Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Blogger beta

After posting the picutures... I decided to switch to the beta version. May changes ba? Parang wala naman ata eh hahaha! I'm planning to make revisions sa blog... konti lang naman at hindi total make-over... sana tulungan ako ni aiMz... help!


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more pictures...

Wala akong pasok ngayon kaya eto na-upload ko na lahat ng pictures namin... check it out!


I am expecting a college friend later this evening. We will have dinner at home... I'm looking forward to it kase matagal narin kaming hindi nagkikita... marami ng nagbago simula nung naging mommies na kami pero I'm sure, we will have plenty of kwento later!

Inuman na! Cheers!


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Eto na sa wakas yung mga pictures namin...

~ Hindi pa sya 1 year old ngayon...
Wala kase silang number 9 for "9 months"... acheche!

~ I love this picture! ~

~ Zitros Forever ~

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Last weekend

Here I am again... late na naman ang update. I had a very busy week... pagod pa pagdating sa bahay.

We had great day last sunday! October 15. Sinundo ako ni hubby, baby and yaya sa office ng morning pag labas ko. Then deretso nakami sa bahay namin sa qc. Pagdating namin, tamang kagigising lang ni Amandine at nung nakita nya si Lanna, tuwang-tuwa sya. Si Lanna naman, biglang natulala hahaha! Natulog muna ako then nagising ako mga around 2:00pm na. Umalis na kami agad kase pupunta kami sa baby shower ni Meng. Gift namin kay baby Constantine---baby gym... cutie! Umalis kami dun mga around 5:30pm na. We had to meet the rest of the zitros clan sa The Block. Very excited ako kase pagpapa-picture kami sa Pic-A-Boo. We enjoyed the afternoon kahit ang hirap patawanin ni Lanna nung araw na yon sa pictorial. At sa wakas, may Family picture na rin kaming tatlo! I will post the pictures here soon.

Nag dinner kami sa Flavors of China resto something something... Okay naman.. masarap! hehehe! Then we bought dessert...hmmm... I forgot where pero basta puro cereal sya. All I can remember is yung flavor na pinili ko... Oreo and Juliet and Nutting hill. Katuwa nho? at masarap pa. Grabeh we enjoyed the weekend talaga. Then pagbigay ko ng milk kay Lanna nung pauwi nakmi, she suddenly closed her eyes... tulog na pala! Sus! Napagod ang baby. Nilagay ko muna sya sa bed at papalitan ko yung diaper nya and suotan ko ng pajamas. Nakakatuwa kase hindi talaga sya gumagalaw... As in mahimbing sobra yung tulog nya... Hangang sa bahay bulacan nakmi.

Excited nako makita yung pictures namin! Abangan...


I am still thinking kung mag shift nako sa Beta Version ng blogger...



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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Planning the birthday

I have been thinking of the first birthday lately. I came to a panic when I realized that it is gonna be less than 3 months before her birthday... and I havent started on anything!

I started to search using the ever-trusted Mr. Google but I cannot find anything. Good thing, I bumped into this site...

I know a lot of you knows this site. I am not a frequent reader of this site but it helped me a lot. I got checklist on what to do, what to avoid, ideas and at last, website of some suppliers.

Here is my list of useful websites. Please feel free to add if you have suggestions.


I want a small birthday party. Hindi masyado malaki pero enjoy lahat. But I am still undecided on the location. Local fastfood or at home? Please help me decided... Or if you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to comment.

For now, here is the checklist...

+ 6 months before +
- Decide the party theme

+ 5 months before +
- Guest list (excel)
- Set the Date and Time
- Location
- Check the weather

+ 4 months before +
- Decide on the food (fastfood or cater etc)
- Finalize Guest list
- Finalize budget and Theme party

+ 3 months before +
- Other entertainments and activities (such as Clowns, Magician, hosts)
- cake
- Photo and Video coverage

+ 2 months before +
- Graphic Design/designer for the customized tarp
- Goodie bags, loot bags, Souvenir and give-aways

+ 1 month before +
- The outfit (Me and Lanna)

+ 2 weeks before +
- Send out invitations!
- Tarp should be ready
- check souvenir, prizes and give-aways
- Finalize program

+ 1 day before +
- Relax!

+ 3 hours before +
- Dress up!

+ 1 hour before +
- Venue na.

+ Enjoy the party! +


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Sunday, October 8, 2006

Lanna's milestone chart

  • *T*
  • is right… any baby milestone is the greatest! Seeing my baby’s progress everyday is truly a blessing. Here is the chart I got from the Internet to keep track of what Lanna is doing… Surprisingly! She can do advanced skill, which a few kids can do (according to the chart).

  • Milestone Charts: What to expect from your 7- to 12-month-old.

  • Lanna is approaching 9 months this coming 17th of October, and she’s doing great!

    She can:

    - sit without support.
    - reaches for things with a sweeping motion
    - imitates speech sounds (babbles)
    - stands while holding onto something.
    - waves goodbye!
    - bangs objects together (including my cell phone).
    - says “dada” and “mama” to both parents.
    - passes objects from hand to hand.
    - crawls well!
    - points at objects.
    - pulls self to standing position.
    - Picks things up with thumb-finger “pincer grasp”.
    - indicates wants with gestures (she usually shouts too!).
    - stand while holding onto something.
    - cruises while holding onto furniture. (she can climb on the TV set too!)
    - responds to name.
    - drinks from the cup.

    She also moves her body like dancing when she hears music. And lately, she can stand alone for a couple of seconds and she can clap her hands!

    I just love every minute when I'm with my baby...


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    Saturday, October 7, 2006



    Papakita ko lang yung ipi ni baby... hehehe!

    ..... and thanks Ardey for the pink walker.....


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    Thursday, October 5, 2006

    Good day

    Finally! After **toot** months (hehe!), I visited my dentist along with my youngest sister. We got there early, so we waited. We don't mind waiting because we got to talk a lot more... fashion, shoes, hair etc. I missed that. Ever since I got married and lived here in Bulacan, I never talked with any of sisters that long any more. After that, we went to SM north and had our lunch at Tokyo tokyo... tapos nag ikot-ikot kami. Umuwi narin ako around 2:00pm kase mahihirapan nako sumakay pag hapon. It turn out to be a good day today. It made me realize how I miss being there at home, eating popcorn, watching dvd with my beautiful sisters.


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    Monday, October 2, 2006

    101th entry

    This is my 101th entry for my site and I realized, naka-1 year na pala tong blog ko nung August. Wow! Tagal na pala... Hindi man lang ako nakapagpost regarding that. Well, happy naman ako, kase tumagal tong blog at hindi ko napabayaan.



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    Sunday, October 1, 2006

    Mahabang kwento ito...

    Thursday morning... maulan na kaya sarap tulog pa kami ni Lanna that morning. Around 10:00 am, pumunta nako ng SM, kase I have to buy milk and diapers na. I payed the bills first and had my eyes checked. I went to Executive Optical... Good thing hindi ko nakalimutan yung old glasses ko. The lady doctor was nice and very accomodating. I wore the stupid metal frame that they use to try different lenses on. Gosh! My head felt light and for the first time in months, I felt comfortable. The doctor's findings was 50 on my right eye. That causes the headache. And 25 for the astigmatism. I dunno what the numbers means, but that's what she said. I remembered me asking her, "So may grado na pala yung mata ko doc?", "So isusuot ko pala yung salamin ko lagi? at hindi yung kung kelan lang sumakit ang ulo ko...?", "Hangang kelan naman tong glasses na to?"... Sabi nya, 1 year daw yung glasses na to. I planned to have a square frame but since I was there na, what the hell... I just used my old frame na. Pick up time daw ng new glasses ko was within an hour.

    I went to the grocery after that. I bought the basics lang ... soap, shampoo, toothpaste and all that shit. Since the infant formula was outside the grocery line, I had to pay first the items I had on my push cart. The infant milk was beside Watson's. When paying na, my card won't work na! Sabi ko, it was working awhile ago sa kabilang cashier. Sabi ng cashier lady, baka off line lang daw yung sa station nya. She immediately confirmed it. Sabi ng isang babae, kaka-down lang daw ng lahat ng cards nila, ngayon lang, due to bad weather! HOLY SHIT! Kelangan ko bilin yon! Milk ni baby yon! I need it! Nagmadali akong pumunta sa ATM machine to withdraw. Good thing, gumagana pa yung ATM machine. Whew! Grabeh kinabahan ako dun ah. Hehehe!

    After that, I decided to go home. So I picked up my glasses and tried them on. Pagkita ko sa labas, the trees were swaying on all directions. People outside looked as if they were trying to hold onto something. Malakas pala talaga yung hangin! Pag labas ko, Yikes! ang lakas nga ng hangin. Basang-basa nako agad. Pumunta na agad ako sa tricycle terminal. My push cart (with grocery in it), was going to the right direction on its own because of the strong wind. Buti nalang tinulungan ako ni manong driver. Pagdating ko sa bahay, nakita ko si daddy at baby nasa loob ng car. Akala ko aalis sila. Sabi ni yaya, nagpapalamig lang daw kase brown-out. Brown-out?! Ano ba yan! An hour after that, dumating naman si Jp. Pinauwi na daw sila. Yehey! Kaya 3 of us played sa bed room then had our siesta. Sarap matulog! Malamig eh. Around 5:00 pm, naligo nako. As usual, papasok nako. Umalis ako sa bahay, hindi na gaano maulan. Grabeh brown-out kahit saan. Parang ghost town yung edsa. Pagdating ko ng cubao, tumakbo ako hangang sa sakayan. Natakot kase ako. Soobrang dilim kaya! Hehehe! Narating naman ako sa office ng maayos.

    Friday - 2:00 am (Break time). Lumabas ako. Grabeh sobrang dilim! As in pitch black. Cool nga eh. Pero naisip ko, hindi ako pedeng umuwi ng ganito kadilim. Since 5:00am ang out ko, siguradong madilim pa nun. So nag overtime nalang ako. Balak ko 1 hour overtime lang pero I ended up with a 2 hour overtime because of lack of man power. Marami kaseng hindi nakapasok nun. Umuwi ako mainit na. Badtrip. Pagdating ko ng cubao, pucha ang hirap sumakay! Wala kase ganong sasakyan. Buti nalang nakagawa ako ng paraan hehehe.

    Oo nga pala... Wala rin palang signal nung madaling araw palang. It seems that cell sites were down as well. Globe nga wala, sun cellular pa kaya hehehe! I realize how dependent I am on cellular phones. I felt lost when I cannot get in touch with anybody. I can't call my hubby, my mom, my papsie etc. Sobrang worried tuloy ako. Pagdating ko ng Meycauayan, biglang tumaas yung signal! Then text messages started to beep. Sa QC lang pala walang signal. I called my hubby, he was already in the office. He also told me na pupunta daw sila ate jen kase brown-out parin sa kanila. Pagdating ko sa bahay, I ate breakfast then nag ayos nako. Nagpalit ako ng bedsheet and naglinis ng kwarto. Dumating na agad sila ate nun. After that, pinaliguan ko na si baby. Natulog nako mga 11:00 am. Then ginising ako ni daddy ng bandang 12 kase kakain na daw. What the fuck?! Grabeh ang sakit ng ulo ko nun tapos ang sakit sakit narin ng throat ko. After our fiesta-like lunch (Crispy pata kase ang ulam eh), hindi nako makatulog at sumama lang lalo yung pakiramdam ko kaya hind nako pumasok sa office.

    Pag uwi nila ate jen, sumabay nakami ni baby paluwas. Hinatid nila kami sa bahay (qc) kase pupunta naman kami kila lola kinabukasan. Dumating kami mga 10:00 pm na.

    Grabeh ang bait ni ardey ko. Binigyan nya ako ng walker for Lanna. Sinakay agad nila si baby pagdating then picture taking na hehehe! Eventually, humikab lang si Lanna kase antok na sya. Natulog kami ni baby sa bed ni Gelai. Alam naman namin na yon ang pinaka-malamig na part ng room. Nako! sarap na tulog ni baby! hehehe!

    Saturday morning. Sabay kami nagising ni Lanna. Naglaro agad sila ni Williane. We had breakfast then naligo nakami lahat agad. Balak kase namin mag ikot sa SM North (The Block) that morning since lunch pa naman kila lola. But my mom talked to my tita, ang sabi mga 2:00 pm pa daw yung food kase na-delay daw. So we decided to have lunch narin sa SM. Grabeh nahirapan ako kay Lanna. Since nasa mall nga kami, ikot sya ng ikot. Ang hirap tuloy kargahin. Nako! pumapadyak pa yung paa! Usually kase pag nasa mall kami, si hubby ang nagkakarga kay baby. Pero may work kase sya nun kaya hindi sya kasama. Nakatulog na si Lanna nung papunta nakami kila lola. Napagod rin! hehehe

    Happy 90th birthday lola Luming!!!

    Lola ko sya sa mother side naman. Nako! madami talagang may birthday pag september samin hehehe. Around 5:00pm nakami umuwi. Yung sister ko kase nag aaya na. Dumating kase yung technician at kinabit na yung DSL. Pagdating namin, ayaw naman gumana ng DSL. Wala kase kami nun nung kinabit kaya hindi na testing eh. Tumawag nalang kami sa Customer Service. Unfortunately, ganon daw talaga pag mga bagong kabit. Wait nalang daw kami ng 24 hours. Haay! Well, it's time for me to go. Papasok nako! Sumabay nako sa sister ko. Hinatid nya kase yung isa ko pang sister, kase a-attend sila ng debut sa Sulo hotel.

    So here I am, working my ass off...

    Sunday na. October 1, 2001.

    Malapit na pasko!!!



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