Wednesday, April 30, 2008

When it rains, it pours...

Yes, when it rains... it pours. Three weeks ago, we received a box from the MIL. Tons of new clothes again for the little angel, two new bathing suits and floats, grocery treats and chocolates for us and of course, my personal treat. I so love the hand bag, the dove shampoos and conditioners, VC bra, racer back shirt, lip gloss... everything. Thank you! Thank you to my MIL.

~ Treats! ~


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Wordless Wednesday

~ Summer time! It's time to hit the beach! ~


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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dawal beach resort - Zambales

April 26-27, 2008 - We had our over night stay @ Dawal Beach Resort in Zamabales. The travel time was a bit long. But it was never boring because we kept each other busy. I only slept on hour and the kwentuhan kept me awake. And there are times that I had time alone with my ipod and moments later we were there already.

~ On the road to Zambales ~

We made ourselves comfortable in out A/C rooms and prepared food for dinner. We had grilled liempo (pork), chicken, eggplant and sinigang. I was able to roam around to check the place. They have everything there. From the beach front to the pool area, restaurant and bar.

~ At last, sand on my feet... ~

I had a quick nap before dinner and felt recharged for the night. After dinner we all went for a swim in the pool since it was too dark to go to beach. I got a good exercise because I swam and swam until I'm out of breath. We also did group games and everyone enjoyed. I did not had the chance to take pictures because I was one of the committee and was busy preparing and assisting everyone. I really enjoyed the night.

6AM Wake call - but I woke up at 6:30am. We quickly prepared breakfast and wore our swimming gear for an Island hop to Potipot island.

~ A boat ride to Potipot Island. ~

The boat slowed down once near the shore and look what I saw in the water... it's so clear that I could see the rock formation at the buttom.

~ Clear water ~

The peaceful waves matched the clear waters and the white sands--perfect for swimming. It was still early when we got there which why the shot is not that bright.

~ Perfect weekend getaway ~

~ The team in Potipot Island. ~

We got back to our rooms, got dressed and hit the road to Manila. The travel time was a breeze. It kinda felt good that we're going home. But before that, we stopped by at Xtremely Xpresso Cafe' in Subic bay for a Big Ben Pizza. Their pan pizza was huge! And about the same price as the one's we usually order from Pizza Hut and Shakey's but the difference is, you'll know it's freshly baked. I loved that chicken with herbs. It has a kind of twist in it that you'll want to have more.

~ Xtremely Xpresso Cafe' menu ~

~ Xtremely huge pizza! ~

The hubby and I plans to go check out the zoo in Subic bay for the little angel to see and maybe try the Big Ben pizza too. I can't wait.


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Summer fun

I mentioned previously that the little angel went out with the hubby's side of the family. By the looks of their pictures, the little angel very much enjoyed the day.

~ That's me girl! Not afraid of heights. ~

~ Having fun with her yaya. ~

~ She loves the water so much. ~

Our Zambales pictures coming up...

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First Hair-cut

It's a Friday and we attended my hubby's (cousin) graduation in PICC. It's so nice to see students graduate from their chosen field. It got teary-eyed when I imagined that it was the little angel's college graduation hehehe. I wonder if she's gonna be a nurse like her God Mother Kris (in the picture) or maybe a doctor!

~ Congratulations Kris! ~

We celebrated the occasion and ate lunch at North Park. The food was great. The little angel ate wanton noodles. Thank God she's eating more and more everyday. After that we went to Kris' house to get their bags because they'd go for a swim the next day with the hubby's side of the family together with the little angel. I was not able to join because I was in Zambales for a company outing.

We dropped by at Trinoma for the Little Angel's first hair cut. Yes, all the baby hair was still there waiting to be cut. We went to "Cuts 4 Tots" because they have the first hair cut certificate which I want to hang in her room. She picked the motorcycle chair and stayed there and did not move at all. Thank goodness for that chair.

~ Before they cut her hair. ~

Usually she gets mad when we mentioned that we'll cut her hair. But she's like, well focused on the motor bike and didn't mind what was going on. The hubby didn't like short hair so we decided to have a little trim instead which turn out to be nice.

~ Barbero in action... Little angel deadma. ~

~ New hair do. ~

The hubby even bought her a gold head band to match her new hair do. I think she looks mature with her new hair. And it looks healthier too.

~ Picture taking with McDonald. ~

~ Now we both have the same hair length. ~


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Computers are very useful equipment. Before you know it, there's a new model waiting to sold in the market with a much higher specifications. But others just upgrade the memory and they are good to go. So instead of spending a whole lot in buying a new set, try upgrading instead. You'll be surprised to see how you saved.


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Monday, April 28, 2008

pet supplements

My dad loves to take care of animals like dogs, cats and especially birds. We have quite a number of love birds at home. He said, it relaxes him whenever he hears the birds chirp especially in the morning. So I advised him to not forget to give them pet supplements for them to stay healthy.


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When it comes to wine, who are you?


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Friday, April 25, 2008

Weekend Getaway

It will be a weekend getaway for me this time. Today we'll be attending graduation (hubby's cousin) in the morning and we'll probably be in the mall the rest of the day. I just borrowed my sister's cam so I can take pictures later. Unfortunately, I still haven't got a text message from the store. I'm so excited! Because finally the hubby agreed to have the little angel a hair-cut. Yes, after two years. I can still see her baby hair and I want to cut it desperately. The hubby really likes long hair for the little angel, but I explained that her hair gets thinner and thinker everyday. If you will feel that strands of her hair, it's still thin--just like for babies. So I really really want to cut it already and later we will. We'll be visiting Cuts '4 tots and hopefully she'll cooperate. Just don't tell her that you'll cut her hair because she'll get mad. I asked hubby to say that we'll go to the salon to have her hair "fixed" instead.

At last, a weekend getaway for me this Saturday and Sunday. Together with my office mates, we'll be heading to Zambales! Unfortunately, hubby's side of the family will be having an outing too, same day! So I can't join them. But the little angel and the hubby will. So I might not update for the next 3 days. But I'll be back. I'll just enjoy the days off under the sun and have fun!

Happy Weekend!


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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Antartica wave

I got this email several weeks before and it's pretty amazing. This is called the "Antartica wave". Pictures are cool. Read on.
The water froze the instant the wave broke through the ice. That's what it is like in Antarctica . Water freezes the instant it comes in contact with the air. The temperature of the water is already a few degrees below freezing. Just look at how the wave froze in midair? Some amazing pictures ... Enjoy.

BTW, since i got this email as spam... I don't know the guy in the picture hahaha!


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Good news

I received a text message from the store that my digicam was already checked and I might be able to get it this week. Finally! They will text me again if it's available for pick-up. I'm excited. It's only 8 days before our much awaited zitros family outing in Bataan and I desperately need that cam. Well, it's the reason why I bought it because of our outing. Tsk. I hope they'll text me tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers.

Okay, I'm gonna say it again that Dove Shampoo and conditioner is really great. Before my rebond treatment, Hair treats from Watson's is what I need. And now, I think that Hair treats is not for me. I noticed that after using that, my hair feels sticky and heavy. I've tried Sunsilk (pink) conditioner too and it's softer and really smells nice. Then I received this Dove duo from the MIL 3 weeks ago. And oh my, it's much much softer than the sunsilk. Even my office mate noticed it. "Nag Dove ka ngayon noh?" See! See! yah all have to try it!


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Nose job in Baltimore

The most common plastic surgery done here in our country is the nose job or nose lift. Everybody knows that Asians like us have shorter nose compared to people living abroad. I remembered I was able to watch an episode from a local television show here in the country, that we have shorter nose because of the tropical weather we have. Unlike people living in cold climates, hot air coming out when we exhale tends to go down slowly which explains the longer nose they have compared to ours. Well, I'm sure if that information is correct but people here still adapts the looks from our countries. nose job in Baltimore could be quite pricey but I'm sure they have better facilities then here. I noticed that their service is focused mainly on facial care, like nose lift, brow lift, facial fillers, facial implants, facial reconstruction, and laser treatments. If you're going to ask me, I want to have the flawless skin.


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Houston breast englargement

One of the most popular plastic surgery done today is the breast augmentation. Women tends to be vigilant and sensitive in most cases, if their physical looks is at stake. Like getting that flawless skin, slim body, firm legs, shiny thick long hair, breast enlargement--you name it. I know I am not familiar with these kind of terms, since it's not my expertise but all I know is that the use implant for breast enlargements. That provoked me to question--why do they need it? A lot of cases, they need them especially women who have lost breast volume as a result of pregnancy. A potential candidate should healthy and well-prepared physically and emotionally. I heard Houston breast englargement are the best in this field. And highly trained, high educated and well-experienced surgeons are a top priority. So get that look that you've always wanted.


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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

San Diego plastic surgery

Plastic surgery has been a big hit because of the many satisfied customers. Anyone can have plastic surgery--from the body they want, flawless white skin, hair reborn, and facial correction. Few years ago, plastic surgeries are for those who needed medical attention but since there's a lot of rich people out there, plastic surgery is for everyone. Choosing the right plastic surgeon with high educational background and training is one we should all consider. I heard San Diego plastic surgery is one of the best in this field. I know, it's a little pricey but imagine the new and healthy you afterwards. It's a personal goal for you attain that healthy feeling. If I were given a chance to undergo plastic surgery, I would definitely choose San Diego plastic surgery center because of their top of the line equipments and experienced surgeons.


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Breakup and Learn


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Extra soft!

My hair is super extra soft today. It must be the Dove Shampoo and conditioner. Have you tried them? I recommend it.


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hair transplants

The important factor to gain confidence is looking good. There many considerable factors why confidence is a must have. One is, we could land a high-paying job or gain more friends and sometimes getting the big deal in a business. Confidence can make us strong physically, mentally and emotionally. To make that first impression last, we should also consider the physical aspect. A lot of people even undergo surgery just to get their preferred look, to gain that confidence that need and want. Now I heard that hair transplants are starting to boom in the medical field. We all know that our hair is our crowning glory and should be always in tip-top shape. These hair transplants are now available almost anywhere--Miami, Florida and more. Even celebrities has their own share of stories. But everyone should know that treatments are a big step they will take and should consult a professional.


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rhinoplasty nose surgery

A lot of people are changing their looks ever since the plastic survey gave it's successful boom in the medical field. People in the show business can easily correct simple facial factor so they can look good in the camera. From getting that perfect nose, bone-ny chicks, luscious lips and many more. Possibilities are endless nowadays especially if you have time and money to spend. But sometimes, going the right doctor has it's own advantage and disadvantages. We have to weigh options and consider all aspects. If the doctor has reputable reputation in the medical field, receives a lot of good comments from customers and many more. Because of course, we don't want to risk ourselves especially our health. rhinoplasty nose surgery has good reputation online that makes them the best in their field. They prioritize mainly one's health and our personal preferences and decisions.


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thigh high boots

Everybody know I love boots. Previously I have fours pairs and unfortunately was cut down to one pair. Yes, I tend to over use my boots because I wear them every single day. Now, I'm starting to collect and protect my boots. I've learned my lesson and now I wear with care. I prefer the Knee high boots and not the thigh high boots because it's too high for me. I recently, bought a flat knee high boots and loving it so much.


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walk in tubs

It would be a dream if we have fancy house of our own and if that dream would come true, I'd make sure the bathroom will be the most comfortable place in the house. Ever since I was a kid, I'd love being inside the bathroom and pamper myself. I could also imagine and be myself without feeling insecure to anyone. And who have thought that walk in tubs are already available. Yes, they are now. And it would be so nice to have one on my dream house.


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Party Rentals

We had a blast from my daughter's 2nd birthday last January and we are already thinking of an idea for her next birthday. And we might consider Inflatable Party Rentals for next year. I observed that kids are having fun on inflatable toys and this is available on Party Rentals on the site. The hubby is thinking of getting the Water Slide Party Rentals. It would be blast.


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Saturday, April 19, 2008

TGIF.... yesterday.

It was TGIF yesterday and I've been busy to update again. We had acoustic night last night and we had to practice couple of hours before the said competition. Anyway, I've been lucky me supreme lately. I know it's NOT healthy but I've been addicted to Jjamppong. Maybe it's the hot and spicy flavor that keeps my tastes bud wanting for more. Moreover, it helps me to stay awake during the dull hours of my shift. No jjamppongs for me next week.

We'll be going to my ex-office mate's kiddie party this afternoon and I'm excited! I love going to kiddie parties hehehe. I like to see the little angel enjoy the food, games and treats. Anything for her. We might be doing a little shopping since it's summer and we need to buy our summer swimming gear. I mean for us, me and hubby only. The little angel has 4 new bathing suits and two new floats from my MIL! And that's on top of the bathing suit and floats she has right now. Dami.

The little angel has only 3 pairs of foot wear. One pair of formal Barbie shoes, one Barbie rubber shoes and one pair of fisher-price white sandals. I never liked the idea of buying her shoes because I know she would out-grown it in a couple of months. Last Sunday, when we went to church, she said "Ouch!" went we tried to put her Barbie formal shoes. And I said, Oh no! Maliit na!. And to think na hindi pa naman sira yung formal shoes na yon... sayang! Then she has this one new pair of cowboy boots from my MIL which we received from the box couple of days ago, pero sakto na. I'm sure in a couple of months or less, she'll out-grown it too. Nanghihinayang tuloy ako.

I received news from my sister in Dubai the other day that she'll be coming home again here to attend her friend's Wedding in June. Another is that my other sister J, might be joining her there in Dubai for work too. There's still no definite time of her departure but she'll surely leave us for a new career opportunity and we're so happy for her. So that's another minus from the zitros gang. I wonder which sister of mine will be going to another country in the next few months hhhmmm... Me maybe? Wishing well!

I remembered... I bought this boots from one ukay-ukay store in Aurora blvd. Cubao and I'm love-in with it so much! I'm loving this flat, black matte and knee-high boots! I'm so lucky! It's barely new for only 500 pesos. I like it! I like it!

Argh! I wish I have pictures to show here.... ciao!


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We had our Acoustic Night last night in the pantry office. Fortunately, we won over Kicthy Balls (the other band). We did not expect since it because our vocalist was not that energetic compared to the other band. It was a close call because our score was only 1.5 higher. I still don't had the official shots but I got this one from one of our office mate's phone camera, just to give you a glimpse. There's me on the far right.

Take a peak... here it is.

~ Cocofish in the house. ~


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Friday, April 18, 2008


Which Prison Break Character Are You?

More on Prison Break. Created by BuddyTV

Which Heroes Character Are You?

More on Heroes. Created by BuddyTV


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Thursday, April 17, 2008

No pictures!

The reason why I missed couple of WW and WS is because I don't have my camera. I only used it like 3 times and sad to say, I had to take it to the service center. Why? Because the lens cover won't close. I don't know why but all of a sudden it just acted up like that. And it's also giving me a blue screen (like the blue of death on the computer) on the LCD that's why I can't use it. I'm kinda sad, because I really liked that cam. I'm wishing that it would be fixed before April 25. I have a lot of outings and occasions to cover and I'm missing a lot of precious kodak moments. I'm thinking of getting another cam... a cheaper one. What do you think?


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budgeting and planning

For a business to grow, budgeting and planning is crucial. Every amount down to the very last cent should match, if not, the business might be at risk. The automated budgeting online that I was able to see will definitely help a business to grow. It's budgeting system that will help forecast sales.


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What's keeping me busy

So what's keeping me busy these days?! Hmmm... We have band practice later at 1pm at home in QC, Practice and Acoustic nights on Friday, Kiddie party and shopping with the hubby and the little angel on Saturday, Dentist appointment next week on Monday, attend cousin's graduation on Friday next week and Company outing next Saturday and Sunday. And not to mention my 9-hour shift at work and 2-hours travel time before and after work. And that also depends if we have a band practice next week too. And when I get home, errands in the house and quality time with the little angel. I think I want to have vacation....


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Wednesday, April 16, 2008



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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Coin Dealer

I have known several individuals whose hobby is to collect. Some collects old albums, stamps, miniature cars and motor cycles, or sometimes a character from a famous cartoon or a merchandise from a famous International brand. Most women I know collects jewelry for safe keeping or simply because it's a hand-me-down from generations to generations in the family. They say that it's both a hobby and an investment for the future of the family too. And I still do not know anyone who collects coins. I've them in the movies, but not in real life. Until I stumbled upon this website which service coin dealer. I never knew such service ever existed until I saw their site on the Internet. They offer a wide range of products, like gold, silvers, platinum and many more. it must be cool to collect coins and hand it down to the family.


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Featured Blogger

Here's another featured blogger that I admire. Hard-working mother to baby Olin--Kathycot. Come and visit her raves, rants, pictures and life's adventures as a mother to her growing baby daughter.
~ Lola, syoray ng fichur mo! Aw!~


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S for supah straight

S for super straight--as in my hair is now straight. I asked my mom to accompany me to her suking parlor last Sunday to have my suppose-to-be-hair cut. I made up my mind and was ready for that short hair and even bangs because all my sisters do have new hair-do's. Sabi kase sakin, tutubo naman yan eh. So there I was thinking if I will go for it. Then my mom asked about the promo they have then she said go. I was like what?! She said, okay lang yan, and then she paid for it. How's that for a mom! hahaha! Even though I spend 6-long-hours in the salon, I'm one happy girl! Sino ba naman hindi db--rebond libre lang! Super Thanks mom!

~ My hair looks like this... Got picture from *here* ~


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Ever think of loosing weight or simply getting that fair skin that you've always wanted. At my age, loosing weight is top priority. And sometimes stress at work leaves me with pimples and wrinkles. Now, all these will disappear with Orovo. It's the fastest way to loose weight with great benefits.


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bath lift

I did not know bath lift would be possible until I came across their site. This will be very useful for elderly especially those who needs special care. Good thing about it is that, it's very safe, convenient and affordable. This will help those individuals to enjoy a warm bath which relives pain and helps them relax more.


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used Rolex

Everybody knows Rolex right? Rolex must be the most durable and the most recognizable watch and getting one is like spending a grand. But for me, it's sometimes okay to get hand me downs or second hand items especially when it's too pricey. Now, there's used Rolex available online. We can now have those high end Rolex watches without over-spending.


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Monday, April 14, 2008


I would love to check sites that has new and up to date electronics and electronic gadgets. Craving for that new high end in the market is sometimes crazy. People would buy and buy. I believe checking sites for other options is always good. And settle for the best in the market with good reviews about that item.


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medical jewelry

Thinking of buying your father a memorable gift that he deserves? How about a token for your hard working sister in the family. Here I found, medical jewelry on the Internet. It's a medical ID jewelry very suited for that hard working family member. They offer a wide range of choices that will suite every lifestyle.


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Friday, April 11, 2008

Weekend Snapshot

~ Loving my new blue ~

Yes, my dad bought this Yamaha 4-string 24-fret matte blue bass guitar in Dubai and brought it home. I still feel down whenever I remember my Fender but life goes on. My new "blue thomsun" friend is here stay...


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Dubai treats

~ Dubai Treats! ~

I got a handful of gifts from my sister S, who is in Dubai right now. Instead of the usual chocolates, she got me cereal bars for healthier option--naks; Dove lotion which I requested and couple of herbs for my kitchen. The camel doll is for the little angel and the red Dubai bag will be very useful this summer for outings!

I have another big gift from my dad. And because it's so special--it deserves a solo post which is coming up...


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Car Show @ WTC

I only have few minutes to spare and I'm blogging like crazy just to catch up with all the posts I've missed these past few days. Here's our little family trip to the Car Show last Sunday @ the World Trade Center. We left the house after lunch and we got there just in time to take pictures and watch Mr. Russ Swift's car stunts.

~ The little Angel loves motorcycles too... just like daddy. ~

~ Here we are enjoying the car stunts expect for the
little angel who always do funny faces when it's time to take a picture. ~

~ Of course, sexy ladies looks good with hot cars! ~

~ The hubby won't leave until we get a picture of those trucks outside. ~

~ After that hot and sweaty afternoon, we had a trip to MOA
and had a feisty meal. The little angel loves spaghetti! ~

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Nursing School

My husband's cousin is graduating next week with a nursing degree at hand. We are so very proud of her since we all know that this degree is very in demand especially abroad. But she has to pass the board examinations first. In line with that, there are a lot of cna training out there that offers cna courses, but no matter what cna schools you are enrolled in, that important is that this job saves lives everyday.


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Sonography Medical Information Site

There are a lot of medical schools out there that offers a wide range of medical courses. But here I found sonography schools for sonography technician. A lot of us are not aware of this course, but they are interestingly helpful to the medical field. I may not be aware what sonography tech is doing but I know for sure that they are a great help to us.


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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Welcome home

I got an IM message from my sister that our parents are safe and sound at home. Yes, there are back from their 16-days vacation in Dubai. I can't wait to end my shift so I can go there and feast on the pasalubong... er I mean welcome them home!


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mortgage lenders

Now there's a new and great way to invest a home of our own with mortgage lenders. The site offers great information that will make us aware how mortgages works. They have an online calculator tool that can also help us calculate and estimate whatever finances we need, for us to be safe in the future. We can apply now and get a free quote on the mortgages we need.


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Papermate pens

Every year we are thinking of new items to give away on company parties and sometimes on special occasions. Most were key chains, paper pads, and the usual office stuff that we need. But this time, we are thinking of getting an item that everybody will use. With Papermate pens, we can all use it everyday because of it's reliable structure, soft grip and quality items.


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It's in the cards


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For those people who want to show off their talents, make movie, film maker fans--there's a new and fun way to get that fame. Now live tv is possible with BlogTV online. You can watch videos, live show and even live broadcast straight to your computers at home. Grab those video camera and have that 15 minutes of fame on the Internet.


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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What's up?!

That is--what's up with me?! Had a busy busy weekend. I only had one day off and that's the Sunday. That means I still had to go to work Saturday evening then went to church Sunday morning, so no sleep again for me. Then after lunch, three of us went to World Trade Center to check out the Car Show. I had to borrow my sister's cam because my mom brought my cam in Dubai. Unfortunately, we only few photos because most of them were videos taken from Mr. Russ Swift's car stunts. The hubby enjoyed the show and the little angel was like walalang. Maybe she's not into car right now. Oh well. After that, we went to MOA. Despite the heat and crowd, I still manage to stay awake. I wonder how I do it or if I will get sick someday because of this. Wag naman sana. I remembered we bought 2 sets of drinks because we always get thirsty. Init kase.

We had 2 stuffed pizzas and one half order of spaghetti in tomato sauce for the little angel. The hubby and I were happy to see the little angel eating alone. It was messy but it's okay. She almost finished her plate. Pictures to follow because the connection is acting slow again.

After our feisty meal at Sbarro, I caught myself pinned on the dvd sale. Original dvds from Php400 or 500, now it's only Php150 and 175. We bought Monsters Inc and Thomas the train for the little angel. I wanted to buy more but the hubby said it was getting late. damn. But I gave in because, of course I don't want to spend that much money on dvds alone.

The little angel was fast asleep in the car on the way home. How about me? Well, I fell asleep couple of times but the hubby kept on slapping my knee. Obviously, he doesn't want to me to sleep because we still need to go her Aunt to run some errands and no one will hold the little angel if I fell asleep too. Again, I manager to stay awake.

We were all dead tired, especially me when we got home. But I enjoyed the day. I love going out with them. I hope we can do it more often. Our next road trip--Manila Ocean Park.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I had the whole day yesterday dedicated to "sleeping" alone. I can't even remember if I ate anything. All I can remember was the little angel was there beside me playing with her toys. I remembered, I woke up when she had to climb over me to get to other side of the bed, I slightly opened my eyes and was half asleep--then she touched my face and she said "Sleep mommy, sleep..." with a soft voice. I wanted to hug, cuddle and kiss her but I was too sleepy to do it. Joys of motherhood.

Then off I go again to work at night. Everybody was smiling last night because it was a holiday. That means 100% hehehe.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I kissed the little angel and went straight to bed when I got home this morning. I had a 7-hour sleep and now my eyes are puffy. Too much sleep? I don't know. If my memory serves me right, I was awake for almost 2 days and I think 7 hours of sleep is not enough. Oh well.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My parents, my sister and her hubby will be back tomorrow from their 16 days vacation in Dubai. I can't wait. I had to admit I miss my parents. I miss my sister and mom's text messages and my dad calling me at 10AM just to check if I'm already home in Bulacan with the little angel. Of course, I'm excited with the pasalubong! yey!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I still can't upload pictures with this damn slow connection. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow morning. Tsk.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pahabol: I was dead desperate last night because my hair was a disaster. Yes, I'm getting those bad hair days again. Now, I'm thinking of curls, straight or bangs. Oh well.


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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Weekend Snapshot

Don't worry! The little angel is okay! The hubby and my sister A just can't get enough of the underwater cam I bought last month. This was taken on my birthday last February. The hubby gave the little angel a quick dip in the water, just in time for that one shot.

~ Hold your breath! ~


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In The News


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Friday, April 4, 2008

8 years and counting...

We are technically 8 years today. I saw our first picture together in a frame inside our room and unfortunately, I don't have a soft copy of that. But I was able to find the oldest picture we had together in the hard drive and this was way back in March of 2002. Together forever? yeah, I think so.

~ 8 years and counting... ~


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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Personality test

Was tagged by Kathcot. I had fun answering... try it!

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Finally, we got to sign the much awaited extra compensation that our company has given us. This was announced and confirmed last Friday, and everybody seemed to be very happy about it. Sino ba hindi db? What's more exciting about it is that the extra allowance will be given every month with no metrics to meet. Now we are counting the days until the next pay day. Did I hear $ ka-ching! $ ka-ching!


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Cooking School

Everybody in the family knows that I'm a frustrated chef. I always wanted to be a chef and enjoys cooking very much. Sometimes I wish that I could go to a chef school. And now they have culinary schools available online. I can now participate in a culinary school and choose the course I want to learn. Now I can live up my dream of being a frustrated chef into a real life family chef.


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Pharmacy Technician Training

One of the fastest growing career today is in the medical field. And we can never go wrong with Medical Career Training, that's why I recommend my cousin to take a career in this field, like a pharmacy technician. More people in general today are giving more attention to their health. And being pharmacy tech can put him in the standing in the community. Pharmacy technician salary can earn him a bright future for his family.


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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

~ Summer is here! ~


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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back to normal

All of the sudden the Internet connection speed here is back to normal. I can upload 20 pictures in less than 2 minutes. Maybe they did some maintenance 2 two weeks, I dunno. Now I finished uploading the photos in less than an hour. Whew. It saves a lot of time really. Now I have more time to chat, blog and all.

I was browsing my mom's friendster photo gallery because she said, they uploaded couple of shots from there. And this is what they have been doing there....

~ My mom & dad in Dubai ~

What a couple. That explains why our family is so full of laughter. I have crazy and funny parents! hahaha. Bagay pang April Fool's day! LOL!


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