Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year end video: Zitrobellez

I want to end the year with this funny videos of us--zitrosbellez. My sister did this video and we actually purchased it online so we can have a higher quality copy. I think they made two more videos but I haven't bought it yet. Enjoy the videos!

~ Zitrosbellez sisterz ~

~ Mom, dad and my youngest sister. ~



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Monday, December 29, 2008

Weekend Snapshot

~ When we went to Aimz' house last week, she gave us this cheese dip that we all loved. Now, I was able to do the same cheese dip this weekend and bought some yummy chips to go with it. Yummy.~


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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas updates

I was so busy these past few days, especially before and after Christmas. We attended several Christmas parties and also I have work in the morning. Then I did my Christmas shopping in between. I went shopping when I got out from work at 1pm and would come home very late and tired. To think I had office the next day, as early as 4AM. But it was worth it.

December 23 - We attended a Christmas party from my sister's husband in LP. It was nice to see people all wore red for the said party. Giveaways in the left side of the stage was main attraction. Even my jaw dropped when I saw it.

~ By the looks of this, I thought no one will leave the party empty handed.
I was right. Me and the hubby was able to bring home lots of gifts. ~

~ Christmas basket anyone? ~

Dinner was served at the first part of the program and then came the Dragon dance while everyone was eating. The dragon dance was like woah. Galing nila.

~ Dragon dance. ~

We had parlor games wherein nobody losses, raffle draw was done in between and the band played for others to dance. The guest band was The Boomers and the host was Eva, a singer/comedian from a famous comedy in QC. Believe me, she sings very very well.

~ Ms. Eva and The Boomers band. ~

After the band, they went ahead and gave gifts to all the guests. Everybody was happy, I could tell. Then the night will not be complete without my sister and me on stage hahaha. They called us up on stage to jam. Me and my sister did 4 songs. (Aimz baket wala ka d2 nun! waaahh!)

~ Me singing with my sister behind the drums. ~

And then my dad jam also with their old time instrumental pieces. Of course, my dad had to drag my ass again on stage to play the drums.

~ Oldies but goodies. ~

We bid farewell after the jam session because it was already 2AM. We arrived in Bulacan at 3AM and I slept at 4AM because I had to prepare the Frozen cake for my FIL's birthday later that day.

December 24 - SIL invited relatives at home. So we were dead tired at later afternoon especially me with just couple of hours of sleep. Everybody was there and we had a great time. Too bad I did not took pictures because I was so tired and the red wine made me even more sleepy. Tsk.

Later that evening we opened our gifts because we had to sleep in early that night. The little angel was very excited to open the presents. And we were very happy to see that she liked the gift we bought for her. We noticed that she's been serious in writing on her coloring book that's why we thought this would be the perfect gift - Study table.

~ I think she's left handed but sometimes she writes using her right hand too. ~

We hit the sack right away because we had to wake up at 5am the next morning.

December 25 - Christmas day. We went to this family reunion from my mom's side of the family because my uncle's family is here for vacation. Unfortunately, we were stuck in traffic in SLEX that we did not make it to my hubby's family reunion in Valenzuela. It was tiring because of the long drive and traffic. We arrived at my parents house around 11:30PM already. We had a quick bite - ham, spag, kfc chicken at hot choco, my mom's traditional noche buena meal. Then we hurried upstairs for the zitros gift giving. Thanks to my mom and my sisters because we received lots of gifts. I love them all - new pants, body shop items, protector kit for my laptop, sun glasses and many more. The hubby was very surprised too because he received a brand new PSP from all of us. LOL. I love Christmas!

Then I was not able to go to work the next morning but if I did, I would just kill myself from lack of sleep.

December 26 - Aimz' birthday. Me and the super friends went to her house late afternoon. We had a very delicious dinner. Not to mention the yummy cheese dip which I will blog about in the next few days. It's going to be a big year for all of us and we are very excited about it.

~ Marry Me Amy ~

Aimz - Thanks for the company, friendship and for being my sisterette during down times, and thank you very much for sharing your music with me. I wish all your dreams would come true!

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Give aways

My sister asked me what items should she give away this year. Last year, we prepared pen holders and desk clocks to give away and now we're thinking of another useful thing to give since it's they're going to give it away to clients and customers. As I was browsing the Internet, I saw many great ideas. I suggested my sister to get promotional product that are available online.


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Wrap it

I remembered I just finished wrapping the gifts just before Christmas day. I was so in a hurry that I did not sleep the night before Christmas. I was nervously scanned my Christmas list, hoping that I did not forget anybody because I know it will be too late in case I forget to get someone a gift. Luckily, I did not missed one but wrapping the gifts was crazy. I used to enjoy it but not anymore because I don't seem to have time for it lately. I wished I bought more replica watches for gifts because they are very easy to wrap.


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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to all!

From: Hubby, Lizzie and the Little Angel.


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Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Snapshot

~ We had a scrumptious dinner at Conti's in TriNoMa because it was my mom
and dad's wedding anniversary. The little angel was very excited to eat the
Mango Bravo but of course, we had to take a picture first. ~


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As early as now, me and my husband are making our travel plans for next year. We have a lot of places to go and looking forward to it too. Since we are an adventurous couple, we enjoy going to the beach, exploring it's rich resources and visiting native locals. So what's in store for us next year? We are planing to go to Bohol, Palawan, Caramoan in Bicol and maybe go back to Davao. I really can't wait because the little angel will be tagging along. And we are starting to consider getting travel insurance since the little angel will be coming along with us.


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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dinner with Zitros

It was my mom and dad's Wedding Anniversary last Friday. Everyone was present except for my sister J, whose due coming home in 3 days. We had dinner at Conti's in TriNoMa. I was dead tired that day because I had to go home to Bulacan (from office) to get the little angel and commute back to QC and meet with the hubby. Dinner was great! Good food and fine dining. I was very happy to see the little angel ate her fries and chicken, and not to mention the Mango Bravo cake that she shared with her cousin.

~ Enjoying Mango Bravo with her cousin. ~


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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our Christmas party

Me and the superfriends went out last Wednesday for our Christmas party. Besides the usual movie and dinner time, this is actually something special because we had gift giving activity. That's why we called it our mini Christmas party. When I told the hubby about it, he just shook his head with a smile on his face. Come on! I'm feeling Christmas is in the air now because of this. And besides, I did not enjoy our company's Christmas party because it was so hard to get to SMX (Saturday) and the food was not good. Anyway....

So we met up at TriNoMa at 3:50PM and watched The Day the World stood Still. For us, the movie was average. It's not the movie wherein you want to see it again LOL. Then we went to Bigoli near the Cinema area. I liked it there because the food was good, and we get to stay longer.

We ordered the group meal which includes one big cheese overload pizza, one big plate spag and carbonara with one pitcher of iced tea and unlimited complimentary garlic bread.

So it's gift giving time.... First we brought a 100-peso worth gift each and picked out our names written in folded papers.

~ Exchange gifts. ~

Mine was with the personalized wrapper because I did not had time to buy gift wrappers so I used scratch papers and wrote wiggly lines on it. Exchanging gifts was the funniest because we held our gifts and counted 1 to 3 and gave the gifts to our 'baby'. Everything was caught on video. My gift goes to Malen and hers to mine. Aimz gift to Ruthie and vice verse.

~ I got this mini-picture frame and a note handler from Malen ~

Then came the best part--gift giving. I volunteered to go first because I was anxious to see their reactions on what I prepared for them. They immediately noticed the personalized touched I made on the wrapper. Again, it's because I had no gift wrappers and besides I was not proud of the writings because I'm not an artist by hand.

~ Malen - I had no choice but to write her blog domain on the present. ~

~ Aimz - I was inspired to write her whole name on it because I think it was cute. ~

~ Ruthie - I was feeling artistic about this one but my hand-writing was not good. ~

I asked them to unwrap the paper first and open the box all at the same time. You know, the best part of giving gifts is seeing their reactions. Good thing I was able to capture this kodak moment! Check our their faces.

~ Malen-super shocked! Aimz-teary-eyed, Ruthie-happy! ~

~ I got each a bracelet tied in a papemelroti notebook with their names on it. ~

It felt good to finally breathe and know that they liked it. Whew. Now Ruthie gave us each a pendant. I got a silver G clef pendant. Cool!

~ Silver G clef pendant from Ruthie. ~

Aimz on the other hand gave us all each personalized sweat towels. I love the color, I love the pattern and I really liked it because it has my name on it. I knew this would be handy because of the new toy came in yesterday. But I'll blog about that next week.

~ It's pink. I like it. ~

We are expecting another gift from Malen too (promise daw hehehe) one of these days. We finally packed our things after 2 hours in Bigoli. My tummy hurts and my jaw ached because of laughing so hard. Then we went to Photoline and had our group picture taken. I know we had our digicams with us but this is something else. It's like remembering old school photography inside the studio. We fixed ourselves, posed and laughed some more. I really wanted to stay for coffee but I had to go because I had an interview scheduled.

A pendant and a personalized towel is more than enough to make my day. But what really made my day and made me feel Christmas is here is the company of my friends, who continuously reminding me that life is good.


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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

~ I usually have to wake up some odd hour of the day and sometimes hot coffee
is not ideal that's why I have this cold coffee drink stored in the fridge. Yum!~


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Happy Wednesday!

It's the last day of the 8th Bazaar Festival yesterday that's why I went there and helped my sister and BIL with the booth. We took turns in selling while others took a break, eat and shop. I'm loving this bazaar festival already too bad days are limited. The place was packed last night and the organizers had to extend it until 12 midnight for more shopping hours. And everybody seems to be there--my mom and sister G, who helped entertain customers; my dad, the cashier; BIL's family was there too. (Thanks Patrick T. for visiting my site 3x a day--everyday! mwah! mwah!)

I did some last minute shopping and got myself 5pcs rocker shirts. I love it! Too bad hubby and I had to leave. I really wanted to stay and help--uhmm, maybe next year.
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
I have dinner date with my super friends later this afternoon and obviously we are all excited. We're gonna do the usually things but it's extra special this time--why? Because it's Christmas! haha So movie time, dinner, more chatting and gift giving! I'm so excited LOL. Sooo I'll be getting ready now and hope to post some pictures from our little Christmas dinner soon.
Happy Wednesday!


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Monday, December 15, 2008

Busy again

The last time I checked my planner, it was full. I have to work in the morning and shop in the afternoon. I finally bought half of the gifts I need but forgot to get gift wrappers. I'm excited to wrap the items I bought. I'm finally feeling the Christmas rush now. Malls are packed with people doing Christmas shopping. What I like about this season is the gift giving, parties left and right, and most of all, the cold breeze in the air. I plan to go to the World Trade Center again for my last minute shopping. It's the bazaar's last day tomorrow and I'll bet they'll make everything on sale. Then on Wednesday, I'll meet with my superfriends. We're doing the usual but this time it's extra special because it's Christmas--Movie time, Dine-in and gift giving. I'm excited because we plan to dress up this time. Then I plan to go to the grocery early on Thursday to avoid the crowd. And yeah, I still have plans for the weekend too. I realized, I hardly kept this blog on it's usual routine. Too bad, I had no pictures available for the Weekend Snapshot. I attended our company's Christmas party last Saturday, but unfortunately, I did not bother take pictures that's why I'm empty handed now. But I still have time to squeeze in some blogging time just to do my assignments. Everyday I felt so exhausted whenever I get home, but I'm not complaining because it's a sign that I have a life to live and I'm happy about it.


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100% special on my free time

I used to love sports. I would engage with different kinds of sports when I was in high school. Sports fest was one of the favourite events back then because it means no lecture, more hanging out while other participate in sports and the rest of the class just likes to watch and cheer their respective teams. I participated in table tennis and swimming. I remembered we had to go somewhere for us to practice our routines in swimming. I very much liked the challenge and like my dad used to say, it’s an advantage for me because I’m tall. I never regret on joining the team back then because it was an experience for me. I still love swimming now and my daughter too. Luckily, mu husband is an out-going and adventurous person as well, so we had no problem in getting along. We love to plan and go out of town trips, explorer places that we’ve never seen before. For us, it’s a blessing to travel and see the world. And it’s the right time to do it, while we are still young and strong. I’m so glad my daughter loves to travel as well.

But if it’s the busy season, we often stay at home on our free time. The husband would scan his sportsbook and look for some things to do and try. He even tried sports betting on one occasion because he got fed up on the same old thing. I advised him to explore other sports and he’s finally into it. As for me, I prefer to browse, blog and shop online once in a while. Nothing beats my moment with the Internet because I get to do whatever I want in the convenience of my own home and anytime I want for that matter. I ever tried online casino one time, but it’s really my thing. I prefer to blog hop to my friend’s site and learn something new.


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acne treatment

This has been an on-going with me ever since I reached my teenage years until now. Yes, you've read it right, I still have acne problems and it never seem to go away. I'm beginning to think that this is hereditary. If it is, I wished I had my mother's skin. She's still flawless as of today besides her age. You'll never guess she's over fifty years old. I talked to my mom and we discussed if I'll have acne treatment so treat this once and for all. We are still thinking on where to go to have my acne treated. I hope this will solve my problem.


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SpitzTunes - Cheer & Fear


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Friday, December 12, 2008


Two major reasons to be thankful today...

Number One: Wabshaq booth is doing great at the 8th Bazaar festival, World Trade Center. Aimz and I went there last Wednesday. We had so much modeling the said booth hahaha. I was able to shop presents for my sisters there and I bought 2 casual dresses.

~ Wabshaq at booth 2012. ~

Number Two: My sisters will be here this Christmas! Sister S is on the plane right now, on the way here and my other sister will follow next week. We are very excited again this Christmas because Zitrobelles peepz is complete!

~ Sister S and J - Welcome home! ~

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Online MBA Program

After I graduated from college many years ago, I was decided that I would pursue MBA degree. I even tried to look for different universities that would suit my schedule and of course the money that I have. I was so decided to go but the travel time to the university from my house was bad. I knew I would be going through a lot back then. But everything now has changed because of online possibilities on the Internet. One of that is the Online MBA University which they offer Health MBA to all aspiring candidates. Now I dreamed to be part of a executive MBA university and pursue my education.


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Online college reviews

I remembered when my sister graduated, she needed to attend those accredited college reviews to earn her professional licence. So it's like attending school all over again. My husband's cousin did the same thing. She was even more pressured by the idea because a lot of their relatives were depended on her performance and expected so much from her. I never would have realized myself in her shoes. If I would, I would probably choose the Online College Reviews which are accredited online degrees by top online colleges. Through this, I would leave the house and concentrate more important things.


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Accelerated degree

Almost anything is possible through the Internet. We can communicate through voice chats, view each other on the webcam, shop to our favorite store without leaving the state, research on that paper or thesis which is not available in the local library, have fun--play games, learn a new sport and even study and earn degree. I find it very convenient especially to a now mother who wants to pursue another degree. Impossible? Now, online accelerated degree offers more than that. They have online fast degree which we could obtain online accelerated colleges. Now, I can't wait to get my hands on this.


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Thursday, December 11, 2008


We just arrived from my sister business project. She and her husband participated and in the local bazaar festival within they will sell products and good in the event. In a project like, you have to be physically and financially prepared. Some consider business financing and get small business loans to finance the business. I think it's good to be prepared in a risky business like that this so some people get personal loans just in case.


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Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Snapshot

~ We finally received the 'box' from my MIL last weekend. We did not opened it yet until later that evening because we were still waiting for husband to arrive. My daughter was so excited, she asked her auntie, "Can we open the box? I want to wear my new dress". Not satisfied, she even whispered to me, "Mommy, Let's open the big box--there's chocolates there." I can't help but laugh of course. And when we opened the box, she was surprised to see her doll. Finally, her Baby Alive doll is here. She looks very proud in this photo. ~


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Friday, December 5, 2008


My sister's booth opens today! Please visit! They offer imported and quality toys for all ages!

Another reason to be thankful...

Marry Me Marry. We were able to finish another new song last Wednesday. Seven down and three to go... Here's the video below from Wednesday. Me on the far left, Aimz on vocals and Joey on drums.

~ Simple by: Marry Me Amy ~


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Out of debt

I know a lot of people who are experiencing debt from credit cards. Most of them I work with from my previous company way back three years ago. That's why I never had the interest to get a credit card for myself because I'm afraid to have the same fate. And sinking into money problems is I think that worst that could happen to anybody. Don't you agree? But I know there are ways to get out of debt. Many studies shows that getting involve in debts usually comes from one self. I believe self control is the key and proper money handling.


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Friday fillers

Sorry! I need to do this because I have a handful of task and it's getting close to the deadline. I can't wait to do this tomorrow because I plan to lounge around the house and not stick my nose on the laptop.

1. My stomach is Full.
2. Waiting another day before our band practice is what I hate the most on Thursday.
3. The yard is full of grass.
4. In our cozy bed is where I’d rather be at any given time.
5. The smell of the hubby's old perfume reminds me of our college days.
6. A 12-hour sleep is what I need right now!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching the movies I've downloaded these past fer months.


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Some time alone

1. Do you ever get a ‘break’ from people (Say your S.O. goes on a personal vacation or something)? If you do, do you like the time alone? Why/why not?
+ Taking a break is okay but I spend most of my time with my family and friends. I believe that spending time with your loved one is more important.

2. Do you think being alone is a bad thing? Why/why not?
+ No. Sometimes we need that time to be alone.

3. Everyone gets lonely sometimes. How do you cope with being lonely? What do you do to make that feeling go away?
+ During theses times, I always listen to music. It works.

I need fillers! =)


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Random holiday tags

Tell me all about your view on holidays

1. Whats your favorite holiday?
+ Christmas! I love the thrill of shopping, wrapping presents and giving gifts.

2. Do the holidays depress you or make you happy?
+ Holidays makes me super happy.

3. Whats the most annoying thing about this time of year?
+ I get annoyed when there's no occasion.

4. Whats your fav holiday food?
+ Ham, my mom's hot cocoa, Christmas decorated cakes and many more.

One thing I like about holidays is the time off I get from work where I could spend more time on the Internet and with my family. And speaking of online duties, I need to check Plantar Fasciitis, it seems to grab my interest just now.


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On shopping galore

In the past week, have you spent more or less than usual?
+ Nope. I'm proud to have self control now. =)

What was your biggest purchase? What made you decide to buy it?
+ I bought my Fender P.bass. It's a must for musicians. It's just like getting new lens for the dslr or purchasing a new designer bag.

Do you typically mull over purchases or are you an impulse buyer?
+ I mull over purchases.

Did you enjoy the shopping you do or do you prefer to get in and out quickly?
+ I love, adore and enjoy shopping. It relaxes me. What can I say? I'm a woman!

And not to mention online shopping too. I learn to shop online in Riddex through my online buddies. Sometimes it's fun because I don't have to leave home.


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On 5 things

1. … things you can’t live without. Laptop, cellphone, camera, my fender p.bass, ipod.
2. … of the best moments in your life. When I gave birth to my little angel.
3. … celebrities you can’t stand. Carlo Agassi, Kris Aquino.
4. … books you enjoy(ed) reading. Stephen Kings, Stephanie Meyer, Nicholas Sparks.
5. … items in your purse/backpack/on your desk. Laptop, wireless router, books, head phones, planner.

What's going on with me nowadays... I'm currently enjoying listening to instrumental music. I find time to listen to these kinds of music because I feel a lot better afterwards.


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Young at heart

Whenever I feel down and lonely, I always turn to music to relieve my soul until it became my passion. I always choose instrumental music because I find it relaxing and reviving. Great musicians says it cleanses the soul and I believe it does. My parents and grand parents stays young at heart because of music. Nothing beats a rejuvenating jazz or classical music after a hard days work.


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I been exposed to different kinds of genre of music. Growing in a musically inclined family helps me to be familiar with musical instruments. Me and my sisters learned to play the piano when we were in our grade school years and eventually my interest was wide when I step into high school. I was interested in oldies and instrumental music because I would always hear it from my dad. I never regret the day I learn to play music. It's my passion.


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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Decode - Paramore (Live)

I love the Twilight's OST song and I just can't get enough of Paramore. Aimz found a live version of the song in youtube and it's so cool! I wish they would perform here so we could watch them live! And I wish Aimz would dye her hair like that! hahaha! I'm done with the hair color now and I prefer nail polish instead LOL.

Here's the video... rock on.


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A gift

My mother in law will be coming home in about a month and we are getting busy here in the house. We bought new curtains for the living rooms and will be changing them later this afternoon. I re-arrange the furniture so to have more spacious room for her to play with the little angel. I also bought lock and lock tight containers so the snack bar will look more presentable. And I heard my sister in law bought a necklace for her mom and I asked my husband what gift should we get to his mom. The husband said that anything will do so I was thinking of getting a simple holsted jewelry. I know it's not expensive, it's a token for her to keep from us.


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Are You Approachable?

I think this is true. I tend to be moody when I travel so I'm somewhat approachable.

You Are Somewhat Approachable

You are a fairly friendly person, and you're definitely not scaring people away.

You do tend to have your guard up strangers, and rightfully so.

How approachable you are depends on who is trying to approach you.

You're friendly to people who seem harmless and nice. But you also know how to give creepy people the cold shoulder!

Are You Approachable?


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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

~ Just sharing what's Wednesday is for me... band rehearsal. ~

+ + + + ++ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Sticky post:

Hey guys! It's that wonderful time of the year again!!!

See you at the "8th World Bazaar Festival" on Dec. 5 to 16, 2008 at the World Trade Center.
(12nn to 10am on Weekdays and 10am to 12mn on Weekends)

Visit our WABSHAQ Booth (#2012).


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Home talk

I'm starting to re-arrange the furnitures around here at home. I also plan to replace the curtains tomorrow in preparation of the Christmas season and the home coming of my MIL. We all wanted it to be special because it's the first time the MIL will meet the little angel--personally that is. My SIL already bought curtains for the living room and I arrange things in the kitchen. I bought lock and lock containers so the snack tray would be presentable. It would also be nice if we have Murray Feiss chandelier to complement the couch.


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Last weekend, we went to Clark to buy imported goods and stuff we need this coming Christmas. And I saw a big packs of different kinds of nuts. Almonds, salted, mix nuts, walnuts, and pecans which is my favorite, you name it. And then I remembered the pecan cluster from DQ. For some reason, they removed it from the menu, maybe they were out of pecans--I don't know. I thought, it would be fancy to have different tress on our background where we could grow pecans, walnuts or even Pomegranate trees.


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Save money!

It's that time wonderful time of the year again! Yes, Christmas is just around the corner and everybody seems to have completed their Christmas list already while I sit here and think if I would start the Christmas list myself now. Lately, I was thinking of cutting down expenses and saving more money this coming season. So I would get the important things first, like the husband's eyeglasses and my daughter's needs. With this I could save more and give more to my family.


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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Angels and Demons

Here's another movie to look forward to--Angels and Demons. I've read the book when my sister gave it to me as a Christmas present. I was so hooked to this book that it was hard to put it down. I'm glad Tom Hanks will play the lead role again. Anyway, check full details of the movie *here*


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Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekend Snapshot

~ We went to this car show last weekend at Mall of Asia. My sister asked the kids to pose in front of the cars so she can take pictures. To our surprise, my little angel and her cousin did without complain. ~


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8th World Bazaar Festival

Are you done with your Christmas shopping? Visit us at the 8th World Bazaar festival this coming December 5-16, 2008 - booth 2012. See yah!


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