Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our first day of school experience

The little angel was prepared and ready to go at 8:30 in the morning yesterday, when I decided to take a shower because it was already hot. When I got dressed, I realized it was already 9 o' clock. I asked the hubby to hurry up because we were already late. The little angel was waiting outside when she shouted, "It's 9 o' clock and I'm late already!". Both of us laughed. Good thing, it's the first day of the workshop, so it's okay to be late. We registered and got a name tag for her. When we entered the nursery, the little kiddo shouted WOW! and climbed on the slide. When she got down, I noticed she was checking the place and I heard her say, "Wow there's so many toys in here..." I called her attention and gave instructions on where I left her bag of snacks. She just said okay, obviously her attention was focused with the kids around. I told her that I'll be outside waiting for her and said goodbye. She just said, okay and goodbye.

When I was waiting outside, I noticed teachers calling several parent's names because their son/daughter was looking for their guardian. I was waiting for my name to be called or waited for my little kiddo to go out and look for me but there was no sign of her. When it was 11 o' clock, several parents were already going inside to fetch their kids, but I waited outside. Then I saw the little kiddo with her teacher beside her, obviously looking for me. I smiled when I saw the little angel pointed her hand at me. She ran towards me when I signaled my hand to her. She looked very happy, alert and full of life. I let her bond with the other kids for another 10 minutes in the playground. At home, she showed me the "very good" stamp on her hand and told me they sung songs and danced. It was a good first day of school experience.


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Monday, April 27, 2009

First day of school

It's not school time yet but it's the first day of the little angel to go to school tomorrow. We enrolled her to a school workshop and familiarization in the nearby Montessori in our area and we are very excited. Yesterday, the FIL even bought her school shoes after church. Now we got a nice new black pair from Barbie. The workshop is only a week and I hope she'll like it there because that's where she's going to school in June.

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Change of wardrobe

When the house help was out, I had the time to sort my dresser and it felt good to take out all the clothes and underwear that I don't really use anymore.I can't believe I had a whole big bag of clothes that I'm not using anymore. Anyway, I gave it to my mom and let her check it because I might have something in there that she would still want to keep. Then a week ago, I bought affordable shirts and affordable lingerie to replace the old ones. Now I feel good about my change of wardrobe and my dresser looked really nicer than before because I can wear everything in it.


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In less than a week, my mother-in-law's brother and his wife will be staying with us for four days. We already cleaned the house but we still have to move things out of the guest room since we still have stuff there that we need to use everyday. My father in law already bought an A/C for that room because it's the summer season already and it's very hot nowadays. Good thing, the bathroom's renovation was finished three months ago and we installed new bath utilities and followed bathroom safety for a hassle free usage. We still plan to renovate the kitchen but that's in two to four months time. I hope our visitors will enjoy their stay here with us.


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Saturday, April 25, 2009

whoCelebsTweet.com - Celebrities on Twitter


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Monday, April 20, 2009

School time for us

As early as March, we were already looking for the right school for the little angel. Someone recommended the Montessori near the local mall and we liked it. We were getting good reviews about the said school and their facilities is perfect. Not too big and not too small. Last week, we signed up for the one week workshop on April 27 to May 1. I'm so excited. Especially the little angel who really annoys us sometimes because she really likes to go to school. I would tell ask her to wait another week, then off she goes to school. Kids will be kids.


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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another diet idea

We had our team outing yesterday in Antipolo and we had so much fun. And yeah, I ate so much food too! And in the past week, I never stepped in our treadmill, not even once. I'm starting to think other options on how to loose the fabs before our team outing in two months time. I've read somewhere that I can actually take appetite suppressant to minimize those food cravings. I think it's a great idea and most likely, I'll try this new diet remedy. Hope it works.


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Friday, April 17, 2009

Marry Me Amy - Official site

Kudos to Aimz and her sister for a job well done! The official Marry Me Amy band site is now up and running.. and ready for viewing. More pictures, songs and videos soon!


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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Summer is here

We are already feeling the summer heat. And nothing beats a cool splash in the swimming pool or a trip to the beach somewhere in the province. Me and my friends are now planning to go somewhere. As usual, we'd loved to go where we'd never been before or somewhere remote and isolated. But when the little angel tags along, I would prefer to go where these is beach vacation rentals. You know how hard it is to travel with a little toddler and vacation rentals would really help us out. I'm excited.


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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Romantic bliss

If you have a special someone, did they do anything romantic in the last week?
~ Nothing romantic. I wished someone would, like give me some natural colon cleansers or a new workout outfit.

Are you a fan of fairy book romance or more practical?
~ I love fairy book romance!

Have you ever done anything romantic for someone? If so, what and how did they respond?
~ I did. Many to mention. Naks.

What do you think makes the most romantic date?
~ Conversations.

Would you rather be in an intellectually stimulating, sexually intense or romantic relationship?
~ I know I can be both hahaha.

Snag from Alpha.


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Super friends conquers HK - Day 8

This is our last day in HongKong and we spent it on museums and parks nearby. Quick breakfast again and we went to Kawloon park. Ang ganda ng park. Super quiet at parang ang sarap mag basa ng book or mag drawing doon hehe. Tapos inisa-isa namin yung mga museums. Too bad, yung planitarium sarado for renovations. Last stop was the Avenue of stars. More pictures *here*

~ Hulaan nyo kung asan ako jan... hihi. ~

Avenue of stars parang sa Hollywood pero mga intsek yung mga artista hehehe. Sempre nag pa-picture lang ako dun sa kilala ko.

~ Bruce Lee. ~

~ Jackie Chan. ~

Then we ate lunch and packed our bags. We all had our last minute shopping and I spent it in Tom Lee in Cameron Road. Himala talaga kase napagkasya ko lahat sa maleta ko ang mga maruruming damit plus mga pasalubong. Not mention yung mga boots! Take note - mga boots.

~ Bus ride to the airport. Sad? Mejo. ~

The airport is huge and spacious. Buti nalang Filipino yung nasa check-in counter kase as expected, nag over kami. The lady help us sort our things para hindi malaki babayaran namin. Nako salamat po!

~ Flight NJ 143 ~

It was also a smooth ride on the way back home. At sempre pagdating namin sa Naia Terminal 3, OUT na naman ang suot ko. Pinag titinginan na naman ako ng mga tao na parang taga ibang planeta nako. Hindi talaga nila trip ang attire ko - Dress and boots. Panget ba?

~ Missing my little girl... ~

Sa wakas natapos rin ang HK update na to. Sa totoo lang naduduwal nako kaka-update nito. Sa susunod na post ko, beach namin! Calling super friends! Meeting na.


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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

House check

We had three house help replacements in the last month and it's beginning to be frustrating. Sometimes house help would just leave without notifying us ahead of time. That leaves us no choice but to bring the little angel to my sister in law's house for a few days until we find another replacement. At the time, I was so busy doing the laundry, cleaning the house and did some checking too. I noticed that faucets needs replacements too.


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Tasty treat

In the past week have you had any restaurant food (whether deliver or you went out)?

~ Mostly fast food because there's no open restos. Only moving trucks is on the road at the time.

What is your favorite restaurant?
~ Anything with pizza and pasta.

What is your favorite food?
~ Pinoy and Italian.

How often do you go out to eat/order delivery?
~ We order delivery most of the time because had no time to cook.

Are you a good tipper (to servers or drivers)?
~ It depends on the service.

Snag from Alpha.


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swim, swim and swim

The little angel loves to swim that's why every summer, we always go to the beach or a resort nearby to enjoy a good swim just to beat this summer heat. The resort we would love to go is in Cavite. It's the BIL's family resort house. Not only it's free (hehe), we could also enjoy and bond together without thinking so much because it's a private owned property. Now summer is here, we might go there more often so I have to remind my sister if they already bought pool supplies for the resort.


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Super friends conquers HK - Day 7

We had a quick breakfast again and headed straight to the ticket terminal and bought ourselves a two-way ticket to MACAU. We returned on a certain time because it's much cheaper plus we did some serious night shopping back in Hong Kong.

~ Ticket to ride. ~

It was a fast ride to Macau. The wind was strong that's why the ferry was swaying. Good thing I have high tolerance sa lula. Many were at the back - throwing up. No joke.

Macau is such a nice place. Same weather as Hong Kong and there were a lot of Filipinos working there. They have numerous 5-star hotels which they offer $100 each (casino money) to visitors like us. Yes, we tried the slot machines and some of us even won, including me.

~ One of the hotels there ~

We asked directions to St. Paul's ruins church and Thank God there's this Chinese girl who knows where. When we got there, I noticed that the road turned to brick stones just like in Italy.

We passed this narrow brick stone road. Along the way, stores offered free taste of cookies and other delicacies. So By the time we got to St. Paul's church, I was full hahaha!. Free food!

~ St. Paul's Ruins Church ~

There were so many tourist and most of them are in group with matching outfits and flags. We learned why it was called St. Paul's Ruins and the ruins itself is well-preserved - like the front side of the church is still standing, main altar is there, and other retrieved church belongings and paintings are there. More pictures *here*

And so it was time to go but I can't go without trying the street food! I went to this nice looking woman who sells...er... street foods. First I don't know which one to choose. So pinili ko nalang yung mukhang tokwa at fish balls.

~ Manang pagbilan nga po.. &%*$*#&$! Ano raw?! Tokwa nga po! ~

The woman boiled it and put some curry sauce. I asked her to put little of that famous spicy curry sauce. Konti nga lang pero super anghang parin! Lumalabas talaga yung uhog ko!

~ In fairness.. masarap sya! I want more pa! ~

Then I saw this girl eating a delicious looking ice cream, so I knew there was a ice cream store nearby. I was right! Je-jeng!

~ Fruit based ice cream - Lemon Cello Gelato. ~

One cup of this costs $25 each - expensive yes, but it was worth it. Ang sarap sarap talaga! At kakaiba mga flavors. Yung fruits pero yung iba may twist, like Raisin rhum.

~ We had two cups. Can't help it! ~

Continuation: Super friends conquers HK - Day 8


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Monday, April 13, 2009

Next destination

I know it's not wrong to dream once in a while but I'm been thinking of getting a vacation cruise just in the movies. Here I am wondering what is like to cruise and tour to an isolated beach place and enjoy. My adventure self is craving for new places to go so calling out - super friends! We need to plan our next destination and we need it to go, I hope very very soon. I can't wait.


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Super friends conquers HK - Day 6

After breakfast, we went to Ate Karen work place. I never been to that side of HK because it's like the province side already. But I really like the area and the neighborhood. It's away from all the city noise. Then we pass the market, school and the bus terminal before we rode the MTR station to Ngong Ping 360.

Ngong ping 360 is a must when you are in HK. We rode the cable car bound to the Giant Buddha.
~ This cable car is bigger than the ones in Oceanpark. ~

This is why it's called Ngong Ping 360... because of the 360 breath taking view! I even saw the entire airport from there.

~ Going up... ~

Upon our destination, we pass the Ngong Ping Village where you can eat, dine, buy souvenirs, take picture and all but we had no time for that. We had to catch the 5pm cable car closing time. We had quite a long walk going to the Giant Buddha. Not to mention the 100-step stairs. whew!

~ Okay, one shot then off I goooo! ~

~ Finally, at the bottom of the Giant Buddha. ~

Again, the view was breath taking. Then inside this monument was a picture sized painting on the history of Buddha himself, a burial site, ancient scrolls (yes, just like in the movies) and a piece of Buddha's relic. Cameras are not allowed inside but we were able to took couple shots inside. See it *here*

On our way back, we were able to snag cheaper souvenirs along the local stores there. Then we were able to catch the 5pm last trip to Ngong Ping station via cable car. We were so dead hungry when we arrived at the station so we had to go inside the mall and eat. Buddha indeed blessed us that night because we found this Samsonite store where they sell Lacoste and it's on sale!

~ This is where I bought my lacoste bag. ~

TIPS: Sale items are actually inside the mall.

Continuation: Superfriends conquers HK - Day 7


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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Super friends conquers HK - Day 5

And so the adventure continues...

Day 5 was dedicated to HK Disneyland only. We got up as early, had breakfast at Yoshinoya and went straight to Sunny Bay station where the train to Disneyland is located. Pag dating palang sa train, feel na feel na namin ang Disneyland. Papano ganito itsura ng train...

~ Mickey mouse na yung train! hehehe ~

Pag baba palang namin ng MTR, todo picture taking na kami. Akalain mo wala pa kami sa main entrance nun ah.

~ May jump shot ako pero panget eh hihihi kaya eto nalang... ~

Na hilo ata ako sa sobrang tuwa pag dating sa loob. Si lanna lang naisip ko nung nasa loob nako. Lagi kong sinabi.. "Sana andito si Lanna..." waaaahh!! Kase super pambata talga sya at sa mga isip bata katulad namin. Todo rides na kami at sight seeing. Pag sapit ng tanghalian, ayun gutom na. Eto ang kinain ko. Super nag enjoy ako sa meal na yan.. kahit mahal hehehe.

~ Spicy pork, niluto ni mickey mouse hihihi. Maka-tulo uhog. ~

Sempre hindi ako uuwi na walang pictures kasama si Mickey mouse! This is a must pag andun ka sa Disneyland.

~ Ang litt lang ni Micket mouse. ~

At sempre picture-taking with the princesses. Nag re-touch na nga ako nyan pero ang hirap talagang pantayan ang beauty ng mga princess. Ang gaganda talga nila. Nag muka ata akong yaya dito tsk tsk!

Sobrang hinhin nila pati sa pag salita. Para talagang princess! Parang gusto ko narin maging princess... Sana pagbalik ko ng HK, kasama ko na ang aking anak. More pictures *here*

Continuation: Super friends conquers HK - Day 6


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Monday, April 6, 2009

Super friends conquers HK - Day 4

This entry is soo late. Catching-up mode ako ngayon kase super busy kami last week. Anyway eto na...

Day 4 - Reserve ang araw na to for Oceanpark only. We had an early breakfast at KFC. Sa lahat ng breakfast meals na nakainan namin, pinaka gusto ko sa KFC kase ang daming choices. Ibang iba sa menu dito satin. Pero ang patok na patok samin eh etong inorder ko. Sulit kase tapos ang sarap sarap pa!

~ Ang sarap sarap ng biscuit promise! ~

Sempre okay rin sa Yoshinoya at third place nalang para sakin ang McDo. McDo na naman?! hehehe. Anyway, we got there before 10AM so the place is still closed, so picture taking to the max sa entrance palang....

~ Mawawala ba naman ang solo jump shot ko?! ~

Tapos nag gayahan na... group jump shot naman. Dyos mio pinag titinginan kami ng mga tao eh. Waahh inggit ata.. gusto rin siguro mag jump shot.

~ 1...2...3... Jump! ~

Can't believe andito na naman ako sa Oceanpark. After 12 years, sempre ang dami naring nagbago. Eto yung mga naalala ko...

1. Dolphin show - parang mejo maikli na yung show ngayon. Iba narin itsura ng stage at iba narin yung show flow. Pure music nalang tapos wala na yung whale. Pero ok sya kase hindi naiinip mga tao.
2. Cable car - Napansin ko bago na yung cable car. Naalala ko nun parang maingay yung cable car dati. Maingit sya at madalas pang huminto sa gitna. Parang nag brown-out. Kaya naman takot na takot mommy ko nun.
3. Food - malamang talga mag babago rin ang menu nila. Hindi ko lang alam kung magkano kase sindot ilong, kamot pwet lang ako nun dati.
4. Sea Jelly - Ngayon lang ako nakapasok dito. Hindi ko alam kung bago to or hindi lang kami nakapasok nun dati. Pero oks talga sya.

~ Sea Jelly entrance. Ayun yung jelly fish oh! ~

Pag pasok palang sa loob, ang ganda ganda na. With matching classical music pa. Para tuloy silang nag sasayaw!

Naalala ko tuloy yung puerto-galera-jelly-fish-near-death-experience ko. Ganito kaya yung dumikit sakin nun? Waahhh aray!

Sabi nga ni Will Smith sa 7 pounds na movie nya, deadliest daw ang jelly fish, proven ko na yan, kaya ingat ingat ngayon summer! More picture *here*

Contination: Super friends conquers HK - Day 5.


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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mom's surprise party

It was a successful surprise party last March 31, 2009. Everything went great! My mom did not expect such event on her birthday. I still don't have the official photos from my BIL but I was able to grab some from the cousin's multiply site.

~ Surprise! ~

Our hard work paid off when we saw her surprised face when she walked in. Complete with band music, bouquet of flowers and the customized birthday hat from Hannah.

~ Showing off our Hong Kong boots. ~

It was suppose to be a 70's theme so my sisters wore the boots I bought for them from Hong Kong. My mom has a pair too but we did can't find it. Tinago pala nya hehehe. My cousin also noticed that I lost a lot of weight that she insist to try the best diet pill I used these past few months.

~ Belleza family ~

Here's my mom's side of the family - 4 generations! Our lola, my mom's brothers and sisters (with the twins), our cousins and our pamangkins. These guys sure knows how to party!

~ Marry Me Amy in the house. ~

Marry Me Amy played 3 songs from their up coming album naks! Wishing well hehehe. Edward - My fender P.bass, looks good on me uh. But I'm plan to change the name to Mccoy hihihi. Amy pls don't ask why.

~ Papsie and Mamsie. ~

Would you believe my mom is already 60 years old?!


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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sweet 60

My mom turned 60 last Monday and our surprise birthday party bash for her was a total success! Everyone we invited was there. From our relatives, my mom's office mates to our family's closest friends. And everyone was aware of the surprise party and they were all very cooperative. Imagine the pressure we had to think everyday (before the party) that a friend or a relative might spill the beans but thank God no one did. Everything turned out according to plan - venue, food, sound system, the band, decors, AVPs, singers, D.I.s, cake, flowers, souvenirs and more. Whew! But I had to admit, all the credit goes to our eldest sister - Ardey. She planned everything - ideas, program, bookings, invitations, food, venue... wow! pede na mag event coordinator hehehe. And thank you also to our Dad who totally supported us with this event and for keeping our mom company in the mall while we prepare for the party (Pictures to follow). Daming naming mga palusot that day pero na reveal naman lahat -- in the end, she was very very happy, and that's what we wanted to see.

Happy sweet 60th birthday mom. We love you.

Grabeh hindi mukang 60 years old ang mommy ko! Sana ganyan rin ako balang araw.


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