Monday, December 31, 2007

zitros dinner adventure

Here's another zitros dinner adventure in Mini Shabu-shabu @ Bonifacio High Street. I was thinking of asking the hubby to go to Bonifacio High Street in the next couple of weeks because I heard it's a nice place. Good thing my sister chose this place to have our zitros dinner. I think everything is there--good food, shops, cafe' and a nice place for kids to run and play. I brought my ever reliable digicam so brace yourselves with some mouth-watering scenes from last night's adventure.

To start off... we left the house before 6pm to meet the 8pm call time. Yeah, it's kinda far away from our place considering the traffic too. And I don't wanna be late. After my usual cosmetic re-touch in the car, I played with cam. I placed it on top of the dashboard and see if I could get a picture of us. And yes I did but it's not one of those perfect shots. Why? Because the little angel was just plain stiff without any reaction at all. And the hubby was furious because we still don't have our seat belt on.

~ The little angel looks like her Ninong Jun from this angle. ~

We met with the rest of the zitros at mini shabu-shabu. It's all our first time to eat there except for my sister S. She's the one who ordered and gave instructions on what to do. I was so surprised when the food arrived at our table. Everything is raw. Oh no. Oh okay--we have to cook them first. I laughed when my mom said, "I thought I will not cook tonight..."

~ Fresh veggie variations on the left and raw stuff on the right. ~

Of course, I did a great job in cooking the small feisty meal for the hubby. He liked it. I admit that I had a great time dropping everything I liked in the small cooking gear attached on the table. The only thing cooked that was served on our table is the big plate of crab and lobster.

~ My Iron chef skills on the left... Crab and lobster on the right. ~

We did more picture taking after eating but I don't want to post my shot here. Because you'll see how messy my area was and the oily face I have haha. So here's a shot of my sisters instead.

~ My zitros sisters... J, S, M and G ~

We stroll along the park in the middle of the place after that full meal. We listened to some Christmas music which made the lights dance along with it. It got the little angel in the mood to do some of her dancing steps too. But after that, she just ran and ran and ran. And me? I was chasing her all the time considering I was wearing a skirt. Oh man. We definitely liked the hanging rock. Too bad we were there at night so our shot was a bit dark.

~ There's actually the hanging rock on top of us... ~

The night will not be complete without our Starbucks tea, frappes, hot chocolate and some desert overload. I bought two double dozen deals from Krispy Kreme--assorted and the classic glazed. We did ate some glazed donuts but we were full already so I was able to take home more than half so we can feast on it later on New Year's eve. My sister J bought some Cupcakes by Sonja. When I opened the box, it was a treat! I liked the presentation--very classic plain light blue box. And the cupcakes were really good. How I wish I could make pastries like these.

~ Cupcakes by Lizzz... Dream on. ~

My sister A liked the one on the paper bag. It was big slice of brownie with walnuts on top. I really love moments like this with them. Eating, talking, pictures taking and all.

~ Choco java chip and Cupcake bag on the left...
Walnut brownie and a half eaten Classic Krispy Kreme donut on the right. ~

We called it a night when the kids were giving us their mommy-I'm-sleepy gestures. So here's our last wacky photo before going home. Too bad I was the one holding the cam. See more picture *here*

~ Tune in for the next zitros pigging-out adventure! ~

My sister S will be leaving on January 1 for Dubai. So we were making the most of everything while she's still here. We are not sad because she's leaving again, but we are extremely happy she's here to share the Holidays with us. We thought this Christmas would be the first time that we'll lack one zitro member, but I guess we were wrong. Let's see next year.



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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Academic Writing

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sleepy as always

We just got home from my niece's baptism in Las Piñas. I got out from the office at 6 the morning and my dad, sister G and the little angel fetched me and then we went straight to Folks Arts to have a stroll. A lot of kids were jogging with their parents. Other parents took off their kids' shirt so their backs would be exposed from the sun. My dad says it's a good remedy from coughs especially with phlegm, which the little angel has now so I did the same. The little angel and me jogged several laps and then I removed her shirt leaving her with only her diaper with panties and a pair of Barbie rubber shoes on. She didn't complain since they were a lot of kids doing the same too. I must say it was a good exercise for us. Warm sun and fresh air. Then we had a quick breakfast at Mcdo in Macapagal area.

We arrived at my sister's house in Las Piñas around 9:30AM. Me and the little angel took a 2 hour nap. We got dressed around 12nn and went to the reception area which was held in the covered court of the subdivision, walking distance from their house. We were still early because they were still in the church. Good thing they were balloons around for the little angel to play with. Our lunch was catered by Conti's with a very delicious cheesecake and mango cheesecake for desert. I think I has 2 slices of each cake.

My attention was on the violin quartet which played beautiful music. The little angel and I enjoyed just standing nearby and listening and attentively looking at them. Maybe she wants to play too. I know she will, someday.

We left the reception area around 4pm and I was so sleepy because of all that running. I took a nap until 8PM and then my dad dropped us off here in Bulacan. Sleepy as I am now, I still want to post an entry and keep this blog updated as possible. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to share because I forgot to bring my camera in the reception. I'll have to wait for my sister M to upload the pictures taken from her EOS.

On 'little angel'...
I was feeling a little relaxed after our check up from the her pedia last Friday. The doctor said, a lot of kids now are getting the same--fever, coughing etc. It could be the weather. I am constantly monitoring her now and making sure she takes her medicine on time. Hopefully she'll be well these coming days.

My sister will be going back to Dubai this coming Monday night. We're sure going to miss her again! And oh yeah, my niece's baptism was suppose to be on January 6 but since my sister will be leaving soon, they moved it to today. Everything went very well, to think they only had 48 hours to prepare. Galing! They say it's not bonggaticious enough because of the time constraint but everything was well organized. My sister's MIL really knows how to host a party.

My eyes are starting to drop. I really need to hit the sack now. I'm very sleepy, as always.

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Goodbye PR3

I just update some of my records and I got a little sad upon seeing my page rank. I know I said this is nothing to me but I admit that I'm a little sad now. But of course, I had to keep moving forward. This is just a brief post remembering my PR3.

~ Goodbye PR3 ~


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I love PPP more!

I am so loving PPP more!

Since I had my domain name few days ago, I had problems with some of my sponsors. Some of them require to have a high page rank. But since I have a new domain, my page rank went back to zero, which I don't really. As long as my sponsor approve my new domain, that's fine with me. So my new name is still on pending status with some of my sponsors. Then I tried to edit my URL address on PPP last night but unfortunately, they don't have that option. So I added a new blog on the list, hoping they would approve it. Since it still puzzles me how would they know since it's the same blog right? I decided to submit a ticket to their customer love explaining my concern. And what do you know? I got an instant reply this morning. They declined my request to add a new blog because they said, it was not needed. But instead, they replaced their records with my new domain name. It's that easy! So from now on, I will be officially writing and submitting paid ops using my new name. I love PPP!


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Lunch @ Dad's on Christmas day

We had our special lunch @ Dad's in Glorietta with the zitros and my sister's BF family. It's our first formal get together with them and our first time to meet them since they got together years ago. It was nice. Everybody was present, even Willisa, my one month old niece was there. The little angel and her cousin Amandine did their usual kulit stunts which they really enjoy. For that, unfortunately, we had to chase them around. The little angel was still not feeling well that time, but she's still in her kulit mode.

I really liked the food at Dad's. It's eat all you can, plus we can get to choose the food we want and as many as we want. In other words, it's the perfect place to pig out! My lunch would never be the same without a plate of tempura. Yes, I ate a bunch of these little guys.

~ Mouth-watering Crispy Tempura ~

Everybody knows I don't like raw dishes. But I got used to eating California makki in the office because it's every body's favorite there. I was able to eat some but I made sure no raw fish was on it. So I found this rather interesting dish and I liked it. I think it has a salted tofu of some sort. Oh whatever it is, it did taste good.

I was not able to take more pictures since my sister M was already take photos using her EOS. And besides, I want to be included in the photos for a change. Oh come on! It's Christmas!

I was also able to take home two additional free animal stuff toy they gave out. Since I have the penguin at home, I begged to have the reindeer and the bear. Nice.

~ Here's my sister's BF posing with the free animal stuff toys. Oh! there's my iced tea.~

I finished my scrumptious meal with a glass of halo-halo with two scoops of ice cream. Oh my, talk about pigging out. I really need to watch my eating habits next year. Yeah right, that's what I said last year hahaha!

~ The zitros... almost complete. Still waiting for our eldest. ~


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Bed Bugs site

It's so cute how the little angel would ask me if she wants to go to bed at night. We would take her favorite doll, held my hand and tell me "sleep bedroom" and she would pull my hand to catch my attention. Sleeping was never an issue with the little angel. She reall enjoys cuddling up with us. But what I'm concerned about is the bed bugs. Good thing i found, frequently asked questions about bedbugs. This would give an wide idea on bed bugs and how to get rid them.


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Wednesday, December 26, 2007
The photo above says it all. I purchased a domain name for my blog as a Christmas present. Since it's giving income on the side, might as well treat this blog it's well deserved name. Please update the links on your blog because I will be on this domain for a year.

Christmas day is over and I'm feeling much better now. There's so many things to post and I'm very much excited to check our gifts we got from the zitros gift giving last night. Thank you my dear sisters! All of you are the best in the world.

For the mean time, I need to get ready because I'll be bringing the little angel to her pedia for a check up. I think she's feeling a lot better now. Thank Goodness. The fever had gone down and she's been sleeping for 4 hours and 30 minutes now. She needed all the rest she could get. Thanks to all who left a message from my previous post.

Few days left before the New Year. I hope 2008 will be better.


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Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas?

As Christmas approaches in a few minutes, I felt a tear ran down my face. Tears of joy? Probably. A party was held here in the house earlier for it's our FIL's birthday. We enjoyed talking and catching up hubby's relatives. But the preparation and the after party was exhausting. What I'm really concerned about is the little angel. She is sick. She was her usually her during the day but at times, she felt weak. We tried to make her sleep this afternoon. Good thing the hubby was there beside the her. He said, the little angel was sleeping then she coughed hard and threw up. I became paranoid. But I knew I should be thankful because threw up and knew she felt better.

After everyone left, we cleaned the house. I asked the little angel to lie down on the sofa and watch TV because mommy's still need to take a bath. I asked the hubby to hurry up so he can sit beside the little angel. I looked at her as she watched TV, I can see that she's tired, sleepy and has a difficulty in breathing because of the sipon. My heart melted she I saw a tear ran down on the side of her eyes. Oh my poor baby.

We opened our gifts and hurried to bed. I was suppose to go to work, but something in me tells me that I need to be with my little angel tonight. To hell with work. My little angel is more important to me. Besides, I could easily find another job if I need to. I cried a little when I hugged her as she lay there sleeping beside her new spongebob doll. I was feeling paranoid again. All sorts of things came across my mind.

I checked my cellphone. I got a couple of missed calls from zitros at home. Geez! I remembered, I haven't even talked to anyone from my side of the family. I felt sad. Really sad. I miss my mom, dad and my sisters.

I advised that I would still come in the office at 1AM but seeing the little angel's condition, I couldn't dare to leave. I'm sure every mom would the same. I'm uploading the pictures now taken from the said occasion earlier and I'm still gonna wrap a couple of gifts for tomorrow.

As the clock strikes 12, everything here is silent. They're sleeping. This is very different from our home in qc with the zitros. There, we would still be wide awake greeting and hugging each other, and eating my mom's traditional noche buena. I miss them so much. Tsk tsk.

As I end my simple thoughts for today, I realized that I need to be strong. I admit that I'm feeling a little down right now. I didn't expect my Christmas to be sad. And please, don't make me ruin your Christmas as you read this post. I apologize but I really need to write this down.

I pray that everyone enjoyed their noche buena and Christmas with their loved ones. I hope tomorrow will change. Merry Christmas to everyone!


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Saturday, December 22, 2007


Christmas is merrier for us this year! Why? Because my sister is here for a 10-day vacation! Yeah, she did a great job in surprising all of us. It's a weekend, my mom and dad fetched me in the office at 6am in the office. It was ordinary for my other sisters to come since we might eat breakfast somewhere. But the odd thing was, the EOS and the other cellphone was pointed at my face as if they were waiting for something. I began to smile thinking they might be goofing around. I close the car door then my mom finally revealed my sister was hiding at her back all the time. I screamed on top of my lungs! hahaha! Promise, I didn't expect to see her! And it was all caught in the video hahaha! After that we went straight at my other sister's place in Las Pinas. Again, we planned how to surprise her Hehehe! we enjoyed every moment of it. We are now home in QC and we have to catch up with sleep, stories and unpacked the goodies my sister brought home straight home Dubai. Oh I miss my little angel badly.


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Friday, December 21, 2007


I'm so loving our family picture taken last December 1 at Pic-A-boo, SM The Block. I recommend them to everyone who wants to have really quality pictures without over spending. And their not just for kids... they allow everybody like the whole family or group/friends. And yeah, this is not a paid ad hahaha! I'm posting not all the pictures because half of the shots will be used in the little angel's second birthday in January.

~ Here we are with the whole family. Hubby's mom and brother are
not here bcoz they reside is in the US. FIL, SIL & her hubby above.

~ Our very own family portrait... ~

~ The little angel loves being kissed my mommy and daddy! ~

Some of the pictures left are the little angel's solo shots for her birthday. I am planning to change my banner again and replace it with my favorite shot. So I'll be bugging my sister again to have it on vector art.

Enjoy your Weekend everyone and Happy Holidays!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hotel Reservation

Just the other day, we were discussing how we would spend our Christmas holiday. Our Christmas is the same every year—do the Christmas shopping, wrap the gifts, give presents during the Christmas day and eat a feisty Christmas meal. What we really loved to do is go somewhere for the Holidays for a change. That would mean going out of the country with the little angel. This is where Hotel Reservations comes in. We could easily make reservations on the Internet and worry not. This would be a great help especially for us who’d be traveling with a toddler in tow.


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Christmas Tag

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags?
~ Wrapping paper! I love wrapping gifts.

2. Real tree or Artificial?
~ Artificial.

3. When do you put up the tree?
~ We put up the Christmas tree right after Halloween.

4. When do you take the tree down?
~ Before the little angel's birthday.

5. Do you like egg nog?
~ yeah, sometimes.

6. Favorite gift received as a child?
~ food and toys:D

7. Hardest person to buy for?
~ Hardest would be my FIL and SIL.

8. Easiest person to buy for?
~ Easiest would be the hubby and zitros because I know they will appreciate anything.

9. Do you have a nativity scene?
~ No.

10. Mail or email Christmas cards?
~ I used to email Christmas cards, but now I mail them.

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received?
~ None.

12. Favorite Christmas Movie?
~ Love Actually -- the best!

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas?
~ December.

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?
~ Yes. Sometimes I use old calendars as gift wrappers.

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?
~ Spagetti and garlic bread, Excellente Hamon, Keso de bola and my mom's home-made hot chocolate!

16. Clear lights or colored on the tree?
~ Clear lights.

17. Favorite Christmas song?
~ Hmm..... all?

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home?
~ Home with family of course.

19. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer’s?
~ oh-huh!:D

20. Angel on the tree top or a star?
~ Angel.

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning?
~ Christmas morning.

22. Most annoying thing about this time of the year?
~ Terrible traffic and the last minutes shoppers... like me? hehe

23. Favorite ornament theme or color?
~ Red and green theme in the house with glittery ornaments.

24. Favorite for Christmas dinner?
~ Same as above. Spaghetti and garlic bread, Excellente Hamon, Keso de bola and my mom's home-made hot chocolate!

25. What do you want for Christmas this year?
~ Good health and more paid ops.

26. Who is most likely to respond to this?
~ Those who need fillers... like me! :D

27. Who is least likely to respond to this?
~ Those who’s done this already.


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Weight loss program

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She's sick

Yeah, she's sick... the little angel that is. She caught a fever early this morning and I'm not where she got it. Last night, we went to have a dinner-out with the zitros because it was our mom and dad's Wedding Anniversary. This deserves a different post since I'll be posting pictures with it. But what I'm really concern now is that the little angel is sick. I would rather be sick rather than her of course. But the thing is, she's still the same naughty and makulit toddler! She runs around in circles, jump high on the bed and all that. In other words, she's still the same. I hope she'll get well soon. I don't like family members getting sick.


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Web hosting choice

The super friends were bragging lately that I should get a web host for my blog. They say this will earn more credibility on the Internet especially with my paid ops. I have no problems with paying the web hosting fee but what I’m concerned is the process that I will go through. Then my super friends recommend I was surprise to see how easy it is navigating the website and how simple the process is. What’s more, it’s easy and very convenient. Getting a web host has never been this easy. Now I’m thinking of getting one for my blog!


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L2S Rock Christmas Party

December 12, 2007

Since I was able to drop a few pounds during the past months, I've decided to cut short this ukay-ukay skirt I got for only 35 pesos. And thanks to my sister who gave me this Nine West boots which perfectly fit the party theme--Rock! I just picked a nice top to go with this, put on my Punisher mail-man bag and ironed my hair flat.

Oh I love this picture below! The super friends really know how to pose for the occasion. Yeah, I also lend Aimz my leather skirt from Gozum. She really looks nice on them.

~ Malensky, Angleofthewaters, Aimzster ~

It's so nice to see familiar faces I used to work with. Oh yeah, did I mentioned that me and Aimz were gate crashers?! Hell yeah we were hahaha! But I liked to call it as 'guests' since we were invited by Malensky and Angelofthewaters who still works for the said company.

~ Jamo of Jamongoloids ~

My favorite part of the program is when the guest band played. They invited the band "Sino Sikat". The band was good--soul rock! It made me miss my band rocking days in that company. Yeah, we used to play in Christmas parties there. And this gate crasher err I mean 'guest' didn't let the opportunity pass by... yeah I gave my digicam to Aimz and advised her to take a picture of us. Hahaha! I went on-stage to have this pictures below! haha!

~ Kathy of "Sino Sikat ~

She's really pretty up close and super slim too. It made me miss my pre-pregnancy body, when I could get to wear mini-skirts or hanging tops just like that. And oh! Their performance was really good. Amazing voice! After that, I told Polbax (x-officemate and x-bandmate) to go there too so I could take their picture. Yeah right, he's shy so I volunteered to accompany him. Yeah I got up on-stage twice!

~ Polbax, Kathy of "Sino Sikat" and Moi ~

The hubby arrived at exactly 12mn to fetch me. We really had a fun night! I've seen former colleagues, catch up with stories with friends, rocked with the guest band and more picture taking! More picture *here*

~ Wacky pose outside NBC tent ~


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online backgammon

Backgammon is the latest pass time nowadays. Backgammon online is the one website for you. They offer information on backgammon tournaments and events all over the world. And what’s great about this is that you can choose from one of the six languages at your convenience. Online backgammon offers user-friendly site and very easy to navigate. Come and join the latest backgammon online and meet new people from all over the world.


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I've finally finished uploading the pictures! Oh man! my eyes were about to quit few minutes ago. But I was able to finish everything.. Thank God!

Okay.... so now comes the major update. Hopefully, I could get it out of my head.

December 4, 2007 ~ The little angel had her first trip to the carnival. Yes, we were able to enjoy the Global Fun Carnival near MOA.

We picked a weekday since we don't want crowded places and long lines. At first, I was able to accompany the little angel with every single adult+kid ride we could see. Unfortunately, some kiddie rides don't accommodate adults. We were hesitant at first. The little angel was pointing the boat ride from a far. Yeah, kids only. Since there's was no long lines, we were able to talk to the operator. Discussed how safe is the ride, do they have seat belts and everything. They assured us that our toddler wont fall off. Well, I was not concerned about my kid falling off the boat. What I'm concerned about is that she might jumped in the water since the little angel really really likes to swim! The operator offered to immediately stop the machine just in case the little angel shows an unpleasant face. They also let me inside, just in case she needed instant assistance. Good thing, the little angel was well behaved. She was able to finish the whole 3 to 4 laps and she didn't complain. Oh we were so proud of her. More pictures *here*

Then off we go to another kiddie-only ride, which is the hanging swing from the picture above, anchors aways (for kids), space ships, train etc etc. She really enjoyed our trip. I said to the hubby... "Sulit ang 300 pesos" because she wants to ride over and over. Oh how I love to take the little angel there again or maybe in Enchanted if we have the time. The little angel was fast asleep on our way home. I hugged my little angel and held her hand, thinking of the fun we had together.

More updates coming....


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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it haha! There are couple of things I'm excited about... let me enumerate them shall we?

~ Computer at home is working! The hubby fixed it. yahoo!
~ I got excited on uploading those damn picturessss... back log na!
~ I'm excited on updating my blog! It will take me couple of days before I could get back on my regular programming but I'll try to post them all.
~ I'm excited on doing my paid ops again. Oh man! How I miss catching up with the deadlines.
~ Blog hopping... I will do this for sure.
~ Tonight's dinner with zitros! It's my mom and dad's wedding anniversary today.
~ The calendar is finished. Yeah! It's soo late!

My head is aching... Too much excitement. I wish I could spend the next 2 days in front of the computer. Of course, that's not possible. Gotta go... gotta sleep... see you in a bit.


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Saturday, December 15, 2007


I can already the holiday rush these days. Only few days to go until Christmas, I think I haven’t finished my shopping trips to mall and other sale venues. Just last night, I heard the traffic was terrible. It seems everybody is into the holiday rush. Good thing, we can Internet connection at home so I can do some of my shopping online. This will save me time on trips to the mall and the long hours of waiting in traffic. Good thing, there’s or romik that I could count on. Romik offer a wide range of accessories for cruiser and SUVs. This will be perfect gift to my dad this Christmas!


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Unfortunately, the computer is still not working. We already troubleshot the issue and me and my friend think that it could be the board s busted. Well, it's not really the whole board but it could the slot itself. I don't know the reason it's not working anymore. And of course, we need to test it. Unfortunately again, our house is far away so my friend has second thoughts in going with me. I don't what to say... I think I feel a headache coming.


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Friday, December 14, 2007

Something for the pc

My friend accompanied me outside (Gilmore) to buy something for the computer at home. I hope the damn thing will work later when I get home. This thing I bought this afternoon was not on my budget list. I don't want to talk about it anymore, I just want it to work.... please work! It's still 7pm and I still have 3 hours to go before I go home... Argh! I can't to get out of here.


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Thursday, December 13, 2007


When we had a get together two weeks ago at home, we discussed what would the best gift or present to give and all that. My FIL said, he would rather spend a vacation during the holiday since he had a stressful year. We instantly, recommended going to Disneyland since the little angel would really enjoy the rides and theme parks they have to offer. He asked us how much would it cost for our trip, well unfortunately I had no idea. Good thing I found Disney World Tickets online. The Disney World Tickets online offers the lowest discounted ticket prices trip to Disneyland in Orlando. And while there, we could also visit the Universal Studios which offers a lot of famous theme parks such as Arabian nights, Medieval theme parks, Pirates Dinner Adventure, Sea world theme parks and many more. So let’s travel and enjoy the holidays!


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I attended a Christmas party with the super friends last night and we had a blast! This Christmas party was from my previous work so that makes me and Aimz gate crashers hahaha! The food was good. Same catering supplier and venue for the last 3 years. My friends and former band mates played music on-stage. It's very nice to see familiar faces again. I was greeted warmly by my former colleagues. Good thing, I had my camera with me... picture! picture! Kudos also to my yaya who sewed my skirt the night before haha! I was feeling a little sexy that night because of the gilder hehe... Yeah I was able to see a waistline from the mirror. The guest band was "Sino sikat" who played the hit-single "So Blue", if you guys know that song. Oh! How I love the vocalist... She's soo pretty and sexy. And her voice and performance was amazing. And yeah, this gate crasher got up on-stage to take a picture with the vocalist while they were playing hahaha! Talk about kapal-muks... that's me and the rest who did the same thing haha! The hubby fetched me at around 10pm and we got home with my feet aching because of the boots I wore... ouch.

Unfortunately, my computer at home is still not working. So I'd probably upload the pictures this weekend--hopefully. I really hate it when the computer is busted. I want my post to be detailed with pictures but I guess I can't do that tsk tsk.

Can't wait for Saturday! It's our company year end party at the SMX Convention. It's going to be a Las Vegas theme party and I'm planning to wear the black and white dress and fix my hair with hair-do I saw last night haha. Yeah, its the vocalist's hair-do from last night. Then on Sunday... lunch-out with the hubby's relatives at Max's in Gateway. So more pictures to come!

I'm still not done with my Christmas shopping and I don't know what to buy anymore. Maybe I'm just pre-occupied with my sister's bazaar thingy. Yeah, I was there again this morning. How about you? Are you done with your Christmas shopping?


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My childhood friend will be moving soon to her newly renovated condo unit. She asked me to accompany and help her unpack. Since we have lesser manpower, it took us the whole day and it was tiring. During our breaks, we scanned the room and discussed how are the furnitures going to be. Since she just moved, she didn't have that much furnitures at hand. So I recommend her to just buy some. She will be needing it anyway in the future. I recommended furniture store online, where they sell furnitures of different types and shapes. This furniture online store will easily help us evaluate if it will fit the room or not. I told her to get the quality and stylish couch that is available online.


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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

5th day

This is the last day of my 5-day vacation leave haha! I was always out the last 3 days and the little angel is beginning to cry every time she sees me putting my shoes on. But I'd promise her that we'd go out this Saturday. Monday was a very busy. I left Bulacan early morning to go to our house in QC. I arranged things and went straight to Cubao to buy some things again. I ate my hotdog sandwich (baon) with potato chips on the side and a watermelon juice. After that, I went to Bazaar at the World Trade Center. I arranged the items I got from my previous shopping trips and put tags on them. The place was not packed yet because it's still early so I decided to look around. I bought myself a nice fancy necklace and a couple of apple juice. I love apple juice. Late in the afternoon, the place was packed with shoppers. The hubby arrived at 7pm and we ate dinner. He really likes the big sausage sandwich there. We went home around 8pm because we both missed our little angel. Good thing, the little angel was still awake when we got home.

Tuesday... I met up with my sister yesterday at Mcdo in Q.ave. We had a full meal breakfast and when to our dentist for adjustments. By the time we got there, the hubby was already there. The dentist said, it will take another hour or so before our turn because she is installing self-adjusting braces on her current patient. The hubby and I decided to go back there later. So my sister was left waiting for her turn instead. The hubby and I went straight to the Addidas sale. I bought a nice running shoes for only P1,018! Yes! it's 70% off. After that, we went to Thomas Morato to check out the US depot. We want to see if they have second hand playground but they didn't so we went back to Dentist. By the time we got there, my sister was outside. She goodbye and we went ahead and ate lunch first. My dentist said, we might finish my treatment this coming January. Oh no! My gums are aching again. After that painful adjustment, the hubby ask if we could go to168...Well of course! I bought couple of things there, we ate pancit and went home. We were suppose to go the Bazaar but my feet is asking me to go home.

Wednesday... Early this morning, the hubby dropped me off again here in QC. After an hour, I will be preparing for a party later this afternoon. I just got my nails polished. Oh! I'm excited on tonight's party.

Back to reality for me tomorrow! Yes, office again. But tonight I'm gonna party with some friends. Enjoy your week!


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Video of the week

My officemate told me about the kid who can sing. I searched on youtube and found a video of her. She's Connie Talbot and she's only 6 years old. I think the competition already ended with her crowned as the second placer of the said contest. And she's now promoting her album. I'm sure her parents is so proud of her.


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Ceiling Fans

Since I became a mother, my perspective of a 'home' changed. Before I got married, the home I saw is a place to eat, sleep, watch tv, or simply hang around. But now, having a little toddler around, I wanted our home to be extra special. The sofas and throw pillows should properly match the curtains; side tables should be properly decorated with pictures frames; dining table should be clean and decorated with fresh fruits or flowers and many more. And speaking of the dining table, I was always curious of putting a ceiling fan on top of it. Or maybe get another one for our living room as well. Good thing, I found Farreys where there offer different kinds of ceiling fans. I was not aware that there were thousands different kinds of ceiling fans like, casablanca ceiling fans, craftmade ceiling fans, ellington fans, fanimation ceiling fans, hunter fans, minka aire fans, modern ceiling fans and monte carlo fans to name a few. These ceiling fans will be great asset to my home and will be pleasing to my guests this coming holiday!


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Monday, December 10, 2007

Stupid and busy

Busy busy me! Yes, you've read it right. What's new? I'm always busy. And I'm starting to feel the holiday rush. Shopper rushing and traffic everywhere. Here I still don't have Internet connection at home. Sometimes I don't want to think about it but when I see the computer, my head starts to spin and my fingers itches grrr. But what's good about it, I had a chance to do my manicure and pedicure... and I exercised! Did some sit ups and all so that's good very good news.

And yeah stupid me! I purchased a domain name last week. Since the credit card number was not accepted, I just left it and let the provider cancel it. And again stupid me! I didn't realize that the publishing option on my dashboard will re-direct everybody to the domain which is yeah canceled Ggrr! That's the reason why I didn't have traffic for the last two days. Memory gap? hell yeah. I just realized it now when I cannot access my own home and I was re-directed to the new domain. I think now it's okay. So dear readers, I apologize for being absent haha!

Flash back to Saturday!

SIL and her husband visited us in Bulacan. We were able to connect online using their lappy. I got a chance to check my email but I didn't get any messages. So I thought everybody was busy and yeah, I didn't check my blog that's why I didn't know.

Flash back Yesterday!

We went to church and had lunch at home. SIL and her hubby left around after lunch. Then the hubby, FIL and yours truly went to the Funeral. Oh my! I cried silent tears that day. My neighbor's 4 year old son is now resting in peace. During the funeral, the grandmother silently caressed her grandson's face and hands as she bid her goodbye. The mother was hysterical. She yelled, calling her son's name and crying desperately. What moved me more to tears when I saw the daddy held her son's hands and cried silently. Tears were flowing. You see, the daddy worked aboard. He was away for 7-8months depending on his work schedule and this is suppose to be their first Christmas together, complete as a family.

I was able to talked to the mother last Saturday. She said, +Aaron's classmates visited last Friday. This one girl cried loudly. She said, +Aaron went to school the day before (that was Thursday). She knew because she was the seat mate and they even played together. She said, +Aaron was wearing his usual school uniform. But +Aaron died Wednesday morning. Their teacher also said, during their recitals, he didn't called +Aaron. Of course, he is not there anymore. Then she saw +Aaron's chair moved. You see, at 4 years old, +Aaron was very active at school. He usually gets mad when he is not called. When the teacher tried to put back the chair, it was heavy. Maybe that's why the chair moved because he was there.

When I left our house this morning, I saw their house was very silent. All windows and doors were closed. I pray for their family and hope they understand God's plan.

Late in the afternoon--Me, the hubby and the *little angel* went to SM City to get our Pic-A-boo pictures. Yeah I have it here and I'm still gonna scan it so I can have soft copies. The we headed straight to World Trade Center to check out my sister's booth. The place was packed with so many shoppers. The *little angel* went crazy with the playground. We ate sausage sandwiches and has 3 strawberry snow cones. We left the place around 9pm.


The hubby dropped me here in our house in QC. I need to fix some things, go to Cubao to canvass some toys and will head straight to the Bazaar to help out.

Tomorrow! Tuesday...

I might be going there again (Bazaar) to help out and do a little shopping myself while I'm there haha!

On Wednesday!

Excited! I'll be going to a Christmas Party with the Super friends. I'm still thinking if I will curl my hair or not. I hope my dress will fit the theme but I'm sure my boots will haha! Let's see.

I still owe you (blogger friends) pictures from our recent Global Fun Carnival trip, and some blog hop. I promise to make-up as soon as I get the damn computer working. See yah!


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Friday, December 7, 2007


The 7th World Bazaar Festival
December 6-16, 2007
At the World Trade Center, Metro Manila

12nn ~ 10pm = Mon to Thrus
10am ~ 12mn = Fri to Sun

Visit us @ booth 2012.

See you there!


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Air Ambulance

Internet is the first choice of knowledge and information. Its a means of communication making the world looks smaller. Everything is only one click away. And with a very busy schedule, some are using the Internet to shop, buy and look for helpful and good services. And who knew air ambulance exist? Well, yeah there is which a thing and they are highly recommended. They have been operating for years earning the trust of many people. This company offers air ambulance services for critical patients that needs to fly to a different for a surgery. The flight aboard doctors and medical professional making every flight an breeze. It can cater domestic and international flights from Florida to Arizona, New York, California, Texas or even in Hawaii. This great service can greatly save lives across the state. That proves their stay in the business earning many people's trust. I would greatly recommend this to anyone with family illness history. So no more long lines in the lobby or waiting for hours in the airport. You can simply book your flight and off you go to an available flight. It's very easy, convinient and safe. It's good to have helping staff like the Air Ambulance which people can depend and rely on.
emergency air ambulance


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Thursday, December 6, 2007

my other home

I am currently re-building my other home blog and I would like to ask you guys a favor. Just click or visit my other home blog will be a great help for me. I plan to purchase a domain for it but I can't think of any unique name that will suit that blog's personality. So if you have any ideas and suggestion, a post on the comment section will be highly appreciated! :B Thank you in advance! *mwah*mwah*

Speaking of domain names... I puchased a domain name and I'm crossing my fingers and my heart is beating fast as I wait for it now. Hopefully, it will be for the better. For now, all I can do is wait... wait and wait.

Here's my other home blog. Thanks again.


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My computer at home is not working. Based on my observation, the CPU is okay because it doesn't make any beep sound when I turn it on. By the looks of it, it's not passing data to the monitor because I can only see the self-test display. So it cuts down to the video card. I already did the Eletro discharge but nothing happened. They said that resolves a lot of issues but clearly it's not my issue. I also tried to reseat the video card just to check if there's any loose plate, screw or whatever, but it's still the same *tsk!*
Since I don't have any other computers at home, I asked a close friend at work for help. I took out the video card and brought it here at work so he can try it on his computer at home. I think he's already trying it on his computer as of this writing. If that card is busted, I'll just buy a new one. It will be a big problem for me if that video card is working. So hopefully I'll get this resolve this coming weekend.

Good thing I can still update from here in the office but my pictures are saved on that computer. That means, no picture posting for me in the mean time.

Oh how I wish I could buy a new laptop for my personal use... *day dreaming*


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We've lived with my parents for 7-8months this year and just last October, we moved back to Bulacan. The house there is not that big and the furnitures are simple and old. I said old because some of the furnitures there are pre-owned by their grand mother and grand father. Since we live there now, I would like to re-decorate the house and put new furnitures around. Since my little daughter is very active, I would her to enjoy new furnitures and not the old and dusty ones. Furniture from home is where I can shop for new and sophisticated furnitures, like this bed, which is very beautiful. And we also be needing a complete set of sofa, just in time for Christmas.

bed loft


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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What is your Greatest Fear as a Mom?

I remembered this question from my previous Tag from N!ce. What is your Greatest Fear as a Mom? Yes, I sounded 'OA' with my answer but it's true right? I know every parent would agree with me. And why am I blogging about it again? Because our neighbor's son just died this morning. I just can't imagine how his mother is feeling right now. I'm really not sure on +Aaron's age but I'm assuming it's around 9 or 10 years old. The yaya told me that *Aaron's mother was knocking at our door at 5:30 in the morning asking for help. My FIL rushed them to the hospital. My FIL called my hubby at 7am confirming that +Aaron's gone. I was still in bed with the little angel when the hubby told me the bad news. I was heart-broken and immediately hugged my *little angel*. The hubby told me to give extra attention on the *little angel*. I understand what he meant about it and then he left for work and kissed us goodbye.

We've known +Aaron since he was a baby. Our houses are separated by a wall of hollowblocks with see-through fence. So it's easy for us to them if their playing in the driveway. The *little angel* used to go there especially when all the kids are around. I remembered, they would give the *little angel* snacks before letting her go home. The *little angel* would happily jump up and down because she has one mamon and a chuckie chocoate drink.

I really feel down and sad today. I really really can't imagine how his mother is feeling right now. I just pray that they overcome and accept God's decision. I'm still not sure about the cause of death but the hubby and I will surely go there after my shift.

I cant wait to go home and hug my *little angel*. God Bless to all.


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Custom writing

Meeting deadlines on reports and essays can be really frustrating and stressful. I remembered when I was in college, I would cram on my term papers and reports due the next day. It's very hard since I had a lot of subjects to attend to. Good thing Custom Writing is now available for us. They offer writing service, custom paper and online essays. It's fast and easy. And the most things is plagiarism free.

My Disclosure Policy


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World Bazaar Festival

The 7th World Bazaar Festival
December 6-16, 2007
At the World Trade Center, Metro Manila
12nn ~ 10pm = Mon to Thrus
10am ~ 12mn = Fri to Sun
Visit us @ booth 2012.
See you there!


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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fun Fun

Just got home from our little family trip this afternoon... and guess where? Yes! Fun Fun at Global Fun Carnival. Updates soon.


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Trinoma EB

Once again, we had a 'Trinoma EB' yesterday with my super friends. I've known them for more than 3 years and it's so nice to just sit, eat and talk about everything and catch up with our daily lives. Of course, our EB is not complete without a full blast meal. Unfortunately, we were not able to take pictures of the stuffed pizzas hahaha! Look at our clean plate! PG!

~ Stuffed pizzas! It's right there 5 minutes ago... Swear! ~

Conti's - my sister recommends this resto. I only ate there once and it was a nice meal. I was not able to eat of their famous cake but my sister said it's so yummy. I heard they have Conti's in Trinoma so I invited my super friends to check out the cake. And oh! Their cakes were so inviting haha! We didnt hesitate. We got ourselves a nice table for four and ordered their famous and the most delicious cakes haha! Yes, feeling food critic! haha!


~ Mango frozen cake - best seller! ~

~ I think this was choco-overload? What the heck, it's a cake! ~

~ This one's mine! Banana frozen cake ~

Once again, our plates was empty after 5 minutes? Okay make that 10 minutes this time haha! I must admit... their cakes are so delicious! And yeah, we had to hurry because we're gonna be late for the movie. Look at the time--4:27pm and movie will start @ 5:05pm.

~ Cinema 7 entrance - ENCHANTED ~

Enchanted was a good movie. And I'm sure the little angel will like it... someday. Then after the movie, we met up the my hubby and we all grabbed something to eat.. again. Me, the hubby and Aimzster ordered a snack while Malen and Ruthie ordered a full meal haha!

Then here we are after the yummy meal doing wacky poses. Good thing the hubby was there to take photos of us haha! Adik! We plan to meet again soon! More pictures *here*

~ Super friends - Lizzz, Amy, Ruthie and Malen~


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