Friday, April 26, 2013

Movie date

I've set a movie with my sisters so we can watch Ironman3 together. The movie is really a blockbuster here. I've checked the cinema schedule and it's like Ironman3 everywhere! As in all the malls and the people are really in-line on the every cinema. So since the Ironman3 movie is everywhere, I've check movie stills on the Internet and man I really envy Gwyneth Paltrow's body transformation. Those abs!!! And then I visualize myself in those work-out outfit from and proud of my body. When will that happen? =/ I guess it will if I start working out hahaha...


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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sun Cellular, The Good Choice in Postpaid

I am a loyal subscriber of Sun Cellular. Recently I upgraded my plan with data so I can access FB and Twitter wherever I go. I even got the pocket wifi so me and family can get online wherever we are.

When I went to Sun Shop at Trinoma to pay our phone bills, I found out so many cellular plan bundled with either an android or a blackberry. I didn't even know Alcatel phones are a kick-ass, Thank God for this promo...

Why Sun Cellular Plan 600 and Plan 999 is The Good Choice in Postpaid?

The poster says it all! Unlimited sun to sun calls and texts messages, P250 consumable, 350 free text to other networks for Plan600... or Unlimited Mobile Internet, Unlimited sun texts and 4-hours sun call for Plan999. 

What I really like about the Sun network is that I don't need worry about load and free minutes left... just text and call away! Coming from a 5-year loyal customer like me. So what are you waiting for? Grab em while it's hot!


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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fish eye

Testing the fish eye app.


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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Re-decorating... not yet.

It's hard to keep the house clean especially without a house help. My mom would spend her entire Saturday just doing the laundry and making the house squeaky clean. For us it's a little harder because we have a third floor and most of our 'tambak' are there, not to mention the band and gym equipment. Now mom is thinking of re-decorating and replacing some small stuff in the house, like the pale door knobs to the brass mushroom knobs, complete with a wall cabinet (for extra space) and full length mirror. All that cleaning gave her ideas on re-decorating when it's not even Christmas yet hahaha. Maybe I can convince her for at least wait until Thanksgiving? Oh wait, we don't have Thanksgiving here hehehe...


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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lazy sunday morning

I love lazy sunday morning. You just get up to eat and then go back to bed.

God bless!

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