Thursday, May 30, 2013

Family trip

Off to Baguio tomorrow! More pictures to come. Hopefully I can upload them... Have a nice weekend.


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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Never too late to start over...

Yup! I went jogging this morning. I wanna be fit again so I'm trying my best to squeeze the jogging time before work. It's never too late to start over....


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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fast 6 experience

Watched Fast 6 at Shang last night c/o Nuffnang and Kettle Korn. They served snacks on the side while guests were waiting (fruit tart, muffin, sandwiches and soda). We had our photo booth souvenir which is cool. Unfortunately, everybody had to leave the give-away kettle korn popcorn outside the cinema which was a  hassle and delayed the movie. Clearly there was a misunderstanding between the event organizers and the cinema admin. Good thing everybody coorparative. We got seats a little bit close to the screen which made us a little uncomfortable. Have to remember not to get seats from letter C to the front.

The movie was totally awesome. We really wanted to see it again! Though I'm a little bit disappointed because they had to kill two characters that I like (spoiler alert). 

It was again an awesome movie experience. Thank you Nuffnang. 

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Transform yourself with Schick

I know most of our childhood dreams includes having our own super powers. But the big question is... If you had the powers of MAN OF STEEL for one (1) week how would you use it? Would you be like Clark Kent himself who would have the world? If I have the chance to be THE (wo)MAN of Steel for a week, I would probably fly around the world on the first day because my greatest dream is to see the world with my own eyes. And then go back to my home town and be a hero who would transform the society to a better place. It's a big dream I know, but deep inside, I really wanted to chance the world. And having that kind of power would allow me to contribute and do my part in changing the world.

I'm inviting all Nuffnangers and everybody out there to join the  Schick’s Superman promo contest to get to win movie tickets! My hubby is a Schick user and it would be swell if I take him to watch Superman sponsored by Schick. Crossing my fingers on this.

Schick. Free Your Skin.
Per DTI-NCR Permit No.1843 Series of 2013.


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Thank you McCormick. Thank you Nuffnang.

Finally got my McCormick Grill mate kit this morning and I love it! Super (duper) Thank you to McCormick and Nuffnang. Can't wait to try all the flavors. Excited to hit the kitchen soon.

 ~ McCormick Grill mate kit ~


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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


EXCITEMENT and TOTAL HAPPINESS is what I feel every time I get free tickets from @NuffnangPH. Hubby and I will definitely be there. Can't wait!!!

THANK YOU #KettleKornPoppinFun and @NuffnangPH for this exciting event!

See you!


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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kettle Korn: Poppin’ Fun All The Time!

Me and my sisters are all movie addicts! We always set a movie date once a month for bonding moments and to satisfy our addiction to popcorn. Especially me who is a certified popcorn muncher! Honestly, we cannot go inside the movie house without it. Me and my sister A would always go for the Kettle Korn cheese flavored big pack and a large iced tea. 

And if I would star in my own movie, I would be TRINITY from The Matrix, because that's how I see myself---a kick-ass gal with kick-ass fighting skills!!! Hahahaha! I would do my own stunts and save Neo, my love hahaha.

...And my second movie would definitely The black widow from The Avengers! I just love everything about her in that movie.

And the last movie that I would do is a Fast and the Furious--like movie. Crime, fancy cars and fight scenes. And this time, I would be the mastermind who would control the deals, drugs and gang.

And speaking of movies, me and the hubby would definitely watch The Fast 6! We've been super fans of the movie since day one and we're still FANATIC! So it's that time again to munch that Kettle Korn' because Poppin' is Fun All The Time!

~ More fun, all the time with Kettle Korn! ~


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