Saturday, June 28, 2008


I can't remember is I grabbed this tag or Litzie tagged me. Oh well... =)

The rules are simple. At the end of the post, the player tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leave a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
~ Working already.

2. What are the 5 things on my to-do list today?
~ Catch up with tags/memes on my blog.
~ Learn to edit photos.
~ Fix the desktop computer.
~ Arrange/move and create backup files.
~ Schedule dinner with super friends (Malen, Amy and Ruthie)

3. Snacks I enjoy:
~ We love snacks! First on the list is POPCORN. All time favorite snack. Second is Pretzels and then potato chips and cereals.

4. Places where I lived:
~ Novaliches and Marilao Bulacan.

5. Things I’d do if I were a billionaire:
~ Save money.
~ Invest.
~ Manage a business.
~ Get a house/car for my family.
~ Travel the world.
~ Participate in charities.

6. People I want to know more about:
~ Friends.

I'm tagging... Winnie, Malen, Ruthie, Amy, kRisTiNe, Michellie.

Home updates. I've doing a lot of thinking about our house. I got the idea of getting new curtains since the curtains that we have are a couple of years old and are out of style already. Maybe I could drop by at the nearest mall and check out the latest designs. And while I'm at it, I check could the indoor lighting as well.


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Friday, June 27, 2008


The FIL arrived yesterday from Baguio. It's so nice to see strawberries in the fridge again. And the little angel loved the ube and choco flakes.

Our weekend is pretty much booked again. SIL is expected to visit us in Bulacan with her hubby. Then we'll go to my HS friend's birthday at dinner time. I hope it doesn't rain though. And then Sunday, we'll go to a kiddie party @ Burger King. It will be a blast I'm sure. I hope I can to go the mall for a quick grocery time and I still need to buy a birthday gift.

The little angel is growing fast. She's talkative and likes to play and watch kiddie stuff on TV. She loves Hi5 more because she dances along with them now. She can name all the Disney movies that we have and asks politely what she wants to watch. Then after the movie, she would tell me what happen. And sometimes she would tell me stories on what happened when we went to Dwyn's birthday party, or when we went to mall, or when we watched Kung Fu Panda in the movie theatre and more. She's a certified talker. She loves to sing too. She sings songs (with her own tune) with the lyrics I can't understand. She can sing the Happy Birthday song and a part of the Umbrella song by Rhiana. She loves books and animals too. She would also answer yes, if I ask her if she wants to go to school. Kids these days are very aggressive and yet they remain cute and lovable.



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Blog Readability Meme

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1. Take the Readability Test for your blog(s) here.
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blog readability test

TV Reviews

Read My Mind, Joan Joyce, Life in Korea, Apt1014, Elliot, Pinay Mommy, Mommy's little Corner, Lizzz, [your turn!]

I'm tagging... Winnie, Litzie, Alpha, Kathycot, Michellie, Malen, Amy, Ruthie!


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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Global Picnic

Every year, our company treats all their employees to a summer outing, usually in Subic. Before I was with the company, Global Picnic was held in Fontana. But they rejected us three years ago (I think) because the head count is huge that they cannot accommodate us anymore.

We left office at 9AM boarding the tourist bus bound to Subic. It was raining a little that time. We had our brunch at Pier One and headed straight to the Hotel (Legenda Suites). Some of us were sleepy because we just out of our shift. Since I was there to party and enjoy, I got a quick shower, dressed up and went to the event area.

~ Legenda Suites ~

The main event area was between the Pier One and the LightHouse hotel, so we had the whole shore side for ourselves. The Organizers did a great job because the area was spacious, lots of chairs and tables, and a great view. We experienced a quick shower in the late afternoon and consistent mild showers in the evening. But that did not stop us from partying.

~ Sea side event ~

~ Inflatables near the Lighthouse hotel ~

~ The stage ~

We had dinner at 7:30PM. Good thing, there's less people in the buffet table, because I asked the waitress to double the servings, which she did. Takaw!

~ Me and my scrumptious dinner ~

It was already raining a little that time so we watched that band on our dinner table, which is not that far from the stage area. We only got to watch Indio I and did not saw Brownbeat all star perform because we went back to the hotel.

~ Indio I ~

Me and my friend signed up for the fortune teller booth, and I was pretty much satisfied on what the fortune teller told me. I'm just keeping my hopes up for now.

Then of course, what's a party without the booze right? These girls gave us 2 cans of margarita, which of course six for me because I asked my other friends to get their share so they can get it to me hahaha. More pictures *here*

~ Margarita ladies ~

Then went back the to hotel room because there's another party going on. Me and my friends enjoyed the night full of booze and chit-chats. I remembered I was walking back to my hotel room at 2AM without a single drop of rain at that time. But I received a text message from my mom that it was already raining hard in QC.

We woke up at 7AM, took a bath and prepared for breakfast. Everybody was talking about the hard rain in QC the night before, but it was only raining light from where we were. We experienced heavy rains in North Expressway. I was literally hearing the whistle of the wind from the inside of the bus. It's scary.

~ On the way home... ~

~ Too bad I still have my beer stub ~

I arrived at SM North at 12noon but got home around 4PM. I had a hard time getting transpo to Bulacan because the area was flooded. Thanks to the Toyota adventure driver because he drove through the knee-high flood so we can get home. But the drop off is in SM Marilao which is isolated with flood as well. God never fails to help me, because I saw our long time friend, who I haven't seen for more than 3 years. He was there responding to a rescue mission in front of SM Marilao. Yeah, also to my rescue because he was kind enough to drop me home.

When arrived, the little angel hugged me and said, "I missed you mommy... "


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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

~ Popcorn Party! ~


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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monthly Household Expenses

Snag this from Yen.

How many sq meters is your place, and how many people live there?
I'm really not good in numbers so I cannot at least estimate the size of the place. Although I can describe it. It's a bungalow house with 4 rooms, 2 rest rooms, living room and dirty kitchen at the back, 2 lots parking lots and a spacious back yard. There lived 5 adults and 1 toddler.

How much is your electricity bill monthly? Water?
Electricity - We don't usually turn on the A/C because it's cold especially at night. Our monthly electricity costs around 3,400 because of the FIL's A/C and the my lappy is always on.

Water-Free. Because we use deep-well.

Other utilities?
House Rent- We owned the house.
LPG - 620, I think. This will last 2 months because the old fashioned uling. Not only we can save LPG, food tastes yummy when cooked using this method.
Health Supplements - We only buy vitamins so it's around 1k a month.
Rice - Free. We receive 3 sacks of rice every 3 months. FIL works for the government.
Yaya- 2 yaya, 2k each.
Fuel/Gas-I don't use a car. It's the FIL (car) and hubby (motorcycle) so I can't tell. I commute everyday so that's less than 200 a day.
Phone Bill-We have no land line phone at home.
Internet- Php 999 a month.
Sky Cable-We have no cable TV.
Mobile Phone bills-Using Sun line, I consume around 500 a month. But I overpaid last month so I paid only 53 pesos this month. Nice.

Groceries? Market?
Groceries-I spend around 2,000 on groceries. The FIL also buys some stuff.
Milk-I visited 3 mercury drug store and found no Promil for 2 yrs old so I switched to Progress which is slightly expensive than Promil. Promil=it's 900 a month. Progress=1,200 a month.
Gerber-No Gerber. Cereal and fresh milk=yes! But it's already included in the grocery.
Pampers-I haven't bought diapers in two months. And I still have 3 packs of Huggies at home. The little angel is completely diaper free.
Snacks- Almost half of the groceries are snacks alone. But sometimes we eat out, like Jollibee and KFC which costs us around 1,500 a month.
Market-the FIL is in charge in going to the Market. He likes to cook.

Our monthly expenses is not that big because we don't have what others have, like cable TV, water bills and land line bills. We rely on antenna signal for the TV channel and we have our cell phones for incoming and out going calls.

And for our groceries stuff are more on snacks majority for the little angel, like biscuits, sky flakes, pop corn, crackers, pretzels, tons of cereal boxes, fresh milk, juice, yogart and more.

The FIL likes lutong bahay (home cooked food) with fresh ingredients rather than in cans. So our weekly menu is more on vegetables, like chopsuey, pakbet, ampalaya, calabasa, adobong sitaw etc. And on weekends, we marinade and grill the pork with veggies and soup on the side. I said fresh ingredients because instead of the sachet tamarid--we use the old fashioned sampaloc. And it's also cheaper to buy in the market rather than in the grocery store.

Now it's your turn! I'm tagging Winnie, Michellie, Kristine, Malen, Ruthie, Amy.


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Tradegy at Sea

~ MV Princess of the Stars ~

It has happened again: A ship was given clearance to sail despite a warning that a typhoon would hit the general area where it would pass through within 24 hours. Waves “as tall as mountains” lashed the ship, MV Princess of the Stars, and sank it off Sibuyan Island in Romblon province. About 800 of the more than 862 persons aboard the ship were missing as of Sunday and were believed to have drowned.

If all the 800 missing passengers are finally declared dead, the sinking of the MV Princess of the Stars would go into the records as the second-worst sea disaster in the Philippines. The country’s—and the world’s—worst peacetime sea disaster was the collision of the MV Doña Paz with MT Vector in Tablas Strait between the islands of Mindoro and Marinduque on Dec. 20, 1987 in which more than 4,000 people died.

One question being asked is why MV Princess of the Stars was allowed to sail despite the warning that Typhoon Frank (international code name: Fengshen) would hit the general area where it would pass on its way to Cebu City. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo asked Vice Admiral Wilfredo Tamayo, Coast Guard chief, this question and he said that ships the size of the ill-fated vessel were not covered by storm warnings issued by the weather bureau. If this is true, then the guidelines should be revised to cover all vessels regardless of size. It is always better to err on the side of caution than take risks. We are talking of the lives of people here.

Complete story *here*


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life insurance

As a mother of a growing and very active toddler, I can't help but worry about her future. As my sister always say, I worry too much. She's right. I tend to worry too much that I need to calm down and make actions instead. As we all know, the best way for our family nowadays is life insurance. Insurance is not for the people who will pass away (knock on wood) but for people who will be left behind.


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gold cufflinks

I always admire wedding rings especially made by famous designers. Wedding rings is a symbol of united between two people and for it's a sacred thing to have. Upon browsing the Internet, I found gold cufflinks made by famous designers too and they looked really nice. Then I remember my grandfather used to wear one of these cuff links when he was still working in a corporate office as a Director.


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Monday, June 23, 2008

Featured bloggers

I did my rounds this morning and look what I found.. two of my friends were featured as blogger of the day. Saya!

I've know these girls since I was in high-school and it's so nice that after all these years, we still get to update each other.

Michellie was my friend back in high school but we don't go in the same school. I met her from a friend and that started the spark of a friendship until now. We were band mates too in a all-girl band back then.

~ Michellie ~ Wanna know me Better ~

Kristine was my batch mate in SJC. I think we also went in the same school service one time. I always see her as a shy type but I usually her from boys that she's simple and pretty. Well, she really is. Swerte ni Gerry. =)

~ kRisTiNe ~ All In My Head ~


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Citzenship For Sale? (Non-U.S. Viewpoint)


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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Global Picnic

An hour from now, we will be boarding the bus bound to Subic for our once a year company outing. It's much awaited event of the year (besides the Christmas party of course), why? Because of the overnight stay on one of the hotels, games and booth, prizes and giveaways, music, food and booze, and all night partying--all expensed paid. I love company hehehe. Anyway, I already miss the little angel and I won't be seeing her today and tomorrow. I'll just make sure I'd buy her something from Royale Subic just like last year.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! And stay safe.


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Offshore Drilling - You want it?


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Friday, June 20, 2008

Weekend Snapshot

~ Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich - Filipino style (in Pandesal) ~


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iTouch, iPhone or iPhone 3G?

Ever since the ipod classic was introduced few years ago, everybody just can't get enough of these gadgets. When these gadgets came out, I waited more for the price to go down. Good thing when my sister gave my the free iPod nano when she purchased a Mac Book Pro. While on break in the office earlier, me and my officemate talked about lovely gadgets. And we both agreed that iTouch was a-nice-to-have. It comes with 8G, 16G and the 32G.

~ iTouch ~

But when the iPhone came out, I thought it was just the same as the touch-thing but I was totally wrong. Now I'm dreaming to have this ever since I had the chance to try it when my sister got one. OMG, it's so easy to navigate and the application is so neat! Too bad it's pricey. This is wishing well for me....

~ iPhone ~

I can't remember who told me that there's a new iPhone that's coming out--it's the iPhone 3G. I haven't compared the specs yet because they all looked that same, right? hahaha. And this baby is half the price compared to the iPhone. Yeah I can't believe it myself too. According to the site, the price starts at $199 so thats less then 10K?! Mura db? Do anybody here knows where I can get this iPhone 3G?? Waahh... I like to have one. Bili na tayo!

~ iPhone 3G ~

But if anyone of you is still not satisfied... Maybe you can get the Mega iPhone! Hahahaha!

~ Mega iPhone: picture from Kottke. ~


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Your Firsts


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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hot Seat Tag

Thanks winnie for tagging me. This lady was my best friend in HS and I'm really glad she started a blog. I'm so happy that all these years apart, we still manage to keep in touch and update each other despite the distance.

Are you deeply in love with your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend? If you do, let’s try how well you remember the moment of your life with him. But before you put yourself in the hot seat please read the rules of this tag first.

1. This tag should be pass on to your closest friends.
2. Visit the blog of the person you’ve got this tag.
3. Leave a comment on her/his tag post. Be sure to thank her/him for this tag.
4. Highlight and link all the list of people who accepted this tag by visiting their blog site.
5. There are 10 questions that you need to answer but you will be the one to write the 10th question for the next person you want to pass this tag.

Here’s your questions: Be Honest and True!

1. How did you meet your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend?
Answer: In school. He was my classmate in College.

2. Where did you went in your first date?
Answer: Movie

3. When was your first intimate kiss?
Answer: After almost a year because we were friends at first.

4. How many girlfriends/boyfriends he/she had in the past? Do you honestly know?
Answer: No.

5. What is his/her ethnicity?
Answer: Filipino

6. What is his/her favorite food?
Answer: Lengua, which I dunno how to cook hahaha.

7. What is he/she like if he/she is mad?
Answer: He talks.

8. What are the things he/she did you thought is the most romantic thing he’d/she’d ever done?
Answer: He'll always there for me.

9. Describe how he/you proposed to you.
Answer: We never had a formal proposal. We just talked about it.

10. Describe him/her in one word.
Answer : Makulit.

1. Soujourn 2. Pinay Mom in Czech Republic 3. See Me for What You Will 4. Lainy’s Musings 5. Our Journey To Forever 6. Sheng’s Simple Thoughts… 7. Pinay WAHM 8. Me and My World 9. coicoi’s World 10. BLOGSILOG 11. Blessings in Life 12. Wonderful Things In Life 13.Raptured Dreams 14. Embracing Health For Life 15. Unspoken Lines 16.Concealed Mind 17. Ram Fam 18. Welcome to My World. 19. You're next!

I'm tagging... Litzie, Kathycot, Alpha, A Fil-AM Journey, Dez, Meng, Yennygirl.


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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

~ Cereal killer ~


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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm back at night time

Yes, I'm back at night time and hopefully it will last 2 months or so.

We had a blast last Sunday--Father's day. We woke up early and gave our gifts to FIL (North face back pack) and to the hubby (pair of crocs) and they loved it. We went to church in the morning and had lunch out at Max's. The little angel enjoyed couple of arcade rides in the mall and then we went home. We got ready, packed our things and went to my parents house in QC. We stayed there until the late afternoon and let the kids play. We waited for the rest of my sisters to arrived and we went to Shakey's to have dinner. Hubby and I were happy to see the little angel ate her dinner without us helping her. She grabbed the fork and scoped a mouthful of spaghetti and took a bit on her pepperoni slice pizza. What a sight. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures because I was also enjoying my pizza and mojos. =B

The little angel's yaya said goodbye too that day and we fetched her replacement. So far, everything is well between the little angel and her new yaya. Good thing about it is that, the little kiddo never did asked for her old yaya, but asked for her mommy all the time. =B That's my angel.


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Monday, June 16, 2008

Home Computer Security


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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Daddy's corner

Thanks to Issa for this tag. This is really a treat for my hubby today coz it's Father's day! I got the hubby a pair of crocs and he liked it. Okay so here's a couple of facts about the hubby...

1. The hubby like to go places. Mall, Park, Restos, Beach... you name it.

2. The hubby like kids. Even from the start, he loves kids. Now that we have our own bundle of joy, he can't take his eyes off her.

3. The hubby is a good provider and an great father.

There are countless things about the hubby and we love him so dearly...

Started by Mitchteryosa

Rules:1) Copy from {Start Copy Here} to {End Copy Here}.

2) Blog ‘Brag’ about your husband - yes, the father of your child/ren. As I’ve said singles may also join by bragging about their own fathers, or even grandfathers. It doesn’t matter! Of course, Daddy bloggers themselves may also join, but you have to blog about your fathers and not about yourselves, deal? Okay. Good.

3) Add your blog in the master list below linking to the post that you just made. Or if you wish, do it as how I’ve done it in my other blog by adding a new page.

4) Leave your comment here and don’t forget to leave your link so you can be added on the masterlist. Yup. Here. Thanks!

5) Let’s not forget Peppermint Creative for the corner border I used for the badge.

1. When Silence Speaks 2. Everything About Deye 3. Etc Atbp4. Pinay Mommy Online5. Coffee Cup Princess 6. Garden of Moments 7. Aeirin’s Collection 8. Never Dainty 9. The Long Journey Of My Life 10. A Mother Of Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow 11. Everything That Has Breathe Praise The Lord 12. Can Of Thoughts 13. Anything And Everything In Between 14. No Place Like Home 15. Pinay WAHM16. Only In Silence 17. Bisdak Footprints18. Simply Me, Simple Life 19. Fun Fierce Fab 20. Confessions Of A Supermodel Wannabe 21. Embracing Health For Life 22. Jona Thinks23. Whatever Comers To Mind 24. BOTH SIDES NOW25. Why Babie?26. My Virtual Closet 27. My Views On My So Called Life 28. Sexy Momma29. Memoirs of May-san 30. A Pocketful of Happiness 31. Welcome To My World

{End Copy Here}
Happy Father's day!


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Hair salon

I finally got the certificate from the hair salon last week. It was not a major hair cut or a make over because the hubby doesn't want it short so we just had a 2 inches trim. And it really made a difference. She looks like a little lady now.

~ My first hair cut. ~


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best wrinkle cream

My mom has been a loyal fan of moisturizers and anti-aging creams. That's why her skin is still soft and smooth until now. But as she age slowly, we cannot avoid the appearance of wrinkles. Well, even I have wrinkles too because of stress and work. And I found out the best wrinkle cream in the market. It has been tested and reviewed. And I may recommend this to my mom.


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debt consolidation loans

There a lot of aspects that we need to consider before getting into debts or loans. Balancing finances can sometimes be hard. To some I know, they even loose their house because of it. And that is what we are avoiding. In debt consolidation loans, it is not always the right choice. That's why we really need to be in top shape in our financial goals.


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Where's Your Loyalty?


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Friday, June 13, 2008


It's been a very busy week. I hate morning shift. Like I said before, it's hot and crowded. Anyway, since it's Friday, that means our buffer training is over and we'll start the real training on Monday. Two days training, two days nesting and Go live on the last day. Whew. It'll be fun next week. And good thing about it is that I'm back on the night shift. Yey!

Just finished errands and the grocery in the mall and I'm exhausted! And then I remembered, I still need to finish some little things here... like burn the birthday video because I'll the SIL will get a copy tomorrow. Arranged pictures on the photo album... yeah finally I bought an album. And oh, I also need to wrap a birthday present which is due tomorrow as well. Then collect ideas for my blog. I think I missed so much this week--not to mention my blog hopping time. Waah. I have not eaten my dinner yet and I think I lost my appetite. How come I'm always in a hurry? Argh.

But Thank God it's Friday... =)


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HammeRuler ... It's new, really new!


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free medical windows mobile software

Almost everything is accessible on the Internet. Most of the students to research on projects online, and some take trainings and examinations online. For working mums like me, we sometimes do shopping online. And for dads, well, they chat, surf and research about their hobbies too online. For me, it has been a great help because I was able to get in touch with long lost friends, and at the same time, meet new friends too. I said earlier that almost everything is accessible on the Internet, right? why? Because we can now also get free medical windows mobile software online for us to get in touch with doctors and physicians. Now, getting that medical assistance is just one click away.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.


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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

driving me nuts...

I don't know about you but this morning shift is driving me crazy! I'm having a hard time waking up early in the morning... I can't stand the rush hour and in the afternoon, it's too crowded! I know I'm not used to the morning shift but I'm thinking of going back at night....


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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I am temporarily living a normal life right now because of the morning shift. This is our second week of training and we are enjoying the time doing less work in the office. Hopefully this so-called special project will push through. We might get updates this week or early next week. And me and my office mates are excited on the up coming global picnic next week. It's a company outing done every year. It's an all expense paid over night stay in Subic full of activities, food and music. We also have the account's traditional house party, where everybody enjoys each other's company complete with music and booze. Ika nga ang motto namin is---Work hard, Party Harder.

On the hand, I'm starting to think of getting out of the country for a change. There's so many options that I can't really decide what to do. There's a big opportunity out there that, like my x-office mates did but I just can't seem to decide. It's the little angel and the hubby that I'm thinking... Right now, I asked God to give me sign. Tsk.

More updates...

Our yaya has been a big help at home to us. The little angel's yaya already stayed with us for over a year and yesterday she broke the bad news... She's leaving us because her bf asked her to get married. She told us that she's not gonna leave without a replacement. I want to convince her to stay but I know that's what she wants. Things like this happens all the time and as much as I want her t stay... Life goes on. I can't always ask her to stay. Change is constant. We just have to live with it.


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Sunday, June 8, 2008


Ever since I bought my laptop two weeks ago, life has been a breeze. The only regret I had was why I did not bought one sooner. These portable computers are very convenient because I can access the Internet to any hot spot available and I can chat with MIL anywhere, if I need to. And best thing about it is that I blog all that way, anywhere anytime. Thank God for laptops.


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Brand Loyalty


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Saturday, June 7, 2008

See you later...

I woke up 3:30 in the afternoon yesterday and immediately called my mom. My sister J was already in the airport and they were just waiting until my sister had checked in. She took the 6pm flight to Dubai yesterday and as of this writing, she should be there already with my other sister S.

We had a mini-despedida dinner with her close friends the other day. Everyone enjoyed the food my mom prepared and had chats with each other.

~ See you soon sister! ~

I will definitely miss our time together... staying up late talking about everything--computers, ambitions, food, friends and music... Those long nights jamming until we loose our voices and until the neighbors complain that it's noisy... and those times when you made me sing your songs.

There's no goodbye sis, just see you later! I miss you already. Zitros forever db.


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Who's Fit?


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Friday, June 6, 2008

Thank you!

The helper woke me up the other day because she said the mailman outside was asking for my ID. There was this mail from the US and they need verification. I was still groggy when I got outside. I stared at the big white envelope and tried to think if I ordered anything from Internet because the sender's address was not familiar. What the heck. I opened it anyway....

I smiled when I saw the card inside! I quickly grabbed my camera because I want to document it.

Thank you very much LITZIE for this birthday gift!

~ White envelope with an unfamiliar address; and what a surprise! ~

~ I really liked the pink ribbon; and there's a thoughtful message. ~

~ A birthday message; Opening the gift... wow! ~

~ Thank you very much for this cute pink girly bag! ~

I'm really surprised! Because we thought we lost this on the mail because my birthday was last February and the gift arrived 3 months later. Better late then never right. This is my third hand bag for the year and I'm so loving it! I has a divider inside that lets me put a feeding bottle for the little angel; enough space to put my wallet, tissue and loose power and a handy small pouch for the coins that's attached to the bag for easy access. Goody!

All I can say now is... Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Litzie! mwah!


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Diaper No More

Few months back, we potty trained the little angel in the house and was successful. But she still wore one diaper in the afternoon during nappy time and one during night time. I also let her wear one when we go out, like in the park, church, grocery, mall etc.

Lately, she complained by saying "ouch.. ouch... pampers...", while holding her diaper. I double checked it and it was fine--not too tight. Then Saturday, when we were in the grocery store, she said "mommy wee-wee please...". I told her that it was okay because she had her diapers on. But she kept telling me the same thing, but I insisted back. I love to accompany her to the comfort room, but we were already inside the grocery store. Then came Saturday evening, she wore her usual diapers only to find out that it was dry the next morning. No sign of pee. It came to me that we try to completely remove the diaper from her daily cycle.

Now, she's not wearing one anymore even at night time. She would always advise us when she needs to go. The hubby told me that last night, the little angel woke him up at 3 in the morning because she wants to pee. Good girl. At 2 years and 5 months old, she doesn't need diapers anymore.

We are so proud of her... and she is too.


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Tuscany villa rentals

My mom and dad are the two people I am most proud of. They stuck together through thick and thin. They helped each other to provide for all us. And since we are all grown up, successful and happy with our lives--we plan to give back what they had done for us. We suggested to give our parent a vacation or maybe an out of the country trip. I found Tuscany villa rentals online and it looks beautiful there.


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condo hotel

I was chatting with sister the other day and she mentioned that she's interested in getting a condo unit. She told me that it could an investment someday or maybe they might need it in the future. I thought that she can turn it into a condo hotel so she have it rented. At least she's earning right. If I have the money, maybe I could invest on one too.


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We will never forget you

This is a tribute to our beloved friend, Remigio Atienza who passed away last May 29, 2008. You will be remembered always. You will always be in our hearts.

~ We will never forget you... ~


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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our Prayers

It was confirmed that our batch mate from High School passed away last week. It was a tragic day. Even if we practice defensive driving, accidents do happen. His car was hit by a ranging van on the driver's side, and unfortunately, he did not survived. Although the van's driver is currently behind bar, many lives were already affected. Including his wife and two little kids.

Hubby and I went there last night to say our last goodbye. The wife greeted us when we entered and I introduced myself. I can sense that she's still hurt, which made me teary-eyed. Our friend looked peaceful in the casket but I would prefer looking at him in the picture. His smile made me remember our High School days. I remembered he was the class clown.

A mass is scheduled today at 9 in the morning and the cremation will follow.

Our prayers to +Remigio Atienza and his family.


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Should Hillary concede?


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PC vs. Mac


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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

~ Yummy ice cream cone from Dairy Queen. ~


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Happy Birthday sister!

It was our sister's birthday last June 2, and we all went out to dinner. I love family dinner because there's always a new place we could go, and this time we tried at AMICI in Tomas Morato. We just texted and messaged each other online on where to go, and I was surprised that it was an Italian resto. While waiting, me and my sister ordered food ahead of time.

This is also a despedida family dinner because me sister S will going back to Dubai the next day and other sister J, will be going there too on Friday because of work. It's tempting for me to resign and work there as well, but looking at the little angel kept my feet on the ground. So that option is still undecided yet. But who knows right.

~ Dubai girls. We'll miss you guys. ~

I mentioned that we ordered food ahead of time, that's why our food arrived while still waiting for the others. And look what I did... I took pictures!

Caution: Yummy food below.

~ Roast Chicken with Rose Mary ~ Italian sausage pizza ~

~ Lasagna on the left; and Spaghetti the right. ~

~ Calzone pizza on the left and four cheese pizza on the right. ~

The food was great. I love Italian food. I could it everyday... promise.

~ My sister, the birthday girl with her bf. ~

~ My sister's family doing the Ironman pose on the left and
me with the hubby the little angel on the right. ~

After that scrumptious dinner, we went to SM North, the block to have our photo session at Peek-a-boo. We are such a photo addict. I can't wait to get my hands on those photos!

The night was not over. After the photo session, we went to Starbucks at West ave to have coffee, sang happy birthday and eat the birthday cake. It was already 11pm went we decided to go home. We said our wishes, hugged and kissed each other and said our final farewell. But it's not really goodbye... It's see you later.


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