Thursday, June 28, 2012

Be yourself

I'm still in the process of diverting my wardrobe to a new me but I had to admit, I'm still looking for that old self from the clothes I took and (sadly) now disposed. So I decided to invest on shoes instead. I realized I can still continue my wardrobe change and still be myself by mixing that old rocker me into the 'new' me. Good right? I got this idea when I saw this kick ass wedge boots from the iron fist site. I know it'll fit the clothes I have, so it's a matter of mix and match. The real me is still here and it's gonna stay. So let's dress up and be ourselves.


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Monday, June 25, 2012

Rock Of Ages \m/

Me and my sisters watched ROCK OF AGES yesterday afternoon (after my work). They fetched me and once inside the car, it feels like 'Singles_only-Girls-Movie-Bonding moment' LOL. There was loud party music, make-up, girl talk and french fries lol. We even made a music video using the ipad3 and it was hilarious! Ipad3 music video maker btw is super awesome! Planning to use it for any future music video for the band.

So there we were @ Trinoma and bought the 4:10pm tickets. Then we went dress hunting for my sister's wedding but an hour of dress hunting is not enough. 1 hour, really? First dress was hideous on me; Second dress made my boobs look bigger. I think I'm gonna dress hunt on my own because I'm two sizes bigger than my sisters (Yes I know) and I need to hide some 'areas' that needed to stay... err hidden lol.

We bought snacks and popcorn (Tater's White cheddar) and rushed to Cinema 5. I love the trailer before the movie starts. It's like the sneak peak of what I will watch next. Anyway, the movie was great! Great star studded cast and the soundtrack was just awesome! Can't help but sing along LOL.

Spoiler Alert: I love Russel and Alec's duet LOL! Super funny!!!

Man! I was still singing even after the movie!

So you musicians out there.... Go watch ROCK OF AGES. It'll knock your socks off.

Happy Monday! Rock on! \m/

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Did you know

About 50% of Americans live within 50 miles of their birthplace. This is called propinquity.

See: Trivia facts


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Friday, June 22, 2012

Real deal

My friends at work are so addicted to the eCigar that came out in the market recently. From the advertisement on the Internet, it states that it' suppose to be less harmless than the real one due to the less nicotine content. And a plus factor is they can smoke in the building, especially with A/Cs. I was educated by a friend the other day that they also have different flavors. Weird ones are also out in the market. Buy of course, nothing beats the real deal. I was provoked to buy cao cigars few years back, when I still smoking. I can't recall I did though. I just remembered me and my sister shared one cigar with 3 of our friends. Disgusting as I recall but it was cool back then hahaha. Now my lungs are clean and I plan to stay that way until the end of days.


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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Energizer and Nuffnang power my life!

Energizer and Nuffnang power my life through the help of technology. A decent running laptop and a reliable Internet connection are the two things I can't live without. My world is energized when I'm stayed connected with family and friends. I get to see, read and watch news; chat and video conference with my sisters abroad; and participate in social online groups wherein I can make more friends. 

And you know the makers of the World’s Longest Lasting Batteries? Energizer! Yes we always have it to power our Wii game console.

 ~ The kiddo with Wii motion ~
We don't settle with any other brand because we know Energizer is the best there is. And we can't afford down time on our wii time because it's our family bonding moment. It also helps me on my work-out because it powers up my Wii fit balance board.

Now energizer keeps getting better and better. We even bought the rechargeable batteries for the kiddo's remote control car and for my mom's digital camera. It gives us the energy we need!

So I always get energized with a doze of power from energizer and an awesome and exciting world with Nuffnang.

....What more can I ask for?


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Prometheus | Rock for Ages

We watched Prometheus last night with my sister, sister's bf and hubby. We were convinced by my sister this is great movie and it was. I admit that I was once obsessed with aliens, if you are, this is a-must see movie for you. The story line, inclines with the past existing movies and there's a possible chance for a part 2. Just see the movie and you'll what I mean. Graphics and special effects are a killer. I super love the first part where you can see a lot of breath taking views.

So for the movie... I'll give it 4 stars! (naks!)

~ Poster from Wikipedia ~

Next movie.... ROCK FOR AGES!!!
And here's me---always ready to rock! LMAO!

~ I love Rock n' Roll ~


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Monday, June 18, 2012

Did you know

Women make up 49% of the world population.

See: Trivia facts


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Sunday, June 17, 2012



We shouted that early 6:18 this morning. The earthquake did not last 20 seconds but upon seeing everything was shaking, it was indeed scary! I felt I wanted to cry right after. But of course I didn't hahaha.

So here's what on the news..

Magnitude 6.0 quake hit off Candelaria, Zambales at 6:18am today. Intensity 4 - Makati; Intensity 3 - Quezon City.

It was only intensity 3 from where I am but we really felt it. So what more on intensity 6? 

I BBM'd everybody at home and clearly they were still sleeping because I had no reply from my sisters and the hubby. My dad replied and he told me that maybe I was just hungry LOL.

My sister who is in China now replied back and felt nothing there. Thank God. 

.... and for a moment there, everybody's wall blasted earthquake on facebook. So even on a quiet, rainy Sunday morning, many are still awake and at work like me.

I'm praying no after shock please.

So let's enjoy the day and be Thankful that everybody is SAFE.


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Thursday, June 14, 2012


I just got my two raffle prizes the other day. I know it's small but still I won right? Most of the people here at work tells me how lucky I am because besides the raffle prizes, I also participated in the battle of the bands and won. I didn't even think that I was lucky in the first place. And the for the battle of the bands, it's never about the money or the prize. It's all about the music, booze and having fun! I guess I'm good at event planning because I've organize consecutive parties like this at work and everything went well. Thank God. So if there's any change if career that I would pursue, it's still music or just plain event organizer. 

BTW, I won! I won! LMAO.


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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cynthia Alexander migrates to U.S.

With no local support, Cynthia Alexander migrates to U.S.

 At the end of the month, singer, songwriter and bass player extraordinaire Cynthia Alexander is leaving the Philippines.

For good.

Cynthia is uprooting herself and her family and migrating to Seattle, Washington.

Her reason? 

Career-wise, she has had very limited support.
Continue reading *here*

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm truly devastated honestly. But this is reality people and evenly common story...
...artist leaves home because of no support;  
...settles abroad and apparently gets recognized;
...artist gets to be famous internationally;
...homeland claims.

And She IS Cynthia Alexander for crying out loud. Multi-talented. Best there is, I tell yah.

I can't blame her because I know there's a lot more than this. Of course, there's better future for her and her family there and more reasons to expand her career. Good for her.

To Cynthia.. I wish you, GOOD LUCK. Spread the love and music. THANK YOU.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have seen.
I have been to places far and deep in my mind only to find.
Comfort in Your strangeness.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Did you know

Lightning strikes men about seven times more often than it does women.

See: Trivia facts


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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Good Vibes!

I'm feeling good vibes today! I know I only slept 3 hours but it's okay. Anniversary party later at 8PM and I'm already getting butterflies in my stomach. Good vibes today because when I came in @ work this morning, they told me I won the raffle.. and not just once--but TWICE! I know I never won raffles and contests before but ever since I won that movie premier pass, I'm feeling lucky every time! I know it's crazy, but I joined several online contests and raffles lately. Who knows?! I might another prize right!

So I'm still at work til 2pm. Will need to go home first to pack my attire. And what to you know... I still don't know what to wear later!!! I hope the corset I purchased few years ago still fits. 

Anyway, goodluck to all the bands later! Let's drink and enjoy the music! Cheers!

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Battle tomorrow

Our account's anniversary party is tomorrow and I feel I'm not ready, especially with the band and all. I feel we need to jam before the battle but I pray we can pull it off. I'm also thinking about wining something this year. It's been more than 5 years that I'm with the company and I haven't won anything  yet. I know I'm not lucky when it comes to this, but it would be swell if I won something right? Anything, from analytical balances, gift certificates or an over-night stay at a hotel would be really something. Oh well. Probably winning the battle would be super awesome this year!


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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Battle in 2 days!

Battle of the band is just 2 days away and posters are being blast via email and messenger.And everyone that I know asked...."Why two bands?" As you can see obviously, me and the drummer Omeng participated in two groups due to unavoidable circumstances hahaha! Third band lacked members and we had to play session because 3 bands in the battle. Anyway, we had our last jam last Monday and Tuesday, and I'm so exhausted! Tsk Tsk! Remind me not to bring up Battle of the bands in the next year's anniversary okay? Pede bang wala yon?! hahaha! 

Okay so here's the posters.. I've edited it a little to remove the client's logo.

BTW... E.O.L. Project means -- Ensembles of Lizz Project.


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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Packing-away is not easy.

We had the truck sent out to the old apartment to get the remaining furniture last Sunday. Cabinet, bed, chairs were moved to the new house and the other furniture, like the sofa set, tv stand and some kitchen were brought to my friend's house in Montalban. Now it's a mess again in the house and my mom's scratching her head hahaha! I know we already packed-away some of the stuff and now my mom's planning to install floor flange on the third floor. But I asked her to us a week or so to move the stuff away. It's not easy to clear everything especially if we have little space. Little space--meaning, we share the whole house. We're planning to have a house blessing come July, hopefully with my sisters here in the country. So we have little over 2 months right.


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Monday, June 4, 2012

Did you know

The sentence “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” uses every letter of the alphabet.

See: Trivia facts


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Sunday, June 3, 2012


I know I'm not a perfume person or maybe because I hardly receive perfume as gifts. I remembered I got a small bottle of cool water from the MIL but that was yearsss ago (probably 5 years ago). Yup, that long. It's not that I don't want any perfume myself when in fact, I'm pretty fascinated when I smell a fresh scent from someone else. I heard, penhaligon's fragrances is killer Edwardian era of decadence fast forward to the future. Uhm.. makes me wanna experience Penhaligon. Anyway, I prefer a light scent, which is cologne-ish like the ones for kids hahaha. I'm pretty young at hear you know.


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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday sister M!

I don't have expensive gift to give nor money to spend on restos but I do have --"Creamy Penne" cooked just for you! =) Enjoy your day sissy. Love love love.


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Thank you Nuffnang!

Had a date night with the hubby---Thanks to Nuffnang! For premier night tickets. I love the movie--Snow White and the Huntsman. Kristen being a kickass princess in the movie, reminded me of the Twilight saga again because her being torn between two good looking partners. And I can't help but smile whenever I see Chris. He's so handsome hahaha! Kept thinking he forgot his hammer somewhere hahaha! Anyway, movie was OKAY. Or maybe I was expecting more smooching. Spoiler me.

This is my second naffnung event and I know I will not go home empty handed. I was right. Thank you SkinWhite for the give-aways.

.....excited for more nuffnang events like this.

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