ Our souvenir shot... ~

Check-in was not kinda frustrating because the airport there is still under construction and the transactions were slow. Our flight was delayed 15 minutes.

The hubby was kind enough to take a picture of me before boarding.

Once on board, hubby and the little angel still has the energy to goof around their snacks.

Flight back to Manila was quick because we had to land on time.

The little angel does not want to let go of the push cart with all our bags in it.

There's still so many places to go in Palawan and we promise that we'll go there again.


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Everybody knows how me and my husband loves to travel. We started to tag along a toddler when my little daughter was old enough to travel too. And she seems to enjoy it as well. There's so many places I want to go. We love the ones which are undiscovered places, most especially beaches here in the country. But it would a blast too to go somewhere crowded like Las Vegas. As of what I heard, if you want to see the world, go to Las Vegas. It's tempting. I wonder how much Vegas vacations would cost for the three of us. Who knows? Maybe someday we'll packing our things to Vegas.


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safety first

I always complain about the job but then I realized that there's a lot of people has the worst jobs than mine. Some has to pick up litter in the streets, take care of animals in the zoo or how about those to hang from a 30-feet high building just to clean the windows. Those dangerous jobs needs professional skills and safety equipment. I never would have imagine myself in their position because I'm kind of afraid of heights.


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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Heart's day!

We finally got the Pic-A-boo pictures the day and had it scanned yesterday so I could have soft copies to post here. We're all satisfied with the shots especially my MIL where she had several pictures taken with the little angel. She's so excited to bring the pictures with her in the US.

Me and little kiddo just spend the day in the mall because I had errands to do. Then we had dinner at home because we knew that all the restos in the area will be packed with people. Anyway, have to hit the sack because we're going to Tagaytay tomorrow.

Happy Heart's day!!!

From: DLS family.


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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Palawan Day 2

I woke up really early on our second day because I had to take a bath and pack the things we need for the day. This is mandatory especially if you have a kid in tow. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning, got dressed and fixed our bag. We requested to have our breakfast at 5am so when I got out of our room, breakfast was already ready. I woke up the hubby and asked him to get ready and woke up the little angel last.

Our driver arrived shortly and had breakfast with us. We took off at exactly 6AM and begun the 2-hour drive to Daluyon. I think that's the name of the town we were suppose to go. Anyway, along the road, we had to stop by and register our names.

~ It was hard to get a decent shot of the permit because it was so wobbly inside the van. ~

At last we were at the port. We hurried and gave our permits to the office and paid the entrance fee and the boat fare. We had to wait for our turn to ride the boat.

~ Boats come and go in this area... ~

~ Here's my FIL and MIL, enjoying the great view and the cool breeze with the little angel. ~

We were in the boat at 9:30AM. The boat ride lasted 15 minutes. It was very wavy because of the winds but I had to admit, every mountain there is green, full of trees.

~ It's obvious that the people there took really good care of their surroundings. ~

I was out of breath when I saw our destination. Wow. I tried to capture as much as I can but I really recommended you go there and see it for yourself.

~ The boat ride ends here... ~

I noticed a welcome banner for the tourist to follow and the wood path lead us to the underground river. The place does not have any fence so we saw couple of monkeys nearby.

~ Underground river. ~

At the end of the wood path was a very calm and solemn corner at the foot of the mountain. And there it is... the cave where the river goes.

~ The water is calm here. ~

While we wait for our turn, we when for a walk to check the place. We saw where the beach connects to this cave. It was beautiful.

~ Longest underground river in the world! ~

It was exciting to know that I was finally getting inside the cave. It was pitch black inside with only one halogen light in front. The hubby and the little angel were the ones in front of the boat and navigated the halogen flash light.

~ Here we go... ~

Here are some shots I took inside the cave. I know I did not capture it well but that's the best I can do. I even ran out of battery because I was using the flash all the time.

~ This looks like a corn. ~

~ This one is from the ceiling where the bats lure. ~

The boat ride inside the cave lasted 45 minutes and we had to turn around at one point because that's the end of the tour. The boatman said, we could continue ahead and will actually get to the other side but it'll take 3 hours to get there and will require another permit.

~ Then I saw the light at the end of the tunnel... ~

It was amazing inside the cave, kinda spooky but nice. The boatman explained how the cave was discovered and what happened all those years. The boatman really knows their history.

~ Tourist waiting for their turn. ~

It was 11:30AM when got to the beach shore with the great view. It was time to go back. The 15-minute boat ride back to the port was breath-taking, believe me.

~ Our boat ride back to the port. ~

~ I love this big rock right there in the middle of the ocean. ~

We ate fresh food at the port and took a bath at the beach there. Unfortunately, no pictures there because I ran out of battery. The water was up to my knees but when the wave splash, it was up to my face. The little angel enjoyed the water and waves. It was shady that afternoon that's why we don't have sun burn. I laughed so hard when I heard the little angel shouted, "Mommy, this is awesome!!!" after each wave. More pictures *here*

Continuation: Palawan Day 3


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I learned to save when I had my daughter because it's not easy to have a family. There's pressure and responsibility. Before, I would buy clothes and sometimes, things that I do not really need. But now, I have to save every penny if I can. I stopped purchasing clothes and make sure I buy only the one's which is on sale. I know that these products are also good quality and I can really save some money.


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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Palawan - Day 1

Feb. 6 - Friday. We went to the airport at 6AM so we could enjoy the Mabuhay Lounge before departure. Unlimited breakfast in the airport is the best yet. I love the mango crepe on the top right.

~ Breakfast at Mabuhay Lounge. ~

Our flight lasted an hour. Enough time for the little angel to take a nap with her balik bayang - lola (Grandmother) beside her.

We arrived at Puerto Princessa around 10AM and we went straight to our hotel to unpack. We had lunch at Ka Luis which is a 3 minute walk from our hotel. You have to remove your slippers/shoes before they let you inside. The place is relaxing, clean and food is delicious.

~ Here's a glimpse of what our table looked like. More seafoods please. ~

The tour driver fetched us from the resto and so begun the city day tour... Puerto Princessa bay walk, Palawan reservation, Wildlife park, Mitra's rest house, Baker's Hill and more.

We rested and tried some pastries at Baker's hill. The little angel's eating a piece of the Walnut brownie, while I enjoyed my revel bar with Ice latte.

We got to the hotel at around 5pm. The hubby asked me if we could check the local super market nearby. Of course, I said yes. We bought from cultured pearls there for pasalubong. When we got back to the hotel, two big pizzas were waiting was for us. They decided not to eat out because we need to sleep early that night.

~ Shakey's pizza will BIL in the background. ~

I called my friend, who I haven't seen for more than 10 years. Luckily she was there with her family. She was my schoolmate and former band mate. I was so happy to see her. Then we watched their gig with her band - Soundoze. We were both laughing when she showed me our song book with the band's name on it. More pictures *here*

~ Acid flower reunited. ~

~ Soundoze ~
Continuation: Palawan - Day 2


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Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Snapshot

~ There's my hubby and daughter in front of the boat on our way inside
the famous UNDERGROUND RIVER in Pawalan. More pictures here. ~


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Self defense

Working in a call center requires each one to abide shifting schedule because some businesses are open 24/7. During one of my early morning shifts from my previous employer, I saw a girl crying so everyone gathered around her. I heard that she was robbed on her way there and the man took everything. I was stunned and realized how dangerous it was to be out at that time. That's why I searched for self defense products. It's good to be aware and educate ourselves on self defense.


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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Palawan hung over

Just arrived from Palawan this morning. Our weekend vacation went well. Now, there's so many things to do, tons of pictures to upload and so many stories to tell. I'm so excited to go back. Yes, we're already planning to go back and this time, it's gonna be a one-week stay. Ciao for now.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What's happening...

I am totally loss of words right now because there's so many stories I want to post and I don't know where to start. Well, for one... I glad I'm not listening to Paramore anymore. Don't get me wrong--I love the band. It's just that sometimes I listen to them too much. Anyway, I stopped using the treadmill again because I prioritize my sleep first.

I'm currently on Mid-shift which I think sucks because I get to go home soo very late at night. Good thing, I got the weekend off. And speaking of weekend... we are of fto Palawan this weekend. I finished my checklist and it's time to pack tomorrow. Here I go again... packing! I hope I don't forget anything. That's all for now.


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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

7 pounds

I watched this movie on the laptop the other day. It's a drama movie starring Will Smith. During the first part of the movie, I was asking why why why all the time. But half pass the movie, I was crying. It's very touching. Aimz said, I could relate myself to the character in the movie, but when it was almost over--I didn't see how I can relate until the very ending. Actually, I was an horrifying scene for me haha. Then after the movie, I cried some more and realized more how important my life is. I definitely recommend this movie.

~ 7 POUNDS ~


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Since my mother in law is still here, we've been doing house renovations. Our bathroom renovation finished a week ago but it still needs some finishing touches. The hubby haven't put up the wall mirror yet so the bathroom looked so plain. We need to put the glass shelves too on the side. I can't wait to decorate it. Then after the bathroom the renovation, we bought a new bed frame for the guest room. Now the other room looks presentable than before, but I think it needs a table lamp to make it more appealing.


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