Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Kathycot was right.... this is fun! Try it!

YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet & current car) ~ Fishey brum-brum
YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (fave ice cream flavor, favorite cookie) ~ Rockie road choco chips
YOUR “FLY Guy/Girl” NAME: (first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name) ~ L.DEL
YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal) ~ Red Rabbit
YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born) ~ Ortiz Manila
YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first) ~ Del Li
SUPERHERO NAME (”The” + 2nd favorite color, favorite drink) ~ THE Orange apple juice
NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers) ~ Pedro Lambert
STRIPPER NAME: (the name of your favorite perfume/cologne/scent, favorite candy) ~ Victoria’s secret jelly beans
WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s & father’s middle names) ~ Magcalas Marin
TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME: (Your 5th grade teacher’s last name, a major city that starts with the same letter) ~ Oh nho! I cant remember her…
SPY NAME/BOND GIRL: (your favorite season/holiday, flowers) ~ Christmas tulips
CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing right now + “ie” or “y”) ~ Peach Guessie
HIPPY NAME: (What you ate for breakfast, your favorite tree) ~ Arozcaldo Indian mango
YOUR ROCKSTAR ENTOURAGE NAME: (”The” + Your fave hobby/craft, fave weather element + “Tour”) ~ THE blogger summer Tour
YOUR PORN NAME: (First Pet + Name of street you grew up on) ~ Bakki Villa Sabina

I'm tagging Aimz, Malen, Ruthie and Meng.


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online casino reviews

I was not a gambler type of person in the past. Maybe my attention was with my music when I was with a band. We had band rehearsals three times a week. That was rough but I learned to manage my time. I was also graduating that same year so my time was focused entirely on my studies and music. When I started to work, I would watch my new found friends gamble. It was quite interesting for a newbie like me but I was hesitant to learn. After I gave birth, my time was dedicated to my daughter. In my spare time, I would go to the Internet and just look around. Then I found Online Casino reviews. This is quite interesting and new for me because unlike online casinos, reviews and rates a list of the best casinos online. So how cool is that right? No need to browse and look desperately for high rating casinos because we can easily go to – Online casino reviews and read about hundreds of sites there. That is a all in one site, so what more can you ask for.
online casino reviews


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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

top online sportsbook

Me and my close friends used to go places during our gimmick days. We would have social drinks and stay up all night. But things had changed since we’ve all settled down. Time has been a little problem especially for a working mom like me. Sometimes, me and my husband don’t have time to relax and unwind. Now, since we got Internet connection here at home. The world became smaller. We can easily chat and talk with friends I haven’t seen for ages. My husband got a chance to browse his favorite hobbies online. And now, we got hooked with online Casinos. Then I found, Top USA Online Casinos wherein we can visit different casino sites. It serves as a free guide to casino destinations. It has online poker room and online sports book which my husband can enjoy. Now, we don’t need to leave the house, just to enjoy our spare time. We can easily see the world in the comfort of our own home.

top online sportsbook


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Monday, October 29, 2007

Here it is

Okay, so here's what we did (and ate) yesterday.

~ Woke up early so we can enjoy Mia's first birthday at Mcdo
and went to Sto. Domingo Church after that... ~

~ Lunch at Red Crab. Hubby's classic looking dish in the middle
and of course my delicious meal on the right ~

~ Then we went to TriNoMa and ate Blizzard. Yes! Pecan Cluster. We also checked the Landmark dept. store. ~

~ We love to try new restos in the mall. Here's my little angel fooling around while we wait for our seats. ~

~ Can you see the smoke coming from the Chicken Teriyaki? ~

~ My sister recommended "Sizzlin' Pepper Steak". What's funny is
that they have instructions on the paper mat how to enjoy their sizzlin meal. ~

~ And this is what I've ordered. As you can see, I did enjoy my sizzlin' pork steak with teriyaki sauce. Hot! ~

~ And you think it's over??? Hell noooo.... We bought two boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts! Yeah, I know--one is not enough. Drooooling. And yeah, we got a free hat too. ~

.... And that ends our family pigging-out on a lovely Sunday.


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8 Facts

This tag is from Meng. I know I already answered this but I don’t want to jump into my archive that God knows where it is. So I just answered anyway….

THE RULES - List of 8
* write 8 facts about yourself.
* in the 8 facts, you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you. at the end, you tag as much other bloggers to keep the fun going. each blogger must post these rules first.
* each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* at the end of the post, a blogger needs to choose as much people to get tagged and list their names.
* don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog

1] I never liked raw foods. Yes, Japanese food. But my mom said Vietnamese food also stinks.
2] I never had the heart to take care of my hair.
3] I always wore skirts and fitted blouses before pregnancy.
4] I always day dream. When I’m in the bus, jeepney or wherever. Hello! Earth to Lizzz!
5] I could watch movies all day and only eat popcorn.
6] I can last more than 24 hours without sleeping.
7] My mom would tell me, stop buying boots and go with for a different style. But I cant help it. Even if I have 5 pairs, I would still want more.
8] I wont last a day without getting online.

I wont tag anyone this time, since I know I already did in the past. But if you feel you had to update the facts about you? Please, go ahead.


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Van Insurance

The use of automobiles is not only luxury but also a necessity nowadays. Especially for us who has a baby in the family. It is convenient and makes our lives easier. Thus, protecting our asset is a must. That’s where AutoNet comes in. I came from a big family. So getting a van is must for us, since we like being together during family trips. AutoNet offers unbeatable insurance guaranteed because offer our money back if we are not satisfied. They also offer quotes on car, truck, house, bike (which my husband would love because he loves motorcycles) and many many more.

Cheap Van Insurance


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Magic Loans

Loans are definitely makes our lives easier. It pays our house repairs or even our house itself. It makes us feel better and secured. Magic Loans offers a wide range of opportunities that suits an individuals needs. It also reminds us on precautions on taking loans, thus gaining good impression on loan applications. They offer Loan Calculation which is very much useful which gives us a good perspective of the loan and will also help decide which best suits are budget. And speaking for budget, using the budget calculator, it will most definitely help us calculate our total expenses which we can have an idea if can afford it, thus still keeping our assets intact. Magic Loans is finally here!

Secured Loans


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There are two things on my mind when I entered paid blogging—first is Christmas which is very much fast approaching; and the second is my little angel’s birthday. I would gladly take two jobs since we need to earn for tuition fees as well. I know every single parent is thinking of their child’s future everyday. Since blogging is my only outlet since my music—which was 6 years ago, I’ve finally decided to make money from my hobby. And I don’t have any single regret about it. I very much enjoy what I’m doing. I learned to be patient with opportunities and also jive with unexpected challenges. It makes blogging a little more exciting as it is now.

When I learned about paid blogging, all I want is to work for Payperpost. Since they have the highest reputation on the Internet, I heard they have a great team. And they never fail to meet my expectations. That’s why I definitely recommend Payperpost to all aspiring bloggers out there who wants to embrace the challenges of paid blogging. I am definitely looking forward to Christmas this year, because I know for myself that I have accomplished something. And that’s being able to work with Payperpost. So I better get started on the birthday planning for my little angel. See you online!

blog ethics


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This policy is valid from 28 October 2007

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please contact

This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation.

The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post may not always be identified as paid or sponsored content.

The owner(s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers' own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

This blog does contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content may not always be identified.

To get your own policy, go to


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Sunday, October 28, 2007


This is just a quickie update from what had happened in the past few days. Last week--work, work and more work for me. Saturday--Ate Jen and Jo went to Bulacan to visit us. We cooked, ate and ate a lot. We chatted with MIL and talked about what we want for Christmas. Maybelline, Clinique make-ups and Victoria secret--yahoo! Then at 8PM-me, hubby and *Lj* went to QC to spend the rest of the weekend. 10am, Sunday morning we went to Mia's 1st birthday at Mcdo North ave. Then we met up with the rest of the Zitros in Sto. Domingo. We ate lunch at Red Crab, and then when to TriNoMa and ate dinner there. Never ending fun with Zitros indeed. We miss our sister--sarpotz. I'm uploading the pictures now so I can show what we've been up to. Tomorrow's gonna be a long day for us. We'll visit Papang, Mamang and Tito in the cemetery. And maybe we'll go to the local school here to vote... then we'll go home in Bulacan.

I was thinking of a new Tag agenda here and I came up with two different topics. So expect a new topic from me, hopefully I will be able to start this week. I'll try. And a few moments ago, I was discussing blogs with my sister--J. She's a little interested but I doubt if she's gonna start a blog of her own. I'm seeing her more as a private person. And speaking of sister... I know she's gonna be very mad at me when she sees this... but I cant help it. If mom printed a hard copy and showed it to her office mates and papa saved a copy in his cell phone... why cant I? So I'm posting it here. And besides, this news is already late. Good thing, I didn't post all the pictures-- right sis? hehehe...

~ My sister with her brand new Toyota Prado. Pasakay naman! ~

~ Advance Happy Birthday sis! Padala ka ng pang-Starbucks namin ah! =B ~

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Air Ambulance

Every time there’s an accident or emergencies, we call the ambulance right? But ever thought of an Air ambulance? Crazy as it may seem but there’s already an existing service that offer air lift to people that needs medical assistance as soon as possible. Air ambulance is company of medical experts that makes sure your flight is as smooth as possible. Medical doctors and patients, from basic to critical conditions, like stoke, cancer, heart and transplant patients and many more, are air lifted to the surgery operation across the states, or bring them back home to your family. The team composes of flight nurses and flight paramedics, onboard with state of the cart medical equipment to ensure your smooth air travel and safety. Air ambulance has been here for us for over 20 years with perfect safety records, gaining trust of reputable clinics and hospitals across the state. So no need to book flights from Arizona to New York, which may be a threat for fragile patients. There’s a team that’s always looking forward in helping and transporting people with medical importance. Air Ambulance is a good service that would a lot of people and will definitely save lives across the states.

air ambulance domestic


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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Baby Talk

Wow another tag from Ann!

1. Are there any babies in your family or circle of friends?

I have a baby girl, *Lj* and she’s gonna be 2 yrs old this coming January 2008. Our eldest sister has a 3 yr old daughter, Williane Amandine and her 2nd baby is due within two weeks. So we are expecting another Zitros in the family.

2. Are you one of those people who use a high-pitched, sing-song voice when talking to babies and small children?

Sometimes! Hahaha! Especially when singing Twinkle-twinkle little star.

3. If you were standing in line next to a *very* pregnant stranger at the bank or grocery store, what would you say to her?

I don’t usually greet a *very* pregnant stranger. All I do is offer my seat to her and that’s it. Not unless, of course she’s my friend, or an officemate.

4. Similarly, what do you say or do near babies in public?

Before, I like to scare babies and toddlers especially when their moms are not looking. And then I’ll show my “deadma” look when their baby cries. But now I have *Lj*, I learned to be friendly to other babies hehe. Especially *Lj*, she’s so friendly. She usually waves and say “Hi!” to other toddlers even though she doesn’t know them.

5. When walking through a department store, are you the sort of person who can go by the baby clothes without even a glance or do you have to stop to ooh and ahh?

I always stop by the baby’s department store and check out the latest clothes and toys. But I don’t buy clothes for her. She usually gets it from her lolo and lola (grandpa and grandma). All I do is buy her toys under 300 pesos. Anything over 300 is a no no. hehe!

Now I'm tagging--Meng, GreyMom, MommyChi, Jencc, Heart of Rachel, Ladycess.


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Two weeks ago, we had our pictures taken at Pic-A-Boo in The Block, SM North. My sister scanned the pictures so we can have soft copies. Enjoy!

~ Babies with their pretty and sexy mommies *ehem* hehehe ~

~ *Lj* and Amandine with Lolo and Lola ~

~ Racing buddies... ~

~ My little WonderWoman! ~
More pictures *here*

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Cartridge Finder

Two weeks ago my dad called me asking how to operate the printer in his office. So I gave him easy instructions. A week later after that, he called again asking where to buy cartridges for the printer. We also use the printer in the office that’s why it’s a must to keep several cartridges in case we ran out. We cannot afford not to have a hard copy of documents and reports. That’s why I recommend the Cartridge Finder. He can easily choose which the brand of the printer they in the office and select the model number. What’s about this that it has pictures of printers for reference. This will definitely help my dad with his office dilemmas. Cartridge Finder

This post is sponsored.


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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

15 Must-Do

This is long over due (sorry Ruth!) but better late than never. We are now counting "days" before Christmas! Thanks Ruthie for this tag. It will definitely help me finish the things I need to do before the year ends.

Here's my list:
1] Give my hair a treatment from the salon. It could be hair straightening, rebond or whatever. My hair has been like this--frizzy and dry. Believe me, I look like a lion when my hair dries up.

2] Buy a Waffle Maker. I kept saying that I wanted it and I'm gonna buy one for the last several months. But until now, still no waffle maker. I hope I could buy one before the year ends.

3] Steamer. My dad owns a electric steamer at home in QC. I think it's good to have one in Bulacan. Because we can prepare food minutes before meal time. I like the steamed veggies and corn. And it's healthy!

4] *Lj*'s birthday. We need to decide where her second birthday's gonna be. At home or on some fast food somewhere. Since we're already living again in Bulacan, my strongest bet would be at home.

5] Family portrait. I need to have our Family wedding portrait developed in a large size and buy a frame for it. Unfortunately, hubby and I are close to our 2nd wedding anniversary and I haven't done anything.

6] Shoes. I need to buy shoes! I'm down to two pairs for shoes now--Nine West boots and my Girbaud sneakers. Poor me. I want a pair of flats, slippers-preferably crocs , running shoes and another pair of boots. Too much?I don't think so! haha!

7] Clothes. A month ago, I bought 5 new blouses because I plan to change my wardrobe into something classy. So I still need a couple more and some skirts to go with it.

8] Gadgets. I was planning to buy a brand new laptop for my personal use. As in for myself only. My dad wants me to have his laptop but I refused. Because I want one for my myself. But then, that means huge $$$, in which I don't have haha! So I have another option--buy an external Hard drive. I was already eyeing for the Western Digital 120G but I'm not sure why I'm still not getting one.

9] *Lj*'s pictures. I have her pictures in a separate folder named "FOR PRINT" which means I need to print them asap. I already compiled her pictures from birth to 10 months old. I computed the number of pieces that needs to be developed and it will cost me around 1,200 pesos. Hay..

10] Dentist Appointments. I cannot afford to skip another appointment since I want to finish these braces before the year ends.

11] Family picture. I am planning to have another family picture session with my hubby and kid. And I'm planning it this coming November. So expect a lovely Christmas card from us with our faces in it, just let me know your home address.

12] Business. My sister will participate in the coming Christmas bazaar on December and she's asking me to sell some of my items. So I have to come up with quality goodies and products by that time.

13] Spa. I was thinking of pampering myself lately. Just a token of appreciation to myself haha. I think a body massage and foot spa will do.

14] Facial. My mom used to bring me to "Let's face it" for a facial. I stopped attending sessions because it hurts terribly. But looking at face now? If the mirror could talk, it will say that I needed to go back there and continue the sessions. I need a major facial cleaning to the highest level.

15] Christmas Shopping. So Christmas is days away. I hope I can find time to spend for Christmas shopping. My favorite thing to do in the whole wide world--Christmas Shopping!

16] Christmas Parties. I'm also looking forward to the numerous Christmas parties this December! Including our getting together mommy-Christmas party with my blog friends--Kathycot and Ann.

17] Enchanted Kingdom. Christmas would never be the same without the amusement parks. So we plan to bring *Lj* to Enchanted Kingdom this year or next year--January or February. I'm sure she's gonna enjoy the lights, rides and the food.

OMG! The title is only 15-MUST DO and I'm on the 17th now. Now I realized that there's so many things to do but so little time hehehe! Enough of the whining and I better get started.


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Furniture from home

Just two weeks ago, my mom was asking my to accompany her in the nearby mall because she wanted a new sofa for our living room. They had several sofas available which varies from leather sofas to soft pillow like chairs. I told her that everything in the store was quite ordinary, that's why I shows her the Black Entertainment Center which is very suited for our living room. The site also offers a wide range of furniture for our future purchases. Now my mom is a frequent luker of the site.

Black Entertainment Center


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Christmas is just around the corner! And as early as now, I'm starting to list down my shopping list for December. Sweater for my mom, bottle of wine for dad, a nice shirt for my sister, a CD for my niece and list goes on. As the much awaited holiday approaches, people are getting are busier everyday. So thats why online shopping is the best solution. Couponchief is the answer for busy moms like me. No need to get out of the house and march to the crowded stores. Everything I need is in Couponchief because its a one stop shop. So everything I need for my close relatives and friends with different likes and hobbies are here.

promo codes


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Team Building

Last Saturday we had our team building at Fort Wilhelmina in Bacoor Cavite. My sister and her husband was very grateful to give us discount on the place. Thanks! All in all, we really did enjoy our stay.

~ X-network surveillance team... ~
More pictures *here*


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Body Piercings ... More than Fashion?


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5 Little? Expenses


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My sister has an interesting and challenging job. She constructs, renovates and designs a building, house, office and many more. Yes, she’s architect. The fun part of her job is to design and shop for things and appliances for the house or office. That’s why I highly recommend Taps4Less. Taps has great choices of bathrooms accessories, showers, electric showers, taps, bathroom suites, bathroom furniture, bathroom cabinets, bath, bath tubs, shower enclosures, shower valve, electric taps, shower panels, electric showers and many many more! Now that’s a lot of choices, only available from Taps4Less. Taps also offers a wide range of choices for you kitchen, like kitchen taps, stainless steel sink, ceramic sink, granite sink, cleaners sinks, kitchen hobs, cooker hoods, sensor bins and even water disposal Units. Taps4Less offers best buys, special offers and discounts so visit now to get low prices on quality products. This is available only in Taps4Less.



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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Term Life Insurance

I only want the best for my daughter. Of course, that’s what all mothers, as well as parents and grandparents want with their children. Good health and secured future is the most important. That’s why Life Insurance comes first on every family. Life Insure offers us life insurance database which will give access without the hassle of registering and giving out personal information. So we can already view the benefits before we can even decide if we want to pursue a purchase. The website also offers educational videos for learning and information so no need to read long paragraphs. We can also get inspirational quotes from the term life insurance quotes feature on the website which can be beneficial and motivating. Life Insurance Quotes will help us be inspired and live life to the fullest with Life Insure on our side.


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Monday, October 22, 2007

Picture of the week

After my usual everyday bath, *Lj* would be waiting outside our bathroom door and would shout "Surplais!" at me. Last week, I decided to shout surprise , but when I opened the door I got the surprise myself. She was patiently waiting outside the bathroom door with her big smile. Of course, her yaya helped her with this...

~ Funny *Lj* ~


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Tag Question

As promised, here I am trying to catch up with the tags I got last week. I hope I could remember them all.

Tagged by kRisTiNe with this question...
What did you learn about yourself in the last year?
Last year was very challenging to us. Adjusting with my family life, meaning no more gimmick time. Making myself comfortable with my new home. And lastly, "I finally realize that true joy doesn't come from material wealth." Ever since I gave birth with my daughter, life has never been the same.

Now, it's my turn to ask a question: If you will have a chance to change something from your past, what would it be? Ann, kRisTiNe, Kathycot, Amy, Malen, Ruthie.

And Thank you also kRisTiNe for this award!


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My abcd...

The certified Kutatera herself Kathycot tagged with "My abcd..."

Instructions: Each player starts with 7 random habits/facts about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

Seven facts about me: Certified surfer, blogger and chatter. Junk food addict. Can watch TV and movies all day. I can survive the day with eating anything and sleeping. I love pizza, pasta to the highest level. Frustrated chef. Mother.

A - Age: 28
B - Band Listening To Right Now: Cold Play
C - Career: TSP, Mommy and wife
D - Drink or Smoke: Drink--occasionally and I quit smoking 2 years ago.
E - Easiest Friends To Talk To: Aimz, Malen, Ruth, Ann, Kathycot, and many more...
G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Gummy worms
H - Have a Boyfriend: Nope. Husband only hehe.
I - In love: In love with my family.
J- Junk Food You Like: Doritos, Ruffles, Lays, Pringles, Popcorn, Butterfingers
K - Kids: Lanna Jessie
L - Longest Ride Ever: Manila to Laoag
N - Names For Your Future Kids: Haven't decided.
O - One Wish You Have Now: Excellent health
P - Phobias: Spiders, frogs
Q - Favorite Quote: Family that Prays together, Stays forever.
R - Reasons To Smile: my little princess and zitros!
S - Sleeping Hours: 1:00am
T - Time You Woke Up: 6 or 7am
U - Unknown Fact About You: I don't like raw foods.
V - Vegetable You Hate: Those that I'm not familiar with.
W - Worst Habit: Not taking care of my hair.
X - X-rays You’ve Had: Chest, Pelvimetry
Y - Yummy Foods: Pizza, pasta, mojos, chicken
Z - Zodiac Sign: Pieces


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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Internet Marketing Blog

I know it’s natural for a blogger to visit other sites. I know because I’m a certified blogger myself. And it’s sometimes hard to find a quality blog that I can visit to check infos, news, and all that stuff. Then I found It’s very informative on what’s going on in the market world. Did you know that there's a new cell phone coming out? And it’s biggest competitor is the Apple’s iphone. Yes, it’s the gPhone. Visit and read more at


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Friday, October 19, 2007

ecommerce software

My sister is planning to participate in the Bazaar fest this coming December. And I'm planning to sell some items as well. Who knows, this could be a start of a new career for me and for my sister so we are very much looking forward to it. And when the business grows, I'm planning to get the internet involve so that sales will go high. So what's better than getting Ashop ecommerce software right? Shopping cart software will help our little business meets its strength. What's good about this is its web based so we will not worry about anything to install. And that’s not all, we can customized the design and functionality of the site. Shopping cart ecommerce software will definitely help the business grow and meet the high sales. Our dream is to have our own business, so we are hoping this will work, so we can be a Stay-at-home Moms to our kids.


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Again, as much as I want to spend some time online, I just checked my email and had to go already. Tomorrow's gonna be our much awaited Team Building so I need to buy some snacks and pack my things. I'm not good at that, so hopefully I will not forget anything. I will definitely miss my baby because I'll be back on Sunday afternoon. I miss doing my usual updates here and now I remembered I didn't featured anyone on Picture of the Week and Video of the Week argh! Oh my look at the time! Gotta go now.... Have a nice weekend peeps!


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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Garage heater

Winter is coming and my mother in law said it is getting colder everyday. I thought it's nice to have snow but she said, besides the sometimes unbearable weather, it's too much work. Removing the snow from the front door to the path way, cleaning snow on top of the car and mostly, scraping the ice on the garage path way. But now they can enjoy the weather without the hassle with the Garage heater. It's simply turning on the garage heater and it melts the snow away. Cool!
Garage heater


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I'm online!

We just had our Internet connection an hour ago and here I am updating, installing, posting and chatting already! Huh! I can't live without Internet! There's so many things to do and I need to catch up. Catch on my tags, posts, paid ops and blog hop! But I need to buy a new keyboard badly. I can't type fast coz the keys are stuck ggrrrr! It's frustrating really. Enough of that!

Good news! I was getting desperate yesterday so I filed a ticket to PPP asking about my blog's approval. When I got my connection here, the first thing I did was to check my mail and viola! My blog has been approved! yes! yes! yes! So more PPP soon.

I'm also thinking of leaving the computer on so I'll get to talk to the yaya when I'm in the office. Too bad I can't view the web cam from there. Oh well... See yah later.


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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

London Accommodation

One of my dream-come-true wish is to travel abroad, like in Europe, Canada, United States and many more. But I always wanted to go London. Their language accent is one of a kind for me. It would be neat to see the sites there, the palace, and all the famous scenarios. And it would be cool to go the place where the most famous people came from, like the Beatles and Harry Potter. And I always remember my favorite movie-The Noting Hill, when I think of London. It's so romantic.

Good thing, I found this money saver website for travelers who wish to go London on a tight budget. Who says going to London is expensive? Now London Accommodation is one click away. Visit the website and you can check and avail the super value London accommodations. Whats good about this is we can  pay on arrival too. It also has the Year Round Deals feature so we can plan the trip ahead of time. So to the plan the trip, we need list sites and chart the Itinerary. Visit London will help you go places like the London eye, Botanic Gardens, Kensingtin Palace and many more. It would be nice to travel and see the world especially with a your family and loved-one by your side. So take a break and travel.

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We are here

So much had happened these past few days and I don't want to document it here. My close friends already knew--so guyz thanks for listening. But we are here in Bulacan. It's our second day and thank God I don't have any problems with the house helpers. I hope it would stay that way. As for *Lj*, she enjoys playing with her toys a usual. And I'm here in Netopia--SM Marilao doing my paid ops. I applied for a Smart Bro earlier so hopefully I'll be online at home. For now, I gotta go!

Miss you guys!


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Cash Advance

Sometimes we cannot avoid needing cash before our payday. Just what happened to us here in the office. Today is the 15th of the month—payday. They said, the company doesn’t give salaries during Mondays so we were suppose to receive our salaries last Friday, but since Friday was a Holiday, we were expecting it to be scheduled on Thursday. Unfortunately, we did not receive anything last Thursday and Friday. Some of us here were praying that they would release it on Saturday but then again, they came home sad, frustrated and empty handed. Reality check--we cannot avoid these things or scenarios to happen. What if someone else needs to pay hospital bills, pay tuition fees, credit card due and penalties or even buy medicine? That's why there's a cash advance available for those people who are caught between pay checks. We can now take advantage of Payday loans. This is a short term loan for those who intended to advance their payday salaries to an earlier time. The Personal Cash advance is easy and fast. No need to obtain documents or fax requirements, once the loan is approved, the cash advance will simple be deposited directly to your checking or savings account overnight. That's good news for us.


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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Teach Me To Trade

I remembered my friend when I was in College; I looked at him as a super genius. He excels in school and in extra curriculum activities. He likes to read and try new things like in science and even in music. And lately when I found out that he works in a local stock exchange, I was very impressed. He definitely likes challenges. I was curious how he does it. Strategies like, maximize gains while minimizing the risk in a short period of time. I mean, stock exchange is serious thing to do, right? I can’t even see myself in that position. Then I found out that we can also learn how to trade. Teach Me To Trade is a simple tool to help people learn the basic teachings of trading, protecting profits, maximizing gains and minimizing losses, stock directions, and many more.

What's good about this tool is that is designed to teach people to trade even if you have a different profession. That means, I can also learn from it. It offers day training courses and a free stock Investment training in your area. With its integrated tools teaching us techniques needed to achieve financial independence. Learning to trade will greatly help us realize our financial goals.


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Friday, October 12, 2007

We R moving...

After months of stay here in QC, we are finally going *back* to Bulacan on Sunday. Some are happy because we are going back there but the rest felt sad. I've weigh the advantages and disadvantages already. But I'm all concerned with disadvantages of staying there. First, is longer time to travel from home to work, that means I need *more* time to prepare in advance so I won't miss the bus/fx. Second, the longer that travel time the lesser I'll be with my daughter. And lastly, because its much farther that means I need more than the usual travel fee. And now you're asking why do need to stay there? Because we have to.

We will be leaving here on Sunday morning and I only have a day to pack--that's tomorrow. I can't do it now because I still need to go to work later. There's so many thing to do once we're there. I hope I can find *time* again. Time has been a problem lately for me... I kept saying, "If only I had time, I would...blah blah blah!" I'll definitely find a broadband provider there. I can't afford NOT to go online and do my paid ops... not now.

Have a peaceful weekend everyone and please... wish me luck!


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Phelios games

So here we are.... not getting enough of Macintosh computers. Then one day, I was surprised to see that my other sister bought a MAC Book Pro for her work. She's a freelance Interior designer so really need a portable computer. During weekends we cuddle up upstairs, surf the cyber world and enjoy Mac games. We would download games, like Smack Mahjong, Bud Redhead and many more. We also enjoy puzzle games, arcade games, board games and tycoon games.


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Mac games and more

From my previous work, we were required to be, at least familiar with the MAC operation system. I never really appreciate the MAC up until my sister got a job a year ago and she brought home a MAC Book G4. I was afraid to even touch it at first but later on I found out that it's very user-friendly and my sister also discussed to me the benefits of using a MAC. Eventually, I began to like it. No, I really liked it very much. Not only my sister can do her editing jobs, I can see her enjoying playing games as well. That's why Macintosh games are her favorite. Not only it offers free Mac games, it also has Mac solitaire, Mac mahjong, jigsaw puzzles and more. One thing I'm fascinated is the Kids games, which are obviously worry-free kid games.


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Thursday, October 11, 2007

online gambling

High technology has offered so much that life has become a little less stressful. Almost anyone I know can get online on the Internet everyday. You can do almost anything on the Internet, like read news around the world, check movies, book flights, buy and sell, voice chat, send emails, share photos and even do hobbies. Another thing it can offer is the online gambling. You don’t have to leave the house anymore and go to a fancy casino. You can play anytime at the comfort of your own home. Bet365 Online betting facilities offers a whole lot more. Sports like, football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, cycling, golf, tennis, volleyball, winter sports and other sports. And not only that, it even has NASCAR and motor sports for motor enthusiasts, to cricket, darts and even boxing. My dad used to go to Casinos when we were little and we would wait outside with my mom accompanying us. And we would wait for hours at the play area provided for kids. Now I could just provide my dad the online gambling facility and just watch him or we can even play together and enjoy some family quality time. Playing online gambling is definitely the way to enjoy your time and just have fun.


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advertise on blogs

Being a mother to my 1-year-old is a total blessing but I cannot help and think of my daughter's future. Considering two jobs here is not possible due to time constraint. As a career woman, I would probably do anything to earn extra income for my family considering that Christmas is just around the corner. I came to know this magnificent news from my co-blogger that we can earn money from blogging, for this I was introduced to blog for money. This is an absolutely great idea for us bloggers. Giving us a chance to advertise on our blogs and get paid for blogging. That's so cool. Thanks to Smorty, we earn and get paid for blogging. Smorty's concept is purely genius. Advertisers can easily promote their services, while bloggers can check and spread the news to others. I guess getting paid for blogging is the new trend in our generation.

Now, I would not have to worry on finding another part-time job or working and helping on errands around town. I can sit, relax and enjoy the world of blogging while earning in the comfort on my own home.

Smorty - Advertise on blogs


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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Car Insurance Rates

I remembered my dad once said to us, "Driving is a necessity". Being one of the six girls in the family, he taught all of us how to ride the bike, motorcycle and drive the car. Now I understand that driving is a necessity since we need the car to go to school, work, run errands, family trips and many more. And we cannot afford to loose a valuable asset. That's why getting a car insurance is must today. How do we pick a good Insurance Company? Car Insurance is the right choice for you. Why? Because they offer free car insurance quotes for multiple car Insurers and that would mean a lot for car owners with multiple cars. You can also choose the policy that fits you best, which is great for owners with different hobbies, like camping etc. They provide the Car Insurance Rates guide for vehicle owners so we can easily assess ourselves the auto Insurance rate. They also offer liability protection which is an important benefit for us drivers if in case of accidents.

Having driving ethics is good but getting a Car Insurance is better. In fact, we will never know what's going to happen in the future. It's always better to be safe than sorry.


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New Blog

I've been working on another blog for my new domain. It's still all messed up but that's the best I can do for now.

Coming soon.... ziTr()ZiL



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Air Travel


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GPS Insight Vehicle Tracking System

Due to work demands nowadays, some of us require to be on the road quite often. Being safe is sometimes is not enough. For travelers, we need to be preventive. Lack of gas is not the only problem when you’re on the road. We have to consider all aspects, like fuel level, speed, engine malfunction and much more. In our line of work, we need to dispatch technicians to sites across the state. We had our share of problems of technicians which are not getting on the site on time due direction problems and time constraints. That's why a getting a GPS (Global Positioning System) is a must. For family trips, we cannot take the risk of getting lost on the road or if something goes wrong that is why this is absolutely necessary to have. For non-mechanic person like me, I need a tool that would make sure that me and my family are safe from one destination to another.

GPS Insight vehicle tracking system is the leader in the GPS tracking field. It's unique features offers activity detail, fuel consumption, speed violation, vehicle performance, landmark activity, Odd hours, geofence violation, engine maintenance report, fleet location report and many many more. It's powered by AT&T/T-mobile satellites for an accurate location every 2 minutes throughout United States and Canada. Talk about coolness!

Using the software, you can easily trace maps and locate routes in the area. It is labeled by colored balloons easy recognition. The routes are marked with colors as well for alternatives routes. And this is all provided by the satellite, updated every 2 minutes. It shows the landmarks and road for easy navigation. This is like watching the world into your very own car.

Another great feature of GPS Insight Tracking System is the current status options. This shows the current status of the vehicle in the neighborhood thus saves fuel! It also shows a much detailed track and landmark in the area for easy recognition. This will be a great help with travelers trying to navigate their way on new places.

This investment comes with great customer service. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee and provide free trial.

Do you need the tracking system today or tomorrow? Not to worry. Once they receive your order, the tracking system is on its way to your doorstep on the same day! Not only that, the tracking device only takes minutes to install so you’ll be on your way to a great adventure.

For more information , questions and faqs--you can visit the support page at GPS Insight support wiki for customers.

Do you want to know how they do it? Or do you want to see satellite thats making all this possible? Visit Blog for GPS vehicle tracking.


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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

a little concern

Yesterday, I was on the bus going to Cubao. I saw this lady with her daughter sat beside me. The lady caught my eye because she was holding a 2-3 month old baby. By the looks of them, the lady or the mother picked up her daughter from school and she brought her new born, maybe because there's no one else to take care of her baby while she's gone. I was a little worried because it was noisy, hot and there's smoke pollution from the vehicles. Yes, we rode the ordinary bus. I remembered when *Lj* was small, I was very sensitive with noise that might interrupt her sleep, also weather--should be not too warm or cold, and of course it should be worry-free surroundings. Or maybe I was a little paranoid. Oh well.

I finished our company's annual physical examination yesterday too. I submitted the necessary specimen they need. Please don't ask me how I did it. My appointment with the doctor turned out good. No worries. I went to 5th floor to submit my paper when someone, I think the nurse, called my attention. He asked a few questions to confirm something, then he called another lady nurse and had her checked the microscope. They were into their usual medical term conversation in which an ordinary human being like myself cannot understand, then he wrote something on my paper. He asked me to go back to the doctor who examined me and present the results. On the way to the elevator, I tried to figure-out the numbers and acronyms on the paper with no success. I presented the paper and gave the doctor a big grin. She calmly explained to me whats happening and gave me "assignments" which I need to do within a few days. I asked if this like "A-S-A-P", she said yes. What the?!... I went back to my station and stared at the paper. My burger was sitting beside my keyboard which I saved but then I lost my appetite, but I ate it anyway. I hope this is not too serious because I don't want to be sick. But then again, I wont be able to know it unless I'd do my "assignments". *Assignments=lab tests*

I'm just a little concern now...


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Christmas is fast approaching and before you know it, you'll be celebrating New Year's eve. For me, it's not only Christmas that I'm expecting, it's my daughter's second birthday on January. I know it's still months away but I want to be ready as early as now, just what I did on her first Birthday. Me and my mom was planning and buying loot bags already. And now, I need extra income to make my daughter's birthday a success. That why I can't enough of paid blogging lately. There's another opportunity for us bloggers and it's looking for you! Sign-up to BloggerWave and start earning moolahs today!

Make your Holidays as Merry as ever. BloggerWave is now ready for bloggers. Join now!


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Sunday, October 7, 2007

My Fitness Pal

Losing the post pregnancy weight has been my problem for over a year now. I've done several exercise routines for the past months. I know it's unhealthy but I've tried starving myself to death and ended eating up at the end of the day. I realized that MyFitnessPal is all I need. Being educated on this issue is a serious matter, that's why they offer a calorie counter and Nutrition Facts for free to watch we what we eat thus getting track of the calorie intake. So put your credit cards away... yes you've read it right, this is absolutely free. What's so good about this is that they also keep a diet journal and food diary which is a great idea for us to stay focus on what we want to achieve.


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Just a girl

I can't remember when was the last time I bought something for myself. I think it was a month or so ago. All I thought for the last couple of weeks was to save and save $$$. I don't have problems with temptation because I've worked on night shifts. Going to the mall before and after my shift was impossible. Its either the mall is already closed or it's still early. Last Monday I started my new shift on mid. That means I have to leave the house at 12noon. No problem. I'll just take the bus ride and a jeepney ride---no sweat. But last Thursday I took the familiar route--the MRT train. That means passing the Cubao farmers area and the Gateway mall. No problem. Just pass by. I got off the train and looked at the time... it's still early. I decided to walk inside the dept store in Farmer's Cubao and there it was... new classy trendy sophisticated blousess on display that I wanted to have. I instantly forgot where I was or where was I going... I just grabbed a couple of them and went to the fitting room. I ended up at the cashier and bought one for myself. And yes I was also looking the flats on the rack that I thought it’d go well with my new blouse. Good thing, I only have enough money for the blouse that time. I courageously gathered my guts and went straight to the LRT2 station. I looked at plastic bag and I felt happy. I felt a little satisfied. The next day, I went there again and grabbed a few more and headed to the fitting room. Okay not a few, but a lot. And yes I ended up the cashier and bought not 1 or 2 but 3 new blouses. I'm sorry! But you wont believe how satisfied I was. Is this normal? I mean for us girls? Or does this happen to boys as well?

I've decided to buy a pair of flats next week. Just one, promise. I've been thinking lately that I need a makeover on my wardrobe. I have to get rid of those so soo ordinary t-shirt that I have. Yes, I have those souvenir t-shirts (given from xmas parties from years back) that I used everyday for work. I think I look like a factory worker. Maybe I want people to look at me and say that even though I have a super active daughter, I still look good. uy conscious!

Hey! This happens to everybody right? Can't blame me... I'm just a girl.


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Saturday, October 6, 2007


Meeting new people is one way to escape life's stressful offerings.

Some years ago, I tried to find a site that offers friendly surroundings. But now I found Frienstation. This friendly site offers free community with Dating, Live Chat and more chats. I can easily send messages to my friends and easily make friends around the world. What's more cool about this is I can make live phone chat to my co-friendstation friends in the US. The definitely offers more because I can write up my journal and keep track of it.

Making friends is never been this fun!


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Friday, October 5, 2007


Owning and managing a business is one of my greatest dreams ever. That would mean managing my own time, catering service and getting things done by myself. I would totally have the opportunity to face challenges on all aspects, like quality products, reports, building rapor with clients and sales. And for a business to grow, we need sales to boom high to the roof. I would not want the business to go down so I would definitely contact the experts for advise. Thus, ecommerce software comes in. Ashop Commerce can help and resolve online selling especially for people who are new in the business. I would definitely want an expert that would know the seller's perspective. One who understands what we need is very important. Shopping cart software would greatly prepare the business for future transactions. It would help attract potential clients and boost the sales up high.

Today, with all the competitors out there in the market, we sure need a strategy to make the business a success and ecommerce software will definitely help a lot.

Ashop Commerce - Shopping cart


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Cover my boat

I always wanted to travel by sea and explore the magnificent waters. If I have the chance, I will definitely purchase one for my family. And the important thing next to family is protection. That's means having an insurance is must because we cannot predict what's going to happen in the future. Boat insurance is a must have's too for vessel owners. CoverMyBoat is definitely the one for you. It covers a wide range of benefits for types for boats, like small crafts, narrow boats, speedboats, cruiser, yacht and even houseboats.

Their online website is helpful especially for beginners like me. I can browse for Sailing clubs, Sailing courses and Reviews. It's a fun way of exploring as well as getting information and learning. It also offers a privilege for someone who wants to own one, like buying a boat and boat loans.

We will never know what's going to happen so insurance services can definitely help and prepare us for the unexpected.

Cover My Boat - Dinghy insurance


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Having a baby is pure blessing for me. That's why picking and getting the right product for my little one is hard, for I only want the best for my little angel.

Portable play yard is one of the must-have's, that's why I'm thrilled to come across this site--CoverPlay and Pack and Play. It's a revolutionary slipcover for play yards. It has all the benefits a mother can ask for. It's hygienic, washable, protects from dirt and insects, and it comes with uniquely colorful designs that suits my baby's image and personality.

Thanks to CoverPlay, they help moms like me live a less stressful and worry-free life.


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Thursday, October 4, 2007


Yesterday, I chatted with my blog friend Kathy and HS friend Ann. We talked about life and paid ops. Kathy indeed did a great job to convince us (especially me) to continue our paid ops thingy. I had a pending for approval from one of my sponsor last week and I was loosing hope until today. Woke up early and checked my email...yes before breakfast. An email caught my eye because it's the usual spam I recieve everyday. I felt the thrill of excitement upon reading that email. It's my ever first moolah earning from my sponsor. I instantly send a message to Kathycot-my mentor hehehe! I'm so thrilled. This means, extra income for me. Thanks sis! Ann join na!


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Need Cash?

Instant cash is hard to come by these days. We all know that sometimes we need instant cash for emergency purposes, like hospital bills, school fees and sometimes for house repairs.

I know a friend who onetime asked me if I know a company that would instantly provide a loan. He said, he's having a hard time getting his loan approval from the bank. I offered him the CashAdvance1500-payday loans
. One advantage of this is that you can do your transaction online safely and securely in your private homes. That means, no long lines and hours of waiting in the lobby and stores. They offer this privilege to none credit card holders; poor credits or bankruptcies so no need to have the fuzz of acquiring requirement just to get a simple loan. This is great news to everyday-especially for my friend who desperately needs a loan for his son's educational fees. I think this will be a great help for everybody.

CashAdvance1500-Payday loans


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I never been in a Casino before and I really like to go and experience the thrill of betting and winning! Unfortunately, due to my current lifestyle-working mom with a 1-year-old daughter, time has always been a problem.

Being a computer geek and Internet savvy myself, I've stumbled upon this cool website-Bet365-
Online casino. In my opinion, it has everything you need. From sports like Football, Basketball, hockey, soccer to Nascar, motor sports and then poker! And how cool is that! It offers live streaming and live chat for support. One thing that I'm impressed is the one wallet system within you can use it to manage your account. So no logging into multiple accounts--it's all here on one website. Good thing this about this is I can invite more and more friends to join and we can easily play in the comfort of our homes. I think this is a good way to relax, unwind and just simple enjoy my time-away from the stressful day at work.

Bet 365 - Online casino


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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Picture of the week

We went out one-time at our favorite mall and visited our favorite ice cream parlor. I decided to try one of those Dily Bars their selling. *Lj* went ga-ga upon seeing it. I think there's something between with kids and lollipops, and ice cream. The next thing I knew, there was a big sticky mess in front of me.

~ Mine! mine! ~


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How nice

It's so nice if a fellow blogger shares an award. I feel special and it's a nice feeling =B

Thanks Kathycot for the award. You know, I always enjoy your kwento (stories) and I really admire your paid blogging. And now you're a SAHM. A lot of mommies out there would really want to take your place (including myself). Imagine-SAHM, means more time with the little toddler and more time online hehe. God bless!

Now it's time to pass the trophy err award... I want to include Ann and kRisTiNe but they're been tagged already! here's the list...

+ aiMzster ~ Great talent and Huge heart.
+ Chuvaness ~ Good company to be with... never a dull moment.
+ Ruthie ~ Super fun to be with.
+ Angelica ~ Sweet and loving mom. I admire her for that.
+ Christy ~ Food, fashion and adventure!
+ Bluepanjeet ~ his blog? Informative and entertaining =B
+ Ambo ~ I call him the mystery man hehehe =B
+ Jamo ~ Super kwela to the highest level!
+ GreyMom ~ Cool mommy-SAHM.
+ MommyChi ~ with a super cute baby ...


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Monday, October 1, 2007

Video of the Week

It's Monday! and no Monday-blues for me.

We had a great weekend... from North to South again hehe. Anyway, I bought a Barney height chart for *Lj* yesterday so I could record her progress. Funny thing is, she likes it when I take her height measurement... I dunno why. BTW, she's 31 inches already.

My sister *M* showed me this video. It's hilarious! It's soo funny even though we can't understand what they're saying... hehe! If you're gonna watch this... wait for the video to load first... then turn on the speakers... and pay attention to the words and the sub-title. Enjoy!

~ Does anyone speak Ilongo? Paki translate naman! hehehe ~


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ipod color


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