Friday, June 29, 2007

On words with *Lj*

I have been teaching *Lj* simple words that she can easily remember. I call them "Key words". Some are very very common but it really helped me a lot. Listed are words she uses up to this day…

Mommy – she can say this very clear.

Daddy – this too.

Ta – means Tita.
Lo and La – means Lolo and Lola.
Lie down – she can say this but kinda bulol pa.

Tyan-tyan – means tummy.

Bum-Bum – means butt.

No – she can say this with matching crossed arms.

Mamam – means water or milk.

Papish – her Dog stuffed toy.

Pooh-pooh – means poop.

V – means TV.

Wow! – she appreciates what she sees.

Pa – means isa pa. ( showing her fore finger).

The rest are all extensive baby talks which I could not YET translate. But I am trying my very best to interpret them. She always (baby) talks to me with complete facial expression, as if she wants my opinion, comment or approval. I just say, yes baby or okay.

I gave her a pen and a card board paper the other day, coz I was curious if she's gonna be a righty or a lefty--just like me. I showed her how to scribble and she instantly smiled. I gave her the pen and she took it using her right hand. She tried to write and smiled at me. Then she transferred the pen on her left hand and wrote lines again. Maybe we still can't determine at this early age huh? Excited me. Anyway, I asked her to sit down so she can have a comfortable access on the paper. She sat down, but her smile disappeared. She said, "Pooh-pooh!" And then I checked, yeah there's poop alright.


Just an update…

We will be going to a wedding tomorrow (Hubby's cousin). It's a Christian Wedding again. But what I'm excited about is the dress I bought yesterday at People Are People in Gateway. I think the dress is worth the price, and most important part of all is I look thin in it! Haha! Pictures to follow…

Happy Weekend! :B


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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Video of the Week

Since I was a kid, I've been fascinated with the violin and cello. Having a great grand father as the first person to play the Cello in the Philippines, gave more interest on the said instrument. My grand mother would hire a piano teacher for us every summer. Thanks to her, it all started there. I missed my grandmother. She's a great pianist. Thus, passing the tradition to the family, my Tita and +Tito played the piano very well. I would hear classical pieces in the air every morning when I was little. And my other Tito played the violin. My papa whose the bunso, played the piano as well.

My featured Video(s) of the Week is none other than Apocalyptica. There are a bunch of cellist who love love rock music. Thus giving their cello playing a twist of rock and metal. Videos below, I think are the popular ones... who doesn't know Metallica right? I'm currently enjoying them in my ipod. Hope you do to.

~ This is my favorite... ~


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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Picture of the Week

Picture of the Week is late! But better late then never. Anyway, our featured picture of the week is none other than....ME! haha! Maybe the survey is right--I am vain! whaa... So much had happen for past two years of my life and being a mother was a blessing to me. I hope I still look like this for the next 20 years... or more. Haha!

~ This is me.... now. Vain nho? ~


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Am I that Vain?

You Are 55% Vain

You're a little vain, but more than anything you have a healthy amount of confidence.
Thinking the world of yourself is great. Just don't think less of those who aren't as pretty as you!
How Vain Are You?

I've been tagged by Kathy and Lyssa. Am I that Vain? hahaha! :B

Here's the list of kikay products I use for my kikay rituals everyday. You can notice that they are expensive...
1. Pond's facial wash and Pond's detox for everyday use. (Both in sachet)
2. Sunsilk shampoo (green) and I'm Coconut Milk hot oil (Watson's) after the shampoo. It instantly releases tangles. Way better than conditioner. Smells nice too.
3. Lander firming lotion for arms, tummy, legs, and Vitoria's Secret for the hand.
4. I've been using J&J baby powder (since HS) for my face,chest and back coz it smells nice and it leaves me presko all day.
5. Clean and clear face powder sometimes, if I don't have baby powder.
6. Ever Bilena blush-on. (Affordable and non-allergenic for me).
7. Maybeline and Mary Kaye lipstick. (Given to me by Mamu - MIL from US).
8. Just bought liner yesterday.
9. I always had frizzy hair. I usually have my hair treated once a year (straight/rebond). But my priorities have changed. I choose to have my hair on a pony coz its much easier to move especially if you have a baby to take care of.
10. Some of my clothes are branded because of Ukay-Ukay. I haven't purchased a single shirt/blouse/pants/dress from a local mall in years. Of course, AVON for my undies. Some of my pants was given to me by my sister, usually Marks & Spencer.
11. Even my shoes are from Ukay-Ukay (mostly boots). But I plan to buy a pair in the mall one of these days. (I did, yesterday and it was on sale).
12. I'm a cologne person and not into perfumes but I have a couple of bottles of them. Most of them were to me by Mamu (MIL) from US and Tita C from Canada. Cool water - Woman, Elizabeth Arden - Splendor and Victoria's Secret - For Her. (I think, I only used Cool Water but rarely. The other two perfume is on display above the cabinet).


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Monday, June 25, 2007


Our Subic trip was a memorable one for me. Getting some time off and spending time with friends was worth it. Party! Party! Was definitely our motto that Saturday night. We got to Subic at lunch time. Checked-in in the hotel at 2pm and went to the main venue. We enjoyed game booth, enjoyed the food, the view, the program/band and each other's company. Me and my friends decided to get back to the hotel at 10pm so we can freshen up. The siren indicates the start of our Open house party. We got there @ 11:30pm. I got tipsy with shots of mud slide, 1 can of strong ice and punch. I never been tipsy for more than a year already. Anyway that made fall asleep instantly. I woke up with a minor headache at 6am. Took a shower and fixed my things. We had breakfast and got back to our room again. Our other office mates from the other room joined for a never ending kwentuhan at tawanan! We left the hotel at 11am and went to Royale Subic (Duty free) before heading back to Manila. I met up with mom, papa and my sister together with *Lj* at Trinoma. After the outing, pasyal with *Lj* naman! hehehe! I missed my baby....

~ Picture taking in the hotel. There's my swimsuit top! ~

See pictures *here!*

*Some photos where removed due to name disclosure.


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Sunday, June 24, 2007


Tired, exhausted and sleepy... I'm back from Subic. Chikas to follow.


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Friday, June 22, 2007

Lucky me

Feelin' lucky on the way to the office, I decided to visit my suking ukay-ukay . I immediately approached the rack where all the dresses hanged neatly. Something caught my attention… OMG! It's the perfect white dress I bragged about yesterday! It's there. Maybe the saleslady decided to sell it anyway I dunno. I quickly went to the fitting room. Just as I had suspected! It fits. It's perfect. Haha! I'm so thrilled! I asked for the price-Php120. Hmm… reasonable. Since the sign says-"New Arrival". I asked the lady if I can get it for 100 (with matching sweet smile on my face), she approved. Maybe it's the smile =B hehehe!

I remembered, I talked about this other dress with my sister M this morning. She asked me to get the dress if its still there and it was. Talk about luck huh. I asked the lady again, if I can get it for 100 pesos Haha she agreed. =B

Wow! Two good buy dresses for 200 pesos. Lucky me.


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I've been tagged by Jencc.


Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their Blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment.

1. I love Reader's Digest. Tragic and true story with happy endings is always making me cry. Sniff.

2. I never liked raw foods especially Sushi. Bleh.

3. I can stay awake for more than 24 hours. o_0

4. I love watching someone cooking/baking on TV (Lifestyle network), and then I would complain bcoz I'm hungry haha... :p

5. I can't touch my toes (while standing up). My legs could be longer, i dunno...

6. I can't draw a picture. My interpretation of a person is a stick and a circle on top for the head. =B

7. I love reading my friendss blogs sites! =)

I'm tagging YOU!


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Thursday, June 21, 2007

1 day to go!

1 day to go before the big event! And I'm glad I got a pair of swim suit just in time. I left the house early 9AM yesterday so I could shop @ SM North. First, I went to Hypermarket @ The Block, coz I knew they were already selling clothes there. I saw " SASSA" in the stand so I grabbed 3 different colors, size XL. I liked the price coz it's affordable but they don't have any more designs to choose from since summer is already over. XL was a little too tight for me so I decided to go to SM dept. store. Beside the SO-EN stand was a bunch of swim suits waiting for me. I quickly scanned the entire line. There was this brown swim wear, 2pc with matching racer back shirt and skirt. It was cute but again, it's too tight for me. The saleslady told me that the largest size they have was only L, and no XL. What the?! Well, do I have a choice? The blue blouse with matching skirt doesn't even have a size L. So I tried the last two pair in the row. Both of them are light blue 2pcs with malong each. I tried the Hawaiian design first, but the lock doesn't hold the bra itself. And the malong was too small for me, which gave me another reason not to buy it. Afraid that the swim might burst in public, I decided to try other pair. Still in light blue but different print, kinda bubbly design. The bra doesn't have a lock at the back, coz it's fixed which gave me a reason to like it instantly. Another is, it was not too revealing in front, so I was safe there. Although I still have excess skin peeking out in the bikini area, I was not bothered. I'm going to wear (pokpok) shorts anyway. And the malong was a net-like soft fabric which matches the suit. The good thing was, the malong was long which gave me enough length to cover those scary areas (You know whay I mean) But, I did not mind the bikini, as long as I have a pretty top. So there I was, singing and dancing with the music in my ipod.

Lesson for today: If you see a good buy in ukay-ukay, take it with you and pay for it in the counter. Don't say, " Babalikan ko yan" coz its NOT gonna be there anymore! Damn, I lost a perfect white dress coz I thought it's gonna be when I get back. This happened on the same day. Yes, it's the perfect way to ruin my good mood. Well, at least I got a swim suit.

I'll post some pictures when I get back. Hopefully, I'll find a decent photo of myself—rated GP.
That's all for now.


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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


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blog for money


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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Picture of the Week

I love this picture! If you will notice, the lense of the cam focused on the image in the middle and then the rest is blurred. I'm not a prof photographer. I only rely on the auto-focus feature hehe That's why a photo like this makes me happy hehehe... And take note, this was taken while they were moving, cool. Anyway, this was taken last Sunday...

~ Carousel ride with Tita Jen... ~


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Monday, June 18, 2007

Tell me what you think...

The reason why I replaced my daughter's name to *Lj* (which is obviously her initials) is because of this link... read on.

Baby Pics on the Net: Public or Private

Tell me what you think.


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Father's day... Lolo's day!

We went to Bulacan last Saturday afternoon to spend time with Ate Jen, kuya Jo and Daddy. We all went to church the next day and lunch out at Max's resto. *Lj* had lots of fun! She rode the carousel twice with Tita Jen. After lunch, Tito Jo dropped us off in TriNoMa so we can spend the rest of the day with my mom, papa and sisters. Too bad our eldest sister had to go early coz they'll going to Tagaytay. We spend the afternoon exchanging kwentos at Coffee bean. And we had pizza (Pizza hut) for dinner. Too bad I didn't get to treat myself blizzard coz I was so full.

*Lj* is starting to get used to eating solid food. That's good news for me! Last Saturday she ate bbq, pizza pandesal, yogurt, yakult, apple juice... and yesterday she ate Max's pancit canton, side dish kamote strips, fruits (grapes and pear), pizza and spag for dinner. I even caught her grabbed a big mushroom topping from the sliced pizza and stuffed it in her mouth! Good girl!

I hope everybody had a great time yesterday! ~~Father's day... Lolo's day!

~ *Lj*'s new toy! from Lolo daddy Bonnie... ~

See pictures *here*


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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sick no more

Lanna had a fever yesterday. I got home around 4:30PM then we went upstairs to watch TV. But she was crying as if she wants to say something. I felt deeply sad and wished that I had the fever not her. She baby talked and cried at same time for 45 minutes. I dunno what to do! I kept comforting her... touched her, hugged her, kissed her... When she finally calmed down, she was pointing something inside her mouth. I had an idea that maybe there's a tooth coming out. I learned from the yaya that her poop know! hehehe. Last night, she was having a hard time sleeping coz of the fever--it made her irritated. I went to the office this morning but I called in just to check her status, meds etc. Yaya said, around 1PM she was already feeling all right. I got home and saw that she was in her malikot-self. I immediately hugged her--no fever... Thank GOD!

Hubby said, he saw a tooth coming out already... Thank GOD again! Now, Lanna is sleeping peacefully. Wait! I think I hear her snore a little..... ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Goodnight! =)

Lanna's pictures *here*


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Long weekend

Even my weekend was busy! Last Saturday we went to Sam's first birthday at Jollibee. We had a great time especially my niece, Amandine. She likes birthday parties a lot! She would walk around and dance to the music and she would sing out loud too. We went straight home after the party coz we were so tired and sleepy.

Pictures from Sam's birthday... click *here*

Hubby, Lanna and I went to church at 6 Sunday morning.
Of course, I was still sleepy. We had breakfast and after that hubby went to work. Lanna took her nap while I fixed my things. Our anniv party in the office was 8pm that day, but I gotta be there at 2pm coz I'm one of the core group. I took the MRT train from North ave station going to Taft. I remembered my MRT card which had 1 peso load in it. My ride was so sulit! I met up with my friend at Metro point and we went straight to the venue. I was thinking how to style my hair... coz you know me! Everyday is a bad hair day. I brought my sister's electric curler and my hair turned out to be nice. I wore my super cheap faded black skirt from UK and my NW boots that night...

We had a blast that night! Food, booze, music, good company and never ending picture taking! Believe me! Susuko na yung digicam ko. I told them next time-they should bring a camera! Lugi ako eh. Anyway, the party ended at 1AM (Monday). Me and my friends went to Starbucks Blue wave to talk some more. Then we went straight to the office coz I have work at 6AM!

More pictures *here!*

~ Yummy chocolate cream! ~

By the way... my sister bought a Mac book Pro laptop which comes with a free 4G iPod nano. She agreed that I'll buy the ipod from her yey! Lanna and I had been listening to music a lot lately. Sometimes she wanted both earphones on her! Pano naman ako...

~ Yes I requested pink! ~


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Monday, June 11, 2007

Picture of the Week

~ Where's your lips? ~


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I or Eye?

At the tender age of 1, I was able to teach my daughter some tricks hehe. She would answer me whenever I asked her, "Where's mommy?" and she would say "mommy!", looking at me... "Where's daddy?", she would shout, "daddy!" as if trying to call her daddy. Same goes with tita, lolo and lola...

She can also point some part of her face. Like "where's your nose?", and she point her nose. "Where's your lips?" and then she would pout her lips. Same goes with her eyes, ears, tyan-tyan (tummy) and bam-bam (butt)...

One day, I was trying to teach her how to say "i love you". I kept saying "i love you" repeatedly so she can mimick my words carefully. Then I got frustrated, I decided to teach her word for word.... When I said, "i" (say it like--aaayyyyy...) twice, she paused for a moment then pointed her "eye".

oo nga naman....



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Thursday, June 7, 2007


Been BZ the whole week... brainstorm and meetings left and right. Can't wait to relax and party on our outing next next week. And speaking of outing, I haven't found the perfect swim suit for me. Well, I still have 2 more weeks... hopefully I'll find one. Right now, I'm thinking what wear on our party on Sunday. I've been looking for the perfect skirt that will go with my party blouse and NW boots for last 3 days. I was in the verge of despair until I found this ukay-ukay store. I'm in luck! I finally found one what I'm looking for! Problem solve *whew!* I hope our party will turn out great on Sunday.... I'm excited!

But what I'm really excited about is this........

~ Party! Party! ~

***I like the color of this poster... I matches my blog!***


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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Misiaoh's Birthday

June 2--I woke up with the sound of my sister's voice saying "wow! wow! wow!" around 7 in the morning. My sister just arrived from the 6AM mass. It's her birthday! She was so surprised with the 2 paper bags that was waiting for her. My mom and dad got her a CANON EOS 400D for her birthday! Kaya pala nagising ako sa puro "wow" na naririnig ko eh hehe! It's her dream to have that and now she has it. Grabeh sobrang bait naman nila mama at papa ko... sana birthday ko na haha! Picture! Picture!

I went to my dentist around 9AM and was home at exactly11:30A
M. We had lunch and watched TV. Then we went to TriNoMa around late in the afternoon. We walked around and waited for hubby and my sister to arrive. We had dinner at Max's and went home. Of course, Lanna and I had Pecan Cluster (Diary Queen) blizzard! Yummy! Next time, we'll try another blizzard flavor.

I tucked Lanna in her bed then my sisters and I went out again (of co
urse with hubby). We went to StarWay for a videoke galore. We ordered beer & fries and sang the night away. I was so sleepy hehehe Tumatanda nako...

See pictures *here*
See Videos *here*

~ Misioah with her new Canon EOS 400D ~



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Friday, June 1, 2007


I have a secret passion for cooking and baking but I never had time. I love watching Lifestyle Network especially the cooking shows like Barefoot Contessa, Molto Mario, Wolfgang Puck, 30-minute meal, Rachel Ray show, Everyday Italian, Boy meets Grill (Bobby Flay) and Iron Chef America. My mom used to tell me not to watch 'coz it will make me hungry hahaha! Anyway, I tried baking... unfortunately it didn't went well. I made crinkles but they were hard as a rock --for real.

I received a new letter with recipe from Nestle club last week. I decided to try their Chicken and cheese Enchiladas. I bought the ingredients the other day and just this evening, we were happily eating my master piece. Yes- hubby and my sister liked it.

Try it! It's delicious!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Preparation Time: 15 minutes.
Cooking time: 25 minutes (including boiling chicken)
Servings: 8

1 - can cream of mushroom soup
1 - 378 ml CARNATION Evap
1 - tbsp Cornstarch
3 - pcs boiled chicken breasts, cubed or flaked.
2 - pcs Green bell pepper, diced
8 - corn or plain Tortillas
1 - cup shredded cheddar cheese

- Mix all the ingredients for filling together in a medium saucepan and cook over medium heat for about 15 minutes, stirring constantly.
- Next, top each tortilla with 1/4 cup of filling and roll the tortillas. Place them in a row onto a 9x13 inch baking dish.
- Pour the remaining filling over the stuffed tortillas then sprinkle with shredded cheese on top.
- Bake in a 350F degrees (175C degrees) oven until cheese on top is melted.
- Serve while hot.

Serve the enchilada with fresh tomato salsa and shredded lettuce or cabbage to increase you fiber intake.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ Here's my hubby's second piece! Takaw! ~

~ Here's my sister enjoying her meal... ~

~ This is my piece... hmmm.. creamy... ~

*** Sar! Try it! Masarap sya promise... miss you.. ***


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