Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy today

So happy today because...
~ We had 2 successful birthday parties (Saturday and Sunday).
~ Everyone we invited was able to make it last Sunday. Relative and Friends.
~ The little angel was very confident when she sang happy birthday to her daddy over the videoke microphone.
~ Our Davao is just 2 days away!
~ my third site is PR2. Can you believe that? Thank you!


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My husband and I were planning to re-decorate the bedroom. The floor needs to be replaced, big time. And we also plan to remove dresser which is taking up all the space. We plan to get the separate so we can move it around the room. I was thinking of putting tiles on the floor because it will be easy to clean and it will look nicer and bright. Re-decorating the room is not complete with the door hardware that we need. I hope we can get this done before Christmas.


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Acne cures

Up until now, I get severe head aches before my monthly period. Other than that, I also experience high cravings to junk food which is sometimes bad because of my diet. And the worse part is, I still get acne from it. I know from my teenage years that I'm prone to acne and now I've proven that it gets worse during before my period. So that means, I still need acne cures at this age. And what a better way to start and prevent acne is by watching what I eat. I hope I can continue this diet regime.


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Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Snapshot

~ Souvenir from my sister's dinner-dance party last Saturday. ~


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U.S. Presidential Politics survey


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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kids Talk

After mass last Sunday, the little angel was with her lolo when she saw a woman selling inflatable animals. When I got to the car, she was holding a big blue inflatable dolphin. This was our conversation in the car:
Mommy: What's that?
Little Angel: Golfin.
Mommy: A what?
Little Angel: This is a Golfin.
Mommy: You mean, Dolphin.
Little Angel: Yes Golfin.
* We were already laughing at this time *
Mommy: It's not Golfin... It's DOL-phin.. say it!
Little Angel: GOL-fin...
Mommy: No baby, say... D-O-L-phin...
Little Angel: G-O-L-fin...
Mommy: No. Okay, say... Dog!
Little Angel: Dog!
Mommy: Now say... DOL-phin!
Little Angel: DOG-fin!
Mommy: Waaaahhh!!!
I told the husband this conversation of ours and went I got back from the office the next morning, the little angel can say DOLPHIN now. I wonder what he did hehehe.


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Saturday, September 27, 2008

MacBook touch

My jaw dropped when I saw this...
Those of you clamoring for an Apple tablet may finally get what you've been waiting for. According to a MacDailyNews source who leaked wireless iTunes a week before its official announcement, we can expect a sort of "MacBook touch" in October. And the source wasn't light on the details, either:

Think MacBook screen, possibly a bit smaller, in glass with iPhone-like, but fuller-featured multi-touch. Gesture library. Full Mac OS X. This is why they bought P.A. Semi. Possibly with Immersion's haptic tech. Slot-loading SuperDrive. Accelerometer. GPS. Pretty expensive to produce initially, but sold at "low" price that will reduce margins. Apple wants to move these babies. And move they will. This is some sick shit. App Store-compatible, able to run Mac apps, too. By October at the latest. Read here.

This is so cool!


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Friday, September 26, 2008


I'm starting this meme and I hope some of you can join me every Friday. Rules are simple: Just list down the things that you're thankful. It could be anything from the shoes you've wanted to answered prayers. And then post the banner, link it back here and don't forget to put your comment so I can visit you. Enjoy!


The other day, I felt so down, lonely and depressed that I didn't go to work for 2 days. Yes, I was that stressed out. But I was able recover from this emotional turmoil with the help of my sisters.

I'm thankful... for my sisters. Words of inspiration helped me realize that I have to live my life to the fullest.

I'm thankful... for another year with the hubby. Yesterday, the hubby turned big 3-0 and we are happy to be together.

I'm thankful... because we'll have another party tomorrow for my sister's birthday. It's time to bond with family and friends again!

I'm thankful... because the party's not over! We'll be having lunch here at home on Sunday and hubby's side of the family will be here. And we invited friends too. It's time to bond with them again. I love parties.

I'm thankful... for giving us the opportunity to travel. We'll be leaving for Davao next week and we are all excited!

Thanks... to the sheriff who never fails to give me assignments. Paid ops had helped me with a lot of things.

And I'm simply thankful for this day and for more days to come!

Tagging Malen, Aimz, Ruthie, Winnie, Kathycot, Litzie, Alpha and Yen.


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linear motion

1. Have you said "i love you" today?
:: yes, just moments ago.

2. Did you cry at your graduation or smile because you were glad it was over?

:: I smiled because it was over LOL

3. What's your nickname?

:: Liz, Zet, zitrozil, lisetong, lisetah

4. How do you calm down when you’re extremely angry?

:: I cry

5. A movie or a long walk on the beach on a date?

:: walk on the beach

6. A guy/girl comes up to you says "hey babe", you say?

:: excuse got to go! LOL

7. What's first thing you notice in a guy/girl?

:: skin

8. Would you ever date someone covered in tats and piercings?

:: I guess not

9. Would you want a house at the beach or in the mountains?

:: Definitely at the beach

10. What are 2 of your favorite colors?

:: Pink and black

11. What time is it right now?

:: 1:58pm

12. What's your zodiac sign?

:: Pieces

13. Are you a party animal or someone who prefers to stay in a quiet place?

:: I used to be a party animal but I enjoy to stay at home with my daughter.

14. Do you prefer dogs or cats?

:: neither

15. Would you drive 100 miles for the one you love?

:: commute hahaha

16. Does love really make you act crazy?

:: Yes

17. Are you brave enough to tell a guy/girl you like him/her?

:: I guess so

18. What do you usually do when you're starting to fall for some guy/girl?

:: Imagine...

19. If you had a son what would you name him?

:: haven't thought of any name yet.. maybe LANCE.

20. Do you like shrimp or crab legs better?

:: Shrimps!!!

21. Do you party a lot?

:: I used to

22. Who is/are the last person/s you high-fived?

:: Little angel

23. Who's your most religious friend?

:: hmmmm... i dunno

24. Which of your friends do you argue with most?

:: no one

25. Do you think you're attractive?

:: maybe LOL

26. Have you ever flown a kite?
:: no 27. Where is your cellphone?
:: on the TV rack

28. What was the last thing you put in your mouth?

:: medicine!

29. What does your last text message say?

:: friend

30. What's irritating you this very moment?

:: nothing

31. Where is the rest of your family right now?
:: At work

32. How old is your dad?

:: 55

33. If you could change your name to anything what would it be?

:: I learned to love my name. I just want the S to be changed to Z.

34. What do you hate most about your school?

:: Math

35. Last time you took a boat where was it to?

:: Eco park

36. What's the first thing you would do with five million bucks?

:: Put half in the bank, invest on a business and then shop!

37. Next thing you'll spend money on?

:: have the family vacation we wanted.

38. Do you tan easily?

:: yes

39. what's one toy you remember having in the 90's?

:: brick game

40. if you could have any car what would it be?

:: a simple car will do.

41. What's your favorite breakfast food?

:: pancakes and sausages

42. How do you like your eggs?

:: pouched

43. If you could get any piercing where would it be?

:: ears again

44. How about a tattoo?

:: nah

45. What movie you want to see in the theatres?

:: romantic comedy

46. How many hours did you sleep lastnyt?

:: 8 hours

I got this fun tag from kathycot because I really need a filler. Next time I need a filler tag, I will definitely visit her again. Now it's time to do my assignment and check on linear motion.


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expecting a guest

My mother in law gave me the good news today. She's going to visit us here early next year and we are all very excited because it's the first time she's going to see and meet my little angel. My daughter is already familiar with her because we chat online everyday. We made sure that she knows her grandmother even though she's really here, physically to see her. She's already browsing ticket fare online but she's still waiting for her passport to arrive. But once she receives it, it's all set.


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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my sister A! Thanks for all the inspiring words... Thanks for being our Ardey!

And also...

Happy Birthday to my hubby! Thanks for being my friend... Thanks for being a great father!

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Surveys for today


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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

~ I bought this organizer yesterday at mall. Perfect for our up coming trip next week. ~


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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I remember

*"When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy. When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight."*

I remember... a blogger friend (who also passed away) gave me this message when we were mourning for the loss of our +Papang last year. Instead of remembering my Grandfather today because it's +his birthday today... I also remember another person who constantly gave me inspiring words that helped me to move on with ease. I found my entry last February and saw that +she left me a message again.
hi liz!

it has been a year already?

someone once told me that it takes a year to really mourn because you have to go through the whole year without that very special person -- birthdays, holidays, anniversaries...

i guess we just have to take comfort in the thought that our last day on earth is the very start of eternity.

am pretty sure your papang is smiling down at you. =)

love always,
I still get sad whenever a memory or two crosses my mind. But I'm sure they are smiling down on us from heaven. The only memories I have are good ones and I intend to keep them forever in my heart.


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Count down begins

The family trip that I was planning is finally a reality. We'll be leaving for Davao on Oct. 2 for a 4-day vacation and we are very excited! It's the first time for the little angel to ride the big airplane and we're looking forward on this first experience. I'm starting to list down the things we need to bring and the list is long. I hope they'll fit in our two bags. Looking at the plane tickets makes me more and more excited.

~ Davao here we come. ~


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Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Snapshot

~ I got this from the mail. I can't wait to try them. ~


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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thank you Chuvaness!

Thank you Chuvaness for featuring me as the blog of the moment on her humble home. I really appreciate it! Yeah, I remember that picture. It was taken from the Battle of the band event from the company were we both worked. I asked to my mom to braid my hair like that and I borrowed the rocker custom from sister's fashion show! LOL

To Ms. Chuvaness, Thank you for the friendship! haha Cheers to us (with the super friends) and to many years come!


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Back online

While I was busy with my band practice yesterday, the hubby called Smartbro and had them check the connection here. I was surprised to received a phone call that their going to come here and check the signal. The technicians went this morning and checked everything. The problem was the signal was blocked that's why we are getting a very low signal which explains the intermittent connection. They adjusted the antenna alignment and the connection is back on. They recommend me to test the signal for a few days and if symptoms persists, they have to extend the antenna higher. But so far the connection is smooth as of this writing and I hope it'll stay connected 24/7. And oh, I'll be on night shift this week hooray!


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I just chatted with my MIL this afternoon and she's delighted to tell us the good news that they already moved. She gave us a mini-tour and their house looks good and very cozy. How we wish we could go there and visit them this coming Christmas season. I'm sure it'll be a blast especially we haven't experience snow in a foreign country. I heard our brother in law is addicted to snow mobiles. How I wonder how it feels like to ride snow mobiles in the snow. And I found this great site on snowmobile parts and it would help him find spare parts that he needed for snow mobile.


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Primetime TV survey


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Friday, September 19, 2008


Friday again. Another day to be thankful....

I'm thankful today because the Internet connection seems to be holding on that I was able to update some posts here.

I'm thankful because I got home safe. Imagine, I left the office at exactly 10pm and then I got home at 1:15am. The traffic was so bad, people were already shouting from their cars.

I'm thankful for the friends that I'm going to meet tomorrow. They are my friends whom I'm with everyday. They help release the tension and stress from work.

I'm thankful for the other night, when I went to bed, my little angel hugged me and she made sure her arms were around my neck. She even pulled my head closer to hers until she fell asleep. It was a magical feeling.

I'm thankful for the family trip two weeks from now. We filed vacation leaves and we also bought the tickets early this week. We are so looking forward to this trip. I'm sure it's going to be exciting!

I'm thankful because the sample make-up I ordered a month ago from Everyday Minerals, came in the mail today. I can't wait to try their products because I'm getting good reviews from it.

I'm thankful because I received an email from my sister in Dubai. I miss them so much.

I'm thankful because I was able to catch a great deal again from a UK store. I bought 2 blouses and a jacket for only Php100. The husband said, "Kung san mura, andun ka." LOL I'm just practical. I rather spend my hard earned money together with my family instead of buying materials things for myself. Yup, that's me.

I'm thankful because I receive a new song from Aimz that we're going do this Saturday. I love it! I'm listening to it right now. It's very warm and full of love.

I'm thankful not because it's Friday today, but because of the blessings I constantly receive from up above. Happy Weekend.


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Online games

I've been complaining about my Internet provider these past few days. I mean, for someone like me who is very used to online things then all of a sudden, it will be gone. It's hard. And besides this has been the outlet of my life ever since I put up a blog three years ago. Yes, thanks to my friends. And even the husband complains about the connection because he is so very fond of playing games online especially Free Online Games. Instead of going to the mall, we could eventually Play Arcade Games here at home and good thing about it is that all these are Free Games. I'd better call my Internet provider and make sure the connection is fine.



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Tag + update

Tag from my HS friend--Winnie! I hope the Internet connection holds on until I finish this tag.

1. Kamusta araw mo?
- Badtrip ako traffic. Imagine umalis ako sa office 10pm tapos nakauwi ako d2 sa bulacan 1:15am, galing noh?!!!

2. Napagalitan ka ba ng kahit sino ngayon? Sino?
- Wala naman...

3. Anong kinain mo ng lunch?
- Longganisa at itlog. Mga tira nung agahan, yon ang binaon ko.

4. Sino kasabay mong nagbreakfast?
- Anak ko.

5. May gawaing palpak ka ba ngayon?
- wala naman.

6. Anong tugtog ang huli mong napakinggan?
- Nakikinig ako ngayon ng song ni Aimz.

7. Sinong idol mo?
- si Aimz! LOL =)

8. May kinakatakutan ka ba ngayon?
- Takot ako sa dilim at mumu.. yon lang.

9.Ano gagawin mo bukas?
- Aalis ng maaga to have lunch with some friends then papasok na sa office.

10. Sino gusto mo makita ngayon? Bakit?
- Wala naman. Andito nako sa bahay eh.

11. Kailan ka huling umiyak?
- Hindi ko na maalala...

12. Anong dahilan?
- ewan.

13. Anong latest realization mo?
- Life is short! Live it to the fullest.

14. Nahold-up ka na ba?
- Sa asa ng Dyos, hindi pa at sana wag na.

15. Magbigay ka nga ng linya ng kantang nakaka relate sayo..
- Wala akong maisip ngayon eh.

16. Sino ang kinababaliwan mo ngayon?
- anak kong makulit hehehe.

17. Sinong online sa messenger service nagamit mo?
- YM at MSN

18. Ilan ang friendster account mo?
- Isa lang.

19. May sarili ka bang digital camera?
- meron po. SLR? next year na.

20. Anong kinakain mo ngayon?
- Hindi nako kakain kase matutulog nako pagtapos nito.

21. Gusto mo pa bang makipagbalikan sa kahit sinong ex mo?
- never. Pinatay ko na sya eh.

22. Nasubukan mo na bang makatapak ng ipis?
- oo. Ang weird ng feeling...

23. Anong lagi mong salitang binabanggit?
- hmm.. ewan ko.

24. ano ang favorite number mo?
- 4 at 8

25. Bakit?
- anniv yung 4 (korny no?) at swerte daw ang 8.

26. Anong event ang pinakahihintay mo?
- nako marami! Bertday ng ate at asawa ko. Ang trip namin pamilya, malapit na!

27. Anong mahalagang pangyayari ang magaganap next week?
- bertday ng ate at asawa ko.

28. Gusto mo bang makapag-aral sa ibang bansa?
- pede!

29. Nagpaplano ka na ba ng kasal?
- hindi. tapos nako ikasal eh.

30. Sino ang huling niregaluhan mo?
- hmmm... nung huling kiddie party ata.

31. Ano ang kulay ng karamihan sa t-shirts mo?
- black at pink

32. Paano mo sinasabi sa isang tao na may gusto ka sa kanya?
- hmm.... tru actions lang..

33. Saan mo gustong mapunta 2-3 years mula ngayon?
- sana nasa abroad na kaming lahat.

34. Sinong namimiss mo ngayon?
- mga kapatid ko.

35. May kababata ka ba?
- Meron

36. Music video na huli mong napanood?san?
- hindi ko matandaan. Hindi kase ako nanonood ng MTV.

37. San ka mahilig makinig ng music?
- sa ipod at laptop.

38. Album na lagi mong pinapatugtog?
- iba-iba

39. Nakakilala ka ba ng bagong friends?
- oo - Team Delaware. Sa office yan.

40. Graduate ka na ba?
- Opo.

41. Nasaan mga magulang mo?
- Nasa QC.

42. Mahilig ka bang manapak?
- Hindi.

43. Sino sa mga kaibigan mo ang huling nakasama mo?
- Mga HS friends ko nung nauwi si Winnie.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Been so busy this week that I hardly touched the laptop. Good thing, the Internet connection is up that I get to answer that tag above from Winnie. It was fun hehehe. I hope this connection stays up for a few hours because I need to finish some things online. It feels good to be on the zone. I mean being online feels that I am connected to everybody at the comfort of my home. Today's going to be great I'm sure. Will be leaving the house early to have lunch with some friends in the office. And speaking of work. It's fascinating how someone can be good at something. Like some good at numbers. I never liked it. I can't seems to understand the language of numbers and I don't know why. That's why for debt management, debt solution and especially debt consolidation loans, I'd always make sure I'd leave everything to expert who can understand them better than me.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

~ Korean jewelry: Shiny! ~


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Smartbro wireless is nothing but crap

Sept. 17 - 12:12AM
I asked the husband to go to the Smart wireless center yesterday to report about our disconnected Internet connection. I gave him the billing statement, the receipt from last month and the latest receipt this for month which I just paid last Saturday. Then I came home 30 minutes ago, eager to see myself online but unfortunately, it's still not connected. The hubby said he was turned away by the customer service personnel because the "process" should be--we had to call their so-called call center to troubleshoot the issue. And for us to call this call center, we need to use a smart sim since we don't have a landline. At this point, my temper had gotten way up the roof. They expect us to buy the shitty sim pack just to call their call center to troubleshoot first the issue? No way man! They should have dispatched a technician here because the connection is down for 3 freaking days already. Since the husband is not the "ma-reklamo" type, he just left and went home.

I'm not saying that I know everything but I already troubleshot this issue and all I can say is that their problem is on their end. I've been knowledgeable, experienced and working with Internet connection for more than 5 years because that what I do for a living. And I've tried every possible scenario there is. Reboot computer, mac cloned the mac address, power cycle everything, tried to connect the laptop directly to the modem, power cycle again, release/renewed ip address, disable/enable lan card, reboot laptop again, force lan card speed and even tried another computer but still we CANNOT get an ip address from their end.

This problem has been making me frustrated every time I get home. I have sites to maintain, I have paid ops to do, I have important emails to send, I have important people to chat with... in other words--I have a life online.

This Smartbro service is nothing but crap. They pushed me to limits. Now they will loose another customer.


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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weekend Snapshot

Better late then never...

~ Saturday afternoon at the kiddie party. She can't stop holding Chickieboy's hand. ~


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Sept. 15 - 11:45PM

Since the Internet connection is down, I wrote on the notepad last night.

Sept. 15 - 11:45PM
It's been two days since our Internet connection broke down. I was not able to check the connection last Saturday since we were out the whole day. We attended a kiddie party at Max's in Glorietta, then went to MOA to wait for the hubby and stayed an hour at Starbucks in Macapagal. It was a fun for us that's why I can't wait to get home and blog about it. My contract with my Internet provided will end this October and I really really want another service. Besides the crappy intermittent connection, they don't have any customer service. We had to literally drag our asses to the nearest mall where they accommodate such concern. I've seen some posters here that PLDT is already available in our area. Compared to Smartbro which I pay Php999 a month, PLDT is promoting a combination of Internet service plus a wireless landline for only Php990. But I am not sure if their service is good in this area. I wanted Bayantel though because their connection is great and the customer service is good in QC. I've installed a wireless router at my parent's house and I haven't had any problems since then. Despite the four wireless laptops connected to it with a Bayantel service, connection is still smooth. And once we experienced downtime, we called and the technician was dispatched wherein 24 hours. Now that's a great customer service right.

On the other hand, my weekendsnapshot photos are still in the hard drive waiting to be posted and it's very very late! Not to the mention the updates and paid ops I have in line. No Internet connection is making me insane. Without it, I feel lost!

On The Little Angel...
She speaks a lot now. More clearer words and long sentences. On my daddy's birthday bash, some visitors were saying their goodbyes and I was surprised when the little angel asked, "Where are the people going?" Hahaha Then I said, their going home. Then yesterday when we were at SM department store paying at the cashier, the little angel asked, "What is she doing?" Then I said, she's counting the money we gave her. Then she looked at the other lady and asked again, "What about her... what she is doing?" It was obvious that the lady was on the phone talking with someone. I noticed that the cashier was smiling at us. When we got our change, the little angel said, "Goodbye! Thank you!" How cute!

Trip updates...
We were able to reserve a good flight deal and I already gave the money to my dad so he can book and pay for it. I'm pretty excited. Yesterday, we were checking this laptop bags at the mall. I was interested with the black back pack, but it's Php2,000. For me, it's pricey and I am not sure about the brand. I plan to go another store next week though. And my budget is only Php1,500 hehehe. Do any of you can recommend a durable laptop bag which is not too pricey ha. Apprecite it.

I also made a list of things that we need to bring and I realised that it'll not fit in our 50L bag. We might be need another bag, a big gym-type traveling bag maybe. I dunno.

On the other hand...
My Monday was not a good day to start the week. First, no Internet connection. Second, the van that I was riding earlier on the way to the office had an accident. But everybody was safe. Third, my schedule for this week is mid again so I had to go to the office from 1pm to 10pm. That's means the band practice is cancelled Argh, and leaving home during the day, which is very hot and arriving at home very very late. Fourth, I usually get good deal of clothes from ukay-ukay but when I check there earlier, the prices are high. I don't want to pay Php220 for a dress, it's too pricey. Ukay-ukay means paying less. I'll just wait for a sale promo and I hope the dress that I wanted it still there. Fifth, I was waiting for the bus in the Cubao when I look up and saw a full moon. And lastly, went I arrived here at home at 11:30pm (yes, it's very late), the hubby told me that the little angel has a slight fever. Tsk!

I think this is just one of those days what things are not working out what I wanted them to be. But life goes on. Somehow we have to face and embrace it. And oh, the countdown has started... only 100 days before Christmas! Looking forward to it.


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