Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Our Second has arrived!

DECEMBER 30 - Our second child arrived. I was really planning to give birth January 2016 but due to pre-eclampsia complications, my OB had to ask me to go to ER. I really tried my best---bed rest, lots of fluids, fruits, wheat bread and all the good stuff but my BP was just so high this past week. I had to take meds for high blood but it did not work. Today, my sister had to buy just this one item in Trinoma and she insisted that she will be quick. I thought what the heck, let's go...knowing that I'm due anytime. So while she was doing her business, I decided to go to the clinic and have my urine tested. This procedure was also over due. So me and my daughter waited for the results and my bacteria count was high! Also had my BP taken and the nurse was speechless. She just said, call your OB mommy. So I send a text message to my OB and she reply, go to the ER. I was stunned. So we went home and loaded the car with the things we need. My sister and I were planning to eat dinner at home with our take-away pasta, but I guess change of plans.

At ER, the nurse said they were expecting me because my OB called them already. Okay it was straight to the labor room for me. There, the resident OB monitored my stats and this kind and pretty nurse was very friendly. My OB arrived and they talked. Apparently, my stats did not improve. After 3 dosage of sulfur (I think), BP still high. They decided emergency CS because they were seeing patterns on the baby's heart beat. A lot of happened and it was painful. Not labor pains but meds inserted thru IV, antibiotic injected and the catheter. It happened to fast, and at this time, I was having a hard time to breath. So you can imagine that I was a little bit in panic mode. At 10pm, I wheeled over to the operating room and at 10:30pm, our second has arrived. I was half awake when she came out so I only heard a soft and quiet cry. The doctor finally showed me baby LJ and I laughed a little because I thought I saw my eldest born again. They took a photo of us and she was wheeled over to the pedia section for screening. I stayed at the recovery for a few hours. While waiting, the nurse brought little LJ again for some bonding time. I was so happy.

Finally, I was brought to my room to rest. Little LJ stayed t NICU because of minor complications. So I had to go down every now and then to be with her and try to feed her. It was hard to do all the paper work while being the patient at the same time but all the hard work paid off. We were finally sent home on the fourth day. So we spend the New Year at the hospital.

We still need to complete the antibiotic for the next couple of days but being at home with my little LJ is HAPPINESS.

Thank you for our second bundle of joy! -- Linzie Jeanne.

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