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With my very busy schedule, I hardly had time to go online to update my blog. Good thing I kept a journal so I can post everything later on when I had time. Read on folks...

+ December 2, 2005
I got a text message from my sister... "Hey! 1 month nalang wedding mo na!" I instantly got shivers all over. Shux! oo nga! Malapit na! I nervously checked my list and contacted everyone assigned on each task. We also paid 50% for the reception and scheduled food tasting.

December 3, 2005
I gave my marriage bann to the church in our area. We also attended Keith and Mheng's Wedding.

+ December 4, 2005
Finally we finished all the invitations at home. whew!

+ December 5, 2005
Had my teeth checked and replaced rubber bands for my braces.

December 6, 2005
Link2Support Christmas party at NBC Tent. Our team was assigned to wear costume from the movie "Phantom of the Opera". I wore a simple empire-cut-tube beidge gown with an orange accent belt tied to a ribbon at the back. I also set my hair with medium curls and wore a silver headband. Sabi nila, sexing buntis daw... nux!

December 7, 2005
I didnt go to work today. I was so exhausted from the party, I had to sleep all day.

December 10, 2005
Went to Dra. Ledesma for my regular check-up.

December 13, 2005
Food tasting at Patio Ibarra... The food was delicous especially the pasta. I also filed early leave from the office because I was having a hard time going to work. My tummy was already heavy.

December 15, 2005
We cleaned the whole house because Jp's mom and brother wil be arriving from the states on saturday.

December 17, 2005
We borrowed the van from my dad... ang sabi kase... walong malalaking maleta ang dala. So hindi talaga sya kakasya sa car. We were all at the airport around 10:00 pm (I think). I waited in the van while they were all at the arrival station waiting for them. Finally, they arrived and we all went straight home. I was already sleepy but as soon as we got home, they started unpacking and gave us our pasalubong. Grabeh, daming pasalubong ni baby! Pink blankets, baby clothes, towels, shoes, socks, toys etc. I went to sleep at around 3:00 am na...

December 20, 2005
We got our wedding banns and finalized Mami ed's gown design.

December 21, 2005
We submitted our wedding banns to the church and paid our balance in full. Then we went to Dra. Ledesma for my check-up. We also went to Vignette Photography to pay our balance but we got stuck in traffic on the way. I had to call them several times just to remind them that we were running late because of the traffic. Akalin mo, Pinoy Big Brother nasa Quiapo! Kaya pala trafik eh! After that, we went to commonwealth to get our souvenirs. We ate dinner and went straight home in QC. We dropped our souvenirs there so that my mom and sister would start dressing them up. Then, we finally went home in bulacan. Gosh, what a day!

December 22, 2005
8 months na si baby!

December 23, 2005
We finalize the misalette and printed them out. Had to call the church regarding the songs to be played at the ceremony and after. Also called Patio Ibarra reagarding our picture for the tarpaulin. Pictures for our scrap book (guest book) is also good to go.

December 24, 2005
Daddy's Birthday.

December 26, 2005
Baby Shower! We had dinner with JP's family at home in QC. Dami na naman gifts ni baby...

December 28, 2005
We went to Patio Ibarra to settle payments. I also bought shoes for my wedding.

December 29, 2005
We went to caspari to get my mom and sister's gown. While we were waiting for my mom, we decided to look around. Jp had to buy shoes and I was planning to buy a pair of sandals as well. After an hour of selecting (pano walang size... malaki na feet ko... size 10!), I finally got a pair. It was a simple beidge sandals that matches my gown. Jp also got himself a pair of leather shoes for our wedding... Thank God! Once we got the gowns, we went straight home in QC to drop the gowns and went to Jojo's place for dinner with his family. After eating and small talks, we went to our house again to get some things. My sisters also tried their gowns... Okay, ready na sila for the big day...

December 30, 2005
It's Jojo and Jen's wedding today... We woke up around 4:00am and immediately fixed ourselves. I was wearing the same gown I wore at the christmas party. I want to curl my hair but it was impossible... pano wala akong katulong mag-set ng hair ko. So I made small curls lang sa dulo... unfortunately, umunat rin later on. We arrived at Linden Suites at 6:00am, giving me time enough time to do my make-up. The wedding is 10:00am but we went to church early because we had to distribute the flowers. The wedding started in time and the ceremony was peaceful. The reception took place right beside the church. The food was delicous especially the halo-halo. Too bad I cant drink wine... More picture taking with the relatives then we went to Jojo's place. We watched them open their gifts there. While we were there, my mom called and told me that they were going to our family reunion na...So hinatid nalang ako ni Jp dun then sabay nako kila mommy pauwi sa haus... I will be sleeping there na for the next 2 days... so deretso na sa wedding...

December 31, 2005
I spend my last new year (being single) at home. We had our usual routine every new year. Paputok then ate spagetti, cake, and mom's hot chocolate... then we opened gifts... Hay, mami-miss ko toh...

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