Monday, March 30, 2009

"baby GK"

Here's a new addition to our family of instruments - GALLIEN-KRUEGER Backline 110. My dad bought it five days ago and I already used it last Thursday during the band practice. The sound is a lot crispier than my Carvin bass amp and it's compact and small too. This unit is something different for me because it includes an overdrive, so I have an opportunity to experiment more. I love the sound and size. Great for solo practice. I call em "Baby GK".


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Sunday, March 29, 2009

what party

Two weeks ago, me and my sister were checking out party venues in our area. I told to her check on the Internet first because I was still in Hong Kong at that time. She was able to find this venue which is very near to our place. We immediately checked it out, the day after I arrived from Hong Kong. We fell in love with place because it was accessible, spacious, simple, and it has a nice garden with romantic outdoor lights. We agreed to rent the place for the party. Your asking, what party? You'll find out in 3 days...


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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One day in the life of Inday and Dodong

Someone in the office emailed this to us. Suddenly, everybody's laughing including me. It really removed the stress and tension in our work area. Enjoy...

One day in the life of Inday and Dodong

It was jazz an ordinary day. The skies were clear, the birds were chipping. Ang ganda-ganda ng araw!
Nasa SM ako noon at katatapos ko lang mamili ng groceries. Timing naman nasa foodcore si Angel Locsin, nagpro-provoke ng movie nya. Grabe, andaming fans, pull-packed talaga! Dahil fans nya rin ako, nakipila rin ako.

Then suddenly, out of the loo, may bumulong sa akin ng: "Indaaaayyyy. ....."
Huh? It sounded like a familiar sound. Who can it be now?
"Dodong!" sigaw ko.

to be continued...

Napalakas yata voice ko. Kasi the other fans turned their backs to their behind at napatingin sa amin. Sabi ko "Sorry, I didn't mean to be loud and proud." Hinawakan na lang ni Dodong ang kamay ko at lumayo kami from the crowd.

"Kamusta na Inday? Do you come here open? tanong nya.

"Bihira lang, Dodong. I'm just droppings by.. Ethnic and schedule ko eh" sabi ko.

to be continued... Memories came flushing in my mind. How can I forget to remember Dodong? Siya na may mata ni Piolo, dimple ni Aga, at bigote ni Rex Cortez. he's every woman's dreamboat. I was just starting my tour of duty kay ate noon nang unang makilala ko si Dodong. Contraction worker siya sa ginagawang bahay sa tapat namin. Naging kami for a while then after that were not an item anymore.

"Tanghali na Inday. What did you say we have lunch together?" tanong ni Dodong. "I don't mine" sagot ko.
Sa restaurant, nilapitan kaagad kami ng waiter. "What's your odor sir?" sabi nung waiter kay Dodong. "Do you have porkshop?" tanong ni Dodong.

"Yes sir" sabi nito. "Our porkshop with a resistance to the teeth of boast of our chef. Domestic careful selection of pork with little fat of female liking is used. The exquisite cooking which repeated trial and error and was completed. it also has healthy vegetables with salad feeling fully" dagdag niya.

"And you mam?" sabay tingin naman sa akin.

Hmmm... mukhang masarap yung porkshop. Pero I'm cutting down on my carbon kaya pinigilan ko.

"I'll just have water, thanks. Liquidate diet ako eh." sagot ko.
Pagkatapos kumain, nagyaya si Dodong manood ng sine. Teka teka, this is going too far. Besides, it's a long, long way to run.

"Reality chess, Dodong. May asawa na ako, si Jay. As a mother of fact, I'm happily married" pagmamalaki ko.

"Di na pwede yung tulad ng dati. Sorry pero I didn't expect you still have more feelings than I expected. i don't want you getting the way. Past is fast. Therefore, cause and defect." dagdag ko pa.

Tumahimik sya. Parang may language barrel na namagitan sa amin. The seconds that passed seemed like fraternity. Di nagla-on, nagsalita na rin sya.

"I don't care less!" sigaw ni Dodong.
Shocks, give me a brake! The nerd ng taong ito para sigawan ako! To think it's his other woman that caused our separation to part.

Kinabahan na ako. I felt speedbumps all over my body and was having panic attach. Tinalikuran ko siya at nagmadali akong lumakad palayo. Pero sumunod pa rin siya like a monkey on my butt. Hanggang sa makakita ako ng security guard. Biglang nawala si Dodong.

"Excuse me kuya, pwedeng magtanong?" sabi ko sa mamang guard.

"Of course miss, I can help you with my pleasure." sagot niya.

"Saan po ba ang exit? Could you point me to the right erection? I got lost in my eyes."

"Diretso lang." sabi niya. "Then turn right anytime with care."

"Thanks for your corporation" sabi ko.
Buti na lang nandun si kuya. Pero saglit lang, I smell something peachy. As I turned, nakita ko na namang nakasunod si Dodong! Delaying static lang pala kanina ang pag disappear nya.

"Nyahahaha! You can run but you can hide, Inday. No matter where you go, there you are!" pananakot nya.

Oh no, is this the end? This is too much, I feel degradable. My world started falling afar.

Then suddenly, Jay come from behind! Dodong was caught to the act! In the matter of minute, it's all over. I'm out of arm's way.
"Thanks Jay, my love. But how did you?" bago pa man ako matapos, sabi niya:

"I was in the neighborhood. Fans din ako ni Angel eh. I heard you shout but at first I didn't give it a thought. Pero nang makita ko kayong magkahawak ng holding hands, then i give it a thought.. I know something is a missed."

From then on, Dodong did not brother me again. In fact, he didn't even sister me. As in platonic at wala na talaga..

Pero kami ni Jay, heto, shoot sailing pa rin ang relationship. Lalo pa ngayon, open na kami sa isa't-isa at walang exhibitions. i feel I'm on cloud.


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Monday, March 23, 2009

My song

I'm very happy today because I received an email from Amy with a song attached I remembered I shared couple of lyrics with her few months back. I sent her the lyrics because I thought it might be useful for the band someday. And what a surprise! It's already a song. I did not thought I could do it and here I am, listening to the song right now. I'm starting to think how to copy right these songs because I'm sure we need it. It might be also good to contact or search lawyers so we can ask proper action plans for our songs. I think I saw attorney search earlier and might get into it soon.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Super friends conquers Hong Kong - Day 3

March 6, 2009 - Day 3 was super duper fun. Picture taking to the max. Three hundred shots ang nakuha ko from my cam alone, wala pa yung sa kanila hehehe. So early breakfast kami sa McDo. Sarap kase ng Deluxe breakfast nila eh. Ibang iba sa Mcdo dito. Anyway, we took the MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui going to 'The Peak'.

~ Galing ni Aimz kumuha ng group pic. Pati sya kasama hehehe. ~

So here's our destination - The Peak Tram. It's the terminal where we bought tickets going the 'The Peak' and also entrance to "Madame Tussads".

~ Wow kompleto kami dito. ~

Eto itsura sa loob ng terminal. Paparada jan yung tram going to "The Peak". Kung mapapansin nyo, pataas yung direction. Oo pataas talaga sya, as in 45 degress ata. Nakakagulat lang kase ilang minutes lang nasa ibabaw na kami ng mga buildings. Feeling ko nakapasan ako sa likod ni Edward Cullen LOL. Okay tama na ang Twilight hehehe...

~ Waiting for the tram. ~

Mantakin mo napakalamig sa taas. Pag labas palang namin sa tram, puro fog na. At sa loob ng "The Peak" - ang lufet ng view.

~ View from "The Peak". ~

After namin mag ikot-ikot, pumasok na kami sa "Madama Tussads". Dito naubos ang battery, memory ng digicam, at lakas namin katatawa. Pano picture taking with the stars and celebrities ang beauty namin. Hindi ko na papangalan kase obvious naman kung sino sila hehehe. Actually yung iba hindi namin kilala.. basta picture picture lang LOL.

Caution: Picture galore.

~ Super friends with Bruce Lee. Complete with boots yan ah. ~

~ Peborit shot ko yung kasama ko si pareng Paul ng The Beatles hehe. ~

~ This is the actual "The Peak" from outside. Ang lamig lamig jan promise. ~

~ Never ending picture taking. ~

We rode the ferry going back to Tsim Sha Tsui. Totoo nga yung mga pictures sa Internet, ganito talaga itsura ng Hong Kong sa gabi. More pictures *here*

Continuation: Super friends conquers Hong Kong - day 4


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Saturday, March 21, 2009

what a relief

Yes our house help arrived yesterday and what a relief that is. Now I can relax and enjoy the weekend. We plan to watch a movie - Race to witch mountain, tonight with the little angel but since the SIL is here with her husband, we might change plans because we'll be eating out tonight. So movie time will be tomorrow and band practice will be on Monday. Now I feel everything is back to normal.


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Going places

Hong Kong trip with the super friends was truly an experience and an adventure of a lifetime. Now we can't help but ask for more. That's one thing we all have in common - enjoy life and see the world. Some of us are scouting on places where we can go, like Australia, Canada and the States. I heard from another friend that San Diego airport hotel is a must see place to stay there. Can't wait for our next adventure.


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SpitzTunes -- Rappity, Rap!


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Friday, March 20, 2009

Yaya Blues - TGIF

I've struggling these past few days on what to do with the little angel because we do not have our house help with us. The yaya had an emergency to take care of with her son and needs her presence. Since we liked her and her service, we agreed that we'd wait for her. So we dropped the little angel at my sister in law's house. We are here now since Tuesday. I received a text message from the yaya informing me that she'll be back later this afternoon. I hope she will be because I really want to go home and I have band practice on Sunday. Not to mention the big pile of laundry we have back home. Ang hirap ng walang house help.

But TGIF. I love weekends! We plan to watch "Race to Witch Mountain" tomorrow with the little angel. I'm excited. Have a nice weekends everyone!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Super friends conquers Hong Kong - Day 2

The adventures continues.... pero tatagalugin ko nalang to kase ang hirap mag kwento pag english lalo akong na no-nose bleed. Sa totoong lang, na-inggit ako sa mga post ng super friends dahil tagalog hehehe. Cge eto na...

Nakipag kita samin si Ate Karen sa McDo (Peking Road), umaga ng March 5, 2009 at doon narin kami nag breakfast. Akalin mong mas masarap ang Deluxe Breakfast doon (parang big breakfast dito) at $19.80 lang, kompleto na with harsh brown at brewed coffee pa.

So after breakfast hinatid kami ni Ate Karen hangang Snoopy's world.

~ MTR/KCR to Shatin station ~

Sa likod lang ng New Town Plaza ang Snoopy's world. Ang gandang laruan ng mga bata at mga batang isip LOL.

~ Isa to sa mga jump shots ko. In other words, more jump shots to come... ~

Ang cute cute sa loob ng park. Lalo ko tuloy naalala ang anak ko na naiwan sa Pilipinas ng mga oras na yon at ako ang nag eenjoy sa Snoopy's world.

~ Model shot. ~

Iniwan na kami ni Ate Karen doon dahil kelangan na nga pumasok sa trabaho. Binigyan nya kami ng instructions, directions, sketch, map, sim card at phone number nya para wag kami mawala. In other words, bahala na kami sa buhay namin after nun.

Sinundan namin yung arrow na patungo daw 10,000 Buddhas -- Park road, pass IKEA, turn left at eto ang nakita namin. Wow ganda! Parang eto na nga yung 10,000 buddhas. Ang bilin samin, wag daw mag escalator kase mapapalayo daw kami. Aaminin ko, unang una ako sa nag reklamo na wag mag hagdan kase nakikita ko sa dulo na iisa lang ang papatunguan sa taas. Pero natural na mababait ang mga kasama ko, masunurin -- nag hagdan sila, sempre damay nako. Nung malapit na kami sa taas, lawit na mga dila namin. Bawat nakakasubong samin, naririnig ko ganito ang sabi...
Man: chin chun shu.. chin chun shui....chong.. chung....?!
Woman: Tung ching shi... tung ching shi...tong chung kung!

Man: Baket kaya sila nag hagdan e may escalator naman?!
Woman: oo nga eh. Muka tuloy silang tanga! tsk!

Pag dating sa taas, hindi namin maintidihan kung baket wala paring Buddha. Nung pinag masdan ko ang mga tao doon, napansin ko na parang libingan ang napuntahan namin. Tama, sememteryo nga! Tsk!

Hindi nako nakatiis at nag tanong nako. Kelangan daw namin bumaba at pumasok sa gilid dun sa eskinita. Kase naman! Eto lang ang sign board papuntang 10,000 Buddhas. Nakasabit pa sa cone! Anak ng....?!!

Sa wakas, nakakita na rin kami ng buddhas. Ang sabi nung babaeng instik, "15 minute walk" daw. Hangang ngayon hindi ko parin maisip kung papano naging 15-minute walk eh isang bundok ata yon at inabot ata kami ng dalawang oras paakyat palang!

In fairness, ang ganda ng view sa taas at pa-ganda ng paganda ang mga buddha lalo na sa taas. Sa totoo lang, para narin kaming umakyat ng bundok. Ang difference lang eh sementado ang trail.

Ang founder, the venerable Yuet Kai. He founded the Monastery in 1951. The construction was finished in 1957. Born into a rich family, at the age of 19 he dedicated his life to Buddhism, burning his two smallest fingers on his left hand and cutting a piece of flesh as big as his hand from his chest to light forty-eight oil lamps to show his dedication to Buddhism. He then set out on a life studying Buddhism and helping all in need that he came across. Pa-kopya malen ah LOL.

Alas dos na ata nung nag decide kami bumaba. Gloomy at madilim na nun at akalain mong inabutan kami ng ulan on the way down. Sira ang beauty namin. Not to mention the boots -- nabasa lahat! Sumilong kami sa tabi at hinintay tumila ang ulan. Dali-dali kaming nag punta sa New Town Plaza para mag re-touch at kumain ng late lunch. Kay McDo ang bagsak namin kase yon ang pinakamalapit.

Lastest trip ko is double cheeseburger dito palang sa Pilipinas so nag order ako ng double cheese burger doon para matikman at ma-husgahan. Tandang-tanda ko ang usapan namin nun...

Ruthie: Uy oh! Up size fries and drink - $2 lang. Oh ano dare?! Up-size?
Malen: Cge! Cge!
Aimz: Cge! Cge! Gutom nako eh.
She: ..................................... *no comment kase*
Lizzie: Wow! dare ba? Cge go ako!

Pagdating ng mga order namin, nalula ako sa up-size nila kase ang laki talaga. Tapos nakita ko ang order ni She, so tinanong ko sya...

Lizzie: Baket maliit ang fries at drink mo?
She: Kase hindi naman ako nagpa-up-size eh.
Lizzie: So ibig sabihin ang small doon eh large fries na dito? ang up-size ay mas malaki pa. aus!

Hindi ko makalimutan ang araw na yon dahil first time kong maduwal sa sobrang purga sa french fries. Feeling ko, ayoko na kumain ng fries sa buong buhay ko.
More pictures *here*

Continuation: Super friends conquers Hong Kong - Day 3.


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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Super friends conquers Hong Kong - Day 1

This is our much awaited trip of the year. Our flights were booked as early as December 25, 2008, we saved money and planned the IT. This HK trip with the super friends is indeed an experience to remember and made the bond even more tight. I brought home more then 2,000 pictures and I just finished uploading them *whew*. So here's our story...

Day 1.

I got out from office that morning of March 4, 2009, then I hurried home to fix some more things I need to bring. We waited for Aimz at McDo Que ave. so we could go to the airport together. We arrived at terminal 3 at around 1:30pm and the rest of the super friends were already waiting for us.

~ In front of the check-in counter at terminal 3. ~

When our bags were in, we bought snacks on the second floor. Terminal 3 is far more spacious than the other terminals. But some of the stalls are not yet occupied.

~ View from the second floor. ~

We passed the immigration counter and got on the plane just in time. This is my first time to fly with cebu pac so I was praying that it's a smooth one - it was.

~ Getting inside the plane ~

The flight lasted for 2 hours and before we knew it, we were in Hong Kong! We were greeted by different faces and the airport was... huge! It's very different when the first time I got there... 12 years ago.

~ Baggage counter. ~

We got to the boarding house at exactly 9:30PM. We settled down and went out to check the neighborhood. The place we stayed was in the heart of the city so it was easy for us to get around. We found ourselves at the Golden Lake restaurant, in front of Kawloon Park, and there we had dinner. We all had assorted noodles and the servings were surprisingly plenty. Good for two. So obviously, we had so many left overs. Sayang!

~ I think I ordered beef noodles. ~

After that interesting dinner, we headed back to our place and hit the sack because it was a big day for us the next day. See pictures *here*

Continuation: Super friends conquers Hong Kong - Day 2


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I admit that I am not a pet lover but the husband is. When we were still going out, they have couple of love birds, fishes, and dogs in the house. We still have animals in the house, now that our daughter shows love for the animals as well. The husband bought little chicks for our daughter and she really loved them. Our latest additional to the family is the goat which we keep in the backyard under the tree. And of course, the hubby would not forget the dogs we have. He would buy them dog supplies most of the time because those are his favorites.


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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Summer is here

I always remember the song from one of Barbie Almalbis' hits, Summer Day, whenever summer is approaching. The song suits the summer happenings here and we can't wait to hit the beach. Me and the super friends are planning to go to Caramoan in Bicol and our team is also planning to Anawangin Zambales by the end of April. So I better cut down these fabs so I could enjoy the sun in a slimmer figure. That's why I'm looking for the best and natural weight loss pills out there. I heard it's effective and I am most willing to try it. Wish me luck.


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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Supah Friends are back!

Yes, we are back in Manila! We arrived last night and Thank God the flight was smooth. Now there's so many things to do. Catch up with the latest news, blog and upload pictures! Can you believe I have about 3,000 pictures stored in my external hard drive? And that's for my cam alone. Our eight day stay in Hong Kong was truly an experience that we'll always remember. Time to sort and upload the pictures. More updates to follow.


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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Leaving for Hong Kong

I know I haven't been able to spend quality time with my blog because there's so many things clouding my mind. For one is our much anticipated Hong Kong trip with my friends. We booked this trip last December and now it's finally happening. We will be leaving tomorrow for an eight-day vacation in Hong Kong and we are all very excited. I spend the last 3 weeks packing and checking the things I need to bring. Now everything is ready (I hope). Another thing that's keeping me busy is the little angel. I'm trying to spend all my free time with her lately, including our small talk every night. I know me and the super friends will have a blast on this trip. So this might be the last post for the week. But I'll be back with more stories and of course, couple hundreds of pictures! See yah!

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Transportation for us

Me and the hubby had a small talk last weekend and he asked again when are we going to purchase a car. We discussed the pros and cons on getting one because as we all know, purchasing a car is a big responsibility. We have to pay for the monthly maintenance and the insurance. What got me hanging is the budget. It's a big turn around for us especially the little angel will be going to school this June. We still need to talk about it so I might get auto insurance quotes just in case we've decided to get one.


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