Saturday, October 29, 2005

Feeling excited

Sometimes, I can’t help feeling excited about my baby’s gender. What would he/she be like? How would he/she look like? I feel happy when he/she is moving. I am expecting more to come and I am not sure if I can handle it. I don’t really like hospitals. This is my first baby, so I know this will be a whole new experience for me. Mixed emotions overwhelm me. Nervous about the pain of giving birth, and the unexplainable joy of seeing and holding the baby for the first time. I just can’ help thinking that this is all true. I know my family and friends will be there for me. I hope and pray to God that he/she will be normal and healthy.

Wedding preps and the baby is making my year a lot more meaningful.

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Just an update

Haven’t posted anything here... I don’t feel like writing much lately. I have my reasons... First, my mp3 player is keeping me company---I can’t even finish the book that I'm reading (Stardust by Neil Gaiman). Second, this text twist online game is keeping me busy, and third, I'm chatting with some friends using YM. Yes, I can use YM again here in the office. But the guilty feeling is bothering me. It's telling me that I should update it with at least anything. So here it goes... Last Monday JP and I went to Sto. Domingo to get my baptismal certificate. But unfortunately, the office is close during Monday. So we went to my tita in QC City hall so we can file our marriage license. Tita gave us the application form and said that we should fill it out and give it her. We left because we can’t make to the seminar anyways. We went to SM North because I have something in mind that I want to check-out (for the wedding, of course). We ate lunch at French Baker. We ordered Lasagna, Soup in a bread bowl, iced tea and my favorite--Chicken ala king! Yum! After eating, we walked and walked around the mall until I got tired and went home. After eating dinner, we discussed when we are going to file the license. I proposed to file it the next day, because we cannot wait until next Monday (because of my rest day). Sayang ang araw. Then suddenly, I remembered--holiday pala next Monday. So we cannot wait for another 2 weeks. So I phone-in sick at the office so we can process it. We were scheduled to attend the seminar at around 1:00pm so we ate lunch at KFC. I was soo hungry; I ordered chicken steak meal, spaghetti, Caesar go-go sandwich and salad. Damn! I feel I'm getting fatter with every meal. The rain poured hard around 1:00pm. Just in time for the seminar--great! Sobrang init grabeh! Not to mention, I was getting sleepy because of the full freaking meal. Then JP insisted that we should sit in front! As in the first row. I said, Haler, ok ka lang? So we took the seats in the last row. But the lecturer asked us to sit in front--great! I was expecting a 3-hour-boring lecture from a man wearing barong. But I was wrong; Mr. Cortez (lecturer) had a good sense of humor. He kept the crowd alive during his discussions. I had to admit, the whole concept is interesting. How to plan for a good, strong and God-centered family, etc and all the crap that comes with it. In other words, I learned a lot from it. We finished around 4:00pm, giving us time to go to Sto. Domingo. So we filed the license and the friendly clerk said that we can claim it on November 7--good! So we were on schedule. We went home after getting my baptismal certificate. I was so tired, I wanted to sleep on the way home but I prefer to discuss some little things with JP. I remembered, he laughed so hard because of me---wanting to run because the rain was staring to pour hard. He told me not to do that because of my condition--Okay fine. I went to work Wednesday and Thursday. It was raining when we woke up yesterday morning and had to sleep again, so in other words, hindi ako pumasok!--what's new? So we did the laundry instead. After that, my back and hips was aching like hell, and I went to bed early because I was sooo tired. It's Saturday today and here I am, in the office, waiting for my shift to end--as always.

Nothing really special happened, so this is just another boring entry...

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Still here

I'm still here...
Been very busy last week... I tried to keep up at work and I’m thankful because I completed 2 weeks without absent. So I’m very much happy to see my pay slip yesterday and for the next cut-off as well. What can I say? Just went to the office to work my ass off and commute my way home. They said I needed the exercise.
Last Friday, my dad asked JP if he can drive my grandfather from work, because they are going to watch Beach boy’s concert in Araneta. I decided to accompany him since he needed someone to talk to. The rain was hard that night, so we decided to stay home instead of going to Bulacan. He drove me to work the next morning. JP’s cousin texted us and was inviting us to have dinner at their house in Bicutan. It was Tricia’s birthday, one of my flower girls. I asked JP if we can go, because I really want to see them... believe me… they are sooo cute! We arrived there at around 8:00pm, I think. We ate spaghetti, fish, menudo, lumpia shanghai, veggies, cake, ice cream etc. I was once again center of attention because of my baby. JP’s aunts are very excited for me. They usually make kwento about their experiences and tells me all these pamahiin. And the kids are adorable, especially the flower girl and her sister. Tricia would hold my tummy and she would patiently wait for the baby to move. They also showed me their play room, where they all kept their cute toys. The girls would demo and show me how they play their toys… I was like… “Okay”… “That’s nice”… “This one is cute”… etc etc. I was sleepy when they decided to go home. Three of JP’s cousins rode with us, so we had to bring them home. We arrived in Valenzuela at around 11:00pm and still the kwento hadn’t subsided. We finally arrived in Bulacan at 12:30am. We were so sleepy but I must admit, I had a wonderful dinner with them.
I forced JP to wake up at 9:00am because I was hungry. Suddenly, my mom called and she was asking me if we can go home because she was going to show me the tela she bought in Divisoria, so that we can finalize the gown. We arrived home, just in time for church at 12pm. We ate lunch together and talked about the gown. The bridesmaid’s gowns are still not finalized. They wanted a different design. I told them that it is okay to have it different, but we have to finalize it already. The invitations are already on its way. Papers are already been cut and pasted together. I still have to double check the names of the principle sponsors and entourage before printing it. Those are things that need attention right now. Sometimes, I don’t want to think about the wedding... it only makes me feel stressed-out. I know I still have time, but thinking of the whole concept… "that I’m going to get married"... is making me nervous. I really wanted it to be perfect.

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Saturday, October 1, 2005

This week

It's been a long week. Nothing much happened. I wasn't feeling well very well these past few days. Didn't feel like writing anything. I feel very very tired and just wanted to go home. I arrived around 6pm the other day, and went straight to bed. I woke up around 9pm, drank one glass of warm milk and went to bed again. I feel much better when I woke up the next morning. The rest of the day is great until now.

The baby is moving frequently now. Can't sleep sometimes because I can feel it moving. JP told me this morning that he fell asleep with his hand on top of my tummy. He suddenly woke up because he can feel something moving in his hand... It was the baby. He didn't bother to wake me because I was fast asleep already. We are getting very excited with this baby-thing. I guess all we need to do now is wait. I can also see that I'm slightly getting fat. But not "FAT" but chubby. I guess that's okay huh? I don't feel insecure or anything. In fact, I feel much prettier and proud.

My shift is almost over and I'm so excited to go home. JP and I are gonna go to the mall (Greenhils) to buy some things we need. I wanna stroll around, relax and have fun today. It's been a long and stressful week. I'm glad JP is there for me. Well, he's always been there for me for the past 5 years and he never gave up.

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